Rip Van Wafels Costco: An In-depth Review

On Oct 27, 2023, I rediscovered a delightful treat at Costco: the Mini Rip Van Wafels Costco. As someone who’s been a patron of the retail giant for a long time, I’ve seen how this particular product has captured the hearts of many Costco aficionados.

rip van wafel costco

The Rip Van Wafels make a comeback every few months, and in January, my local store restocked the ever-popular mini version.

These Rip Van Wafels Mini are not just ordinary cookies. Rip Van Wafels Costco 2023 individually wrapped, making them an ideal choice for school lunches, office breaks, or a quick snack on the move.

What appeals to me most is their surprisingly low sugar content, yet they remain undeniably delicious.

Rip Van Wafels’ Quick Popularity and Availability

In May 2022, Costco Rip Van wafels flew off the shelves so fast that even I regretted not buying more. But for those who missed out, there’s good news: they’re also available on Amazon and in more varieties at that!

Costco’s pricing remains competitive for these delights. A package at Costco Rip Van Wafels section contains 32 individually wrapped 2-packs, offering great value both in terms of price and calories.

Why I Recommend the Rip Van Wafels Costco

What sets Rip Van Wafels apart? Firstly, they boast a natural sweetness without the use of artificial or synthetic sugars.

rip van wafels costco taste test

Everyone in my household, from the youngest to the oldest, can’t get enough of them. I always make sure to stock up when they’re available at Rip Van Wafels Costco.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rip Van Wafers (or as some might say, Rip Van Waffles), imagine two wafer-thin cookies held together by a delightful layer of vanilla caramel filling.

Their size might be deceiving. Despite being thin, they’re packed with flavor and sweetness, without having the high sugar content commonly associated with such treats.

They’re a favorite in my household for their low glycemic impact, ensuring they don’t compromise dietary needs.

From personal experience, Rip Van Wafels Costco a great addition to any lunchbox, ensuring no child feels left out during treat time. Even for athletes, like my husband who participates in triathlons, the Rip Van Wafels Mini Costco version serves as a quick energy boost without overwhelming sugar rushes.

Rip Van Wafels Nutritional Facts and Pricing Details

For the health-conscious, here are some highlights of the Rip Van Wafels:

  • 35 calories per cookie (or 70 for a 2-pack)
  • Just 1 gram of sugar per cookie
  • 2 grams of fiber per cookie
  • 11 grams of carbs per 2-pack

Rip Van Wafels Costco Price

At Costco Rip Van Wafels, a 32-count bag of the Dutch Caramel and Vanilla variant is priced at just $9.99. When broken down, it’s approximately $0.31 for each 2-pack.

For those unable to find them at their local stores, there’s always the option to purchase Rip Van treats on Amazon.

How much sugar is in the Rip Van Wafels Minis available at Costco, and are they considered a low-sugar snack?

The Rip Van Wafel Minis from Costco contains 1 gram of sugar per mini wafel. In an individually wrapped 2-pack, you’ll find a total of 2 grams of sugar. Yes, they are indeed considered a low-sugar and low-glycemic index snack.

Where to Find Them and Online Alternatives

Typically, when they’re restocked at Rip Van Wafel Costco, they initially appear on end caps near snack or pantry items. Afterward, they find their regular spot in the snack aisle.

While Rip Van Wafels Costco are not currently listed online on Costco’s official website, Amazon offers a range of sizes and flavors for Rip Van enthusiasts.

Costco Belgian Waffles are an excellent choice!

What Makes Costco Rip Van Wafel Superior to Sam’s Club and Walmart Offerings?

Costco’s Rip Van Wafels stand out from those at Sam’s Club and Walmart for several compelling reasons:

  1. Unmatched Freshness: Unlike the often frozen or pre-made wafels at Sam’s Club and Walmart, Costco ensures theirs are freshly made-to-order.
  2. Premium Ingredients: Every Costco wafel boasts superior quality ingredients, including farm-fresh eggs and milk.
  3. Cost-Effective: Not only do they taste great, but Costco’s wafels also offer better value, typically priced more competitively than their counterparts.
  4. Diverse Selection: Costco broadens your taste horizon by providing a wider variety of Rip Van Wafels, with an array of flavors and toppings to choose from.

The Verdict on Rip Van Wafels at Costco

Having tried the Rip Van Wafels from different sources, I can confidently state that the ones from Costco Rip Van Wafels section hold their own, both in terms of taste and value for money.

Their slightly crisp exterior combined with the soft, gooey caramel filling is a taste sensation that’s hard to beat. Plus, their convenient packaging ensures they remain fresh for longer.

To sum it up, if you’re a fan of sweet treats but are wary of high sugar content, the Rip Van Wafels from Rip Van Wafel Costco are a must-try. They offer a delectable balance of flavor, nutrition, and affordability.

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