New Requirement – Scan Your Costco Membership Card at the Entrance

Is there a new requirement rolling out? Costco shoppers at the Issaquah, Washington location have been reporting on social media that they now require you to scan your Costco membership card at the entrance.

Why is Costco requiring you to scan your Costco membership card at the entrance?

Costco is implementing membership card scanning as a way to streamline the entry process for its members. By requiring members to scan their membership cards at the entrance, Costco can potentially decrease the amount of staff needed at the doors checking membership cards and prevent unauthorized access from non-members.

So far they are only testing this out at the Issaquah, Washington location, which is near Costco headquarters. There are no announcements yet about a rollout plan.

What do you think about this new process? Do you agree we should scan membership cards at the entrance? I can see this slowing down the entrance time during peak hours but I see why they want to implement it for confirming membership.

The sign at the entrance reads “You will be asked to scan your membership card before entering the warehouse”. A Costco team member is standing by the sign to help members scan their card and they also verify that the scanner picks up a valid membership.

scan your Costco membership card at the entrance

Streamlining the entry process for Costco members

The introduction of membership card scanning at Costco aims to streamline the entry process for members. Instead of manually checking membership cards, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors, members can now simply scan their cards at the entrance. This allows for a quicker and smoother check-in process, enabling members to start their shopping experience without unnecessary delays.

By streamlining the entry process, Costco can better manage the flow of members entering the store, especially during peak hours. This ensures a more efficient and organized shopping environment for all members.

If they do roll this out to other warehouse locations, let’s cross our fingers and hope that the new process can handle the holiday crowds with ease!

Enhancing security and preventing unauthorized access

One of the key reasons behind the implementation of membership card scanning at Costco is to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access. By requiring members to scan their membership cards, Costco can verify the validity of each card and ensure that only authorized individuals are granted entry.

This additional layer of security prevents non-members or individuals with expired or fraudulent membership cards from accessing the store. By enhancing security measures, Costco maintains its commitment to providing a safe and secure shopping experience for its members.

Since early 2020, Costco started requiring membership for food court purchases. This could be another security measure to stop people from trying to sneak in since they can no longer purchase food court items.

Is this coming to other Costco locations?

While the requirement to scan membership cards is currently implemented at the Issaquah, Washington location near Costco headquarters, it is possible that this practice may expand to other Costco locations in the future.

Costco is known for its dedication to improving the shopping experience for its members, and if the membership card scanning proves to be successful in streamlining entry and enhancing security at the Issaquah location, it is likely that other Costco locations may adopt this practice as well.

However, it is important to note that Costco typically tests new initiatives and procedures in select locations before rolling them out nationwide. Therefore, it may take some time before membership card scanning becomes a standard requirement at all Costco stores. Costco itself has not released any statements about this new requirement or any plans to roll it out to other warehouses.

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