Essential Costco Catering Tips & Insights in 2023

Hosting a gathering? Whether it’s a casual party or an official gathering, ensuring everyone gets a delicious meal without stretching the budget can be challenging. Enter: Costco Catering. Here’s everything you need to know about this affordable and sumptuous offering.

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Discovering Costco Catering

What Exactly is Costco Catering?

The vast aisles of Costco, famous for bulk purchases, have always been a shopper’s delight. However, nestled within its mammoth warehouse is a gem many overlook.

the Costco Catering service. Perfect for various events – from casual soirées to professional meetings – it’s an ideal solution for those mindful of their budget.

Key Takeaway: Exploring beyond the regular aisles can introduce you to services like Costco Catering that amplify the convenience and value Costco food court offers.

Traditional Ordering with a Personal Touch

Gone are the days when every service moved to the digital realm. With Costco Catering, the experience remains pleasantly traditional. Shoppers need to personally visit the store to place their orders, fostering a more personal connection.

Key Takeaway: In a digital age, personal touches in services like these offer a nostalgic, trust-building experience.

Steps to Order from Costco Catering

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costco catering order

1. In-Store Experience

Forget online portals. Dive into the real-world experience by heading straight to your nearest Costco. Seek out kiosks that proudly announce “Order Party Platters Here” or “Deli Order Selection.”

2. Fill Out the Form

The process is simple and efficient. Fill in the desired details, indicating your choice of platters, quantity, and contact information.

3. Submission

Once filled, drop your form in the dedicated slot, ensuring your order reaches the right hands.

Key Takeaway: Despite being an ‘old-school’ method, it’s a seamless process, emphasizing efficiency and clarity.

Making It Personal: The Telephone Order

For those who cherish convenience, there’s good news. Your local Costco store might entertain telephonic orders. So, you can place an order without leaving your home.

Key Takeaway: Always remember to call in advance and confirm if your local store accepts phone orders.

Costco Catering Efficient and Timely Service

24-Hour Notice

A crucial aspect of Costco Catering is their need for a 24-hour heads-up. This ensures they can prepare and pack your order with the utmost care.

Pick-Up Onus

Remember, while Costco prepares the spread, fetching it is up to you. They don’t deliver, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Key Takeaway: Effective planning ensures your gathering goes off without a hitch. Always factor in the pick-up time.

Membership for Costco Catering

The gateway to this delicious realm is a Costco membership. Not only is it necessary for entry, but also vital for the catering service.

Key Takeaway: A membership is more than an entry pass. It’s your ticket to a range of exclusive Costco services.

Costco Catering: Freshness Meets Affordability:

The Costco catering menu is renowned for offering a blend of quality and affordability. Their made-to-order platters, priced as low as $0.74 per person, are not only a testament to value but also guarantee same-day freshness.

While they may not be gourmet, the offerings are undeniably delicious. Whether it’s a children’s party or a business event, Costco party platters effortlessly feed a crowd.

The Costco Chicken & Swiss Rollers, for instance, is a popular pick for those short on time.

Decoding the Costco Catering Menu Prices:

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  1. Chicken & Swiss Platter: With prices ranging from $1.67 – $2 per person, this dish is a favorite. These flavorful roll-ups, infused with cranberry cream cheese, promise both taste and value. In contrast, the Croissant Sandwich Platter on the Costco catering menu is priced between $2 – $2.50 per person. If croissants are your weakness, consider splitting them further to ensure more servings at a lesser cost.
  2. Shrimp Platter: The Costco platters prices for shrimp stand at $11.42 per pound, offering 3.5 pounds of shrimp accompanied by cocktail sauces. Though buying and preparing frozen shrimps could save some pennies, the convenience of Costco’s ready-made platter often makes it a preferred choice.
  3. Meat & Cheese Platter: Examining Costco party platters menu, it’s evident that their meat and cheese tray offers significant value. Comprising chicken, ham, roast beef, and a selection of cheeses, it’s competitively priced compared to other retail options.

Enhancing Your Costco Catering Experience

  • Explore the diverse Costco catering menu for a range of dishes.
  • Their supplementary dishes are perfect additions to any party.
  • While they may not be as fresh as the main platters, their taste is commendable.
  • Popular Costco salads choices among customers:
    • Caesar salad
    • Chicken salad
    • Mac and cheese
    • Ribs
    • Spinach salad
    • Street taco kits
  • For those with a sweet tooth, Large Costco bakery cakes offer great value.
  • Tip: Place orders for Costco custom cakes at least 48 hours in advance.

When to Choose Costco Catering

Costco Catering shines for many occasions, but it may not align with the requirements of highly sophisticated events that demand a detailed menu and elaborate presentation.

Additionally, while they don’t specialize in breakfast catering, their bakery section – filled with croissants, muffins, Costco bagels, and fresh fruit – ensures you can easily assemble a breakfast spread.

In essence, Costco catering offers a harmonious blend of cost-efficiency, freshness, and variety. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal meet-up, Costco’s offerings are bound to cater to diverse palates and budgets.


In a world filled with pricey catering services and gourmet options, Costco Catering stands out. It promises quality, affordability, and a personal touch, ensuring every gathering is memorable. Whether it’s game-day munchies or an office meet, Costco has got you covered.

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