Half Sheet Cake Size; Benefits, Servings & A Useful Guide 

The cake is an essential dessert for any event. However, it is an excellent dessert for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, bridal showers, and many more.

Even when you go to a wedding, you must see the custom of cutting a cake because it is an essential part of this event. Whereas sheet cake is the best idea to cut at events as it has a lot of benefits.

You can get half sheet cakes in bakeries and grocery stores. While they sold different sizes of half sheet cakes. Half sheet cake sizes are available in a vast range with beautiful decorations.

what size is a half sheet cake

Moreover, you can get half sheet cakes on special orders. However, many bakeries have pre-made half-sheet cakes. But there are some things that you should know before ordering or buying a cake.

Something about Half sheet cake size,

In this post, I will share a lot of information about half-sheet cakes.

  1. What size is a half sheet cake?
  2. How big is a half sheet cake?
  3. What size is a full sheet cake?
  4. What size is ¼ sheet cake?

Continue reading until the end to get accurate details about the delicious and adorable half-sheet cake. 

How big is a half sheet cake? 

The half-sheet cake comes in a rectangular shape with a large surface area. It has ample space for decorations, and you can even write a text on it.

Basically, it is half of a full sheet cake. However, a half sheet cake is the best idea to serve at large parties. Moreover, when there is a crowd on any occasion, then half sheet cake is the best idea to serve.

A double-layer half-sheet cake is also available; it would make more servings than a single-layer cake. The size half sheet cake is available in different sizes.

While it depends on the size of the pan and the place where you get it from.

However, most bakeries offer half sheet cakes ranging from 15 ½ by 10 ½ inches, 16 by 12 inches, and 15 by 11 inches. 

Some cakes are more extensive than these sizes depending on your choice. You can place an order to make your desired-sized half-sheet cakes.

So, what size is half sheet cake? It depends on the size of the pan as well as your desires. Because bakery and grocery stores have different sizes of half sheet cakes, on the other hand, the size of the home-baked half sheet cakes is small.

Because the home ovens are small in size, the size is also small compared to the bakery sheet cakes. A double-layer half sheet cake has more servings than a single layer. 

What are the advantages of half sheet cake? 

The significant advantage of half sheet cake is the best for gatherings. Cutting these cakes and making slices for the crowd is simple and easy. If you have a double-layer sheet cake, it is beautiful as it will make more servings.

how big is a half sheet cake

Moreover, it contains a flat top that allows you to decorate it. While you can also write custom text on these cakes. The half-sheet cakes are covered with beautiful colorful frosting.

However, you can also select the frosting color of your own choice. The cutting of half sheet cakes is effortless. You can cut them into pieces and serve them to feed a large crowd.

It is the best cake to serve at gatherings, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and any events. 

What is a half sheet cake serving size? 

The serving size of the half-sheet cakes differs depending on the cake size. Because a big half-sheet cake will have more servings than a medium or small size.

As I told you, there are different pan sizes for sheet cakes. Therefore the serving size is also different.

Moreover, the serving size also depends on how big a piece you will cut for serving. Usually, 1 by 1, 2 by 2, and 2 by 3 are the perfect sizes to cut the cake into slices. 

What size is a full sheet cake? 

Full sheet cakes are big and primarily baked in commercial bakeries rather than home ovens.

The full sheet cake pan is almost 18 inches wide and 26 inches long. 

It is a beautiful cake with more space on the top. This rectangle-shaped sheet cake contains delicious frosting; you can add some custom text.

Moreover, it provides you with the facility to decorate it. However, the decorations make the cake more attractive and yummy. It can efficiently serve 70 to 80 people.

While a full-size sheet cake is the best dessert for cutting on large ceremonies and occasions. 

What is ¼ sheet cake size? 

what size is half sheet cake

As you can guess from the name, it is a quarter of the full-size sheet cake.

Usually, the size of the ¼ sheet cake is 13 by 9 inches. Sometimes, they are in small sizes, such as 12 by 8 inches.

The quarter-size half sheet cake is usually served at small gatherings. While it can serve up to twenty people. Moreover, the size of the pan is different.

Therefore, there are different ranges for ¼ sheet cake. However, they are two to three inches deep, and these cakes are the best idea to serve in small gatherings.

They can serve a good amount of people while it also depends on the size of the slices. 

How can you store the half sheet cake? 

You can easily store the half sheet cake in the refrigerator. The storing method is straightforward, but tries to store them in an air-free box.

It will save the cake from humidity and getting dry. Because the size of a complete and half sheet cake is significant, you will need a big box to store them. They can easily store for up to five days in an airtight container at room temperature.

But it would be a better idea to store them in a refrigerator. However, you can store the cake for up to three months by freezing them. If the cake contains cream cheese topping, it can be stored in the freezer for up to four days. 

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Final verdict: 

The half sheet cakes are available in different sizes, and I’ve discussed half, quarter, and full-size sheet cakes. They come in rectangular shape that contains single and double layer.

The double layer can serve more people. While the full sheet cake serves a large number of people. They have more space on the top and a fantastic decorating surface area.

Half-sheet cakes come in yellow, white, marble, and chocolate flavors. Furthermore, you can prepare the cake with your favorite flavor and toppings. I hope you will get a lot from this article. Thank you for your time, and we are waiting for your feedback. 

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