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Costco Pine Nuts – Price, Calories & Reviews

kirkland pine nuts costco

Costco Pine Nuts Review: Costco wholesale corporation is the world’s second-largest retail store where you can get the world’s best products. Moreover, Costco has opened its branches all around the world.

They sell the most qualified products which you can trust easily. There is everything available that you need in daily life. While Costco snacks section, bakery section, frozen foods section, and all the sections related to eatable things. However, Costco pine nuts are one of them. 

Costco sells pine nuts from the Kirkland Signature, a well-known Costco company. Additionally, Kirkland Signature is one of the famous companies that Costco owns.

There are several options to use Kirkland pine nuts Costco in different recipes. While adding roasted pine nuts to your recipes is an excellent idea because it gives a beautiful and delicious taste. 

Today, you will get a well-researched review of the pine nuts at Costco. In this guide, I will mention the details of Kirkland Signature pine nuts. Moreover, does Costco sells pine nuts?

How much are pine nuts at Costco? Continue to read till the end to get this exciting information. So without wasting any time, let’s begin this review. 

Does Costco sell pine nuts? 

Yes, Costco sells the delicious pine nuts from Kirkland Signature. However, these nuts are kosher, organic, and excellent in taste. While these nuts are thoroughly from China.

Because the pine nuts at Costco come from real pine trees, they are very yummy and taste more powerful when roasted. Moreover, these nuts are great snacks, while you can eat them in the other recipes. 

How much are Pine nuts Costco? 

Kirkland Signature pine nuts are one of the famous snacks at Costco. However, the price is relatively high, but it is worth it. Because they are very high qualified nuts that are entirely organic.

The Kirkland Signature Organic Pine Nuts Costco are priced at $22.99 for a 1.5 lb bag.
Costco pine nut price is $15.327/lb.

Moreover, the star of this product is that they are kosher and USDA organic. These nuts are elegant and surprisingly yummy. But the price may vary depending on your local warehouse.

Therefore, always check out the local Costco price of pine nuts before going to your local warehouse. 

Are Costco pine nuts from China? 

China imports most of the pine nuts from all around the world. However, several countries import pine nuts. However, each pine nut has high quality and yummy taste.

But primarily, China imports pine nuts. At Costco, you will get pine nuts from three different brands. While all the pine nuts are from China, they are entirely organic and delicious.

However, the significant producers of pine nuts are China, which made them purely from the pine tree. 

Kirkland Signature Costco Pine Nuts Nutrition

Costco pine nuts are healthy to eat, and there are several options to use them. While you can add them to the salad and pasta. However, there are too many recipes available for pasta and salads.

By adding them to your recipes, you will get a delicious taste. Moreover, the toasted pine nuts have an extra yummy flavor. The serving size is three-tablespoon tablespoons. How many calories are present in one serving. Let’s discover it. 

Kirkland Pine Nuts Pesto Recipe

Tips for roasting the Costco pine nuts: 

Some people made mistakes while roasting the pine nuts. Sometimes, people roast them so much that they get burnt and don’t taste well. So, here I will share tips to toast the Kirkland signature pine nuts at Costco. 

  • Always set a timer, while it’s the most important key factor to roast them nicely. When you chop the nuts and place them on a burner, then make sure to set a time. However, pine nuts take roughly 8 to 10 minutes to roast well. But it also depends on your satisfaction. 
  • Cooking them at 275-300 degrees is the best idea and will give you a fantastic taste. Moreover, they turned to a nice golden brown color. 
  • Try to spread the Costco pine nuts in a single layer. Avoid making layers so that they don’t get roasted well. 
  • After roasting, you can store the Costco pine nuts easily. However, they quickly get stored in a mason jar. 

Pesto sauce: 

You will get the pesto sauce recipe by Kirkland Signature on the label. The sauce tastes good when you eat it with the pine nuts. While it’s getting ready in a food processor and blender very well. Let’s see its ingredients. 

  • 2 cups of fresh basil leaves
  • ½ cup of roasted Costco pine nuts 
  • ½ cup of olive oil 
  • ¾ teaspoon of salt 
  • ½ teaspoon of pepper 
  • Four cloves of garlic 
  • ¼ cup of grated parmesan cheese

The making method of this sauce is super easy. You have to put all the ingredients in the food processor and then blend them till the ingredients are mixed well.

Moreover, make sure to use the roasted pine nuts to give an excellent taste. 

Pine Nuts Costco Review

Undoubtedly, Costco pine nuts are excellent snacks while they are very indulging. However, these nuts are from China because it is the primary producer of pine nuts.

Moreover, the nuts are thoroughly made with pine trees. You can use it in different recipes, including pasta and salads. Kirkland’s signature also mentioned the formula of the pesto sauce.

It includes roasted pine nuts along with some other ingredients. I hope you will like this review. Thank you very much. 

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