Moon Cakes Costco – Why is Moon Cakes so expensive?

Moon Cakes Costco Brief Review: Cakes are a must-have at any event, whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, a baby shower, or anything else.

To make an event more memorable, cakes are served and cut, consider buying a cake from Costco to make your day or festival more special. Its bakery section has a variety of cakes, but the moon cakes Costco is astounding.

does costco make custom cakes

Mooncakes are a traditional mid-autumn festival treat that can be found in stores or confectionaries.

During the moon-watching festival, it is served at parties or gatherings. Its center contains an entire egg yolk, which highlights the mid-autumn festival.

In this article, I will go into detail about Costco mooncakes, including why they are so expensive, why they are so popular, and what ingredients make them more unique and delicious. Continue reading until you reach the end.

What is Moon Cake? 

Moon cake is a traditional Chinese bakery item that comes into the market during the mid-autumn festival.

However, the festival refers to the moon watching that is held in October and the mooncakes serve to highlight this event. 

During the mid-autumn season, these cakes appear in bakeries and stores, and people buy them in large quantities. Because moon cakes are not accessible all year, their popularity peaks during the mid-autumn festival.

It has a crispy crust and an ambrosian filling of red beans, lotus seed paste, salted egg yolk, and other condiments. 

How do Costco Mooncakes taste? 

The flavor of this exquisite cake is both sweet and savory, and the inside is bursting with flavor. Costco moon cakes are made up of five different types of mixed nuts and seeds.

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First, a thick and tender pastry crust emerges, with special Chinese symbols visible. However, the inside of the crust or pastry has a thick filling with a salted egg yolk in the center.

Furthermore, the egg yolk represents the full moon, making the occasion more memorable. Costco mooncakes have a dense interior composed of lotus seeds, sweet bean paste, jujube paste, and five kernels.

I revere to buy these mooncakes and give them as gifts to my loved ones.

Why are Moon Cakes so Expensive? 

Generally, mooncakes’ Costco price is raised depending on the quality of ingredients and the salted egg yolk’s volume in each cake. 

Costco Moon Cakes Prices

The price of this delicious treat starts from $15 and ends up to $30 while it varies from location to location.

Because Costco mooncakes are not available all year like other foodstuffs and delectable treats, that’s why they are so expensive. It comes to the store near the mid-autumn festival and the demand for mooncakes raised abruptly. 

People used to buy them in bulk and serve them at mid-autumn festival parties, gift them, and have a great time.

Because of the yummier filling inside, these cakes have an incredible taste, and the high quality encourages people to buy more and more.

Variety of Cakes Available at Costco,

How many Calories is a Costco Mooncake?

The Emperor premium double egg yolk moon cakes with pure lotus seed come in a variety pack of 2-ct while the serving size is ⅓ piece of cake. Let’s have a frequent look at its calories as well as carbs. 

Costco moon cake price

Costco Moon Cake Nutrition

  • Calories 250
  • Total carbs 37g
  • Fat 10g
  • Sodium 65mg  
  • Protein 3g
  • Cholesterol 120mg 

The nutritional profile of the Costco mooncake is average, as ⅓ part includes a significant amount of calories.

However, the number of calories and carbohydrates increased in proportion to the size of the cake. Aside from these facts, mooncake is quite tasty and makes an excellent addition to festivities.

Moon Cake Costco Canada 

Costco has multiple roots in several states including Canada while it offers a variety of eatables such as frozen foods, prepared meals, and many more.

moon cakes costco

Feeling confused, about whether you can find mooncakes in Costco Canada or not, so the answer is yes. You can search for the fat choy double yolk mooncake that weighs 1.1 kg. 

Costco MoonCakes Specifications: 

  1. The moon cake Costco Canada comes in convenient packaging. However, the cakes are individually wrapped.
  2. One complete box contains 6 mooncakes.
  3. Ingredients include sugar, lotus, salted duck yolk, water, peanut oil, wheat flour, and vegetable oil.
  4. Allergen comprises egg, peanut, and wheat. 

Moon Cake Costco au: 

If you are hitting the mid-autumn festival and want to celebrate it with the traditional mooncake, living in Australia.

Don’t be overwhelmed, Costco au offers delicious Oriental patisserie mooncake classic lotus that weighs around 720g.

The item number is 32127 and the price differs with the location. 

Moon Cake Specifications: 

  1. It appears in a beautiful red tin while the mooncakes are well-wrapped individually. 
  2. Allergens include eggs.
  3. Ingredients include sugar, lotus seed, palm oil, salted egg yolk, wheat flour, egg, maltose, melon seed, bicarbonate soda, and salt. 
  4. The serving size is 45g and you can get 16 servings per box. 

Costco Mooncakes Review: 

Overall, Costco mooncakes are a delicious treat with a flaky crust and a dense filling of nuts and kernels. Furthermore, the center contains salted egg yolk, which highlights the mid-autumn festival.

It is a great idea to give mooncakes as gifts to loved ones or to serve at gatherings or parties. So, get your mooncakes from Costco before they run out. 

FAQs Regarding Moon Cakes Costco

What is so special about Costco mooncakes?

A full moon represents prosperity and family reunion for the entire family. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, round mooncakes complement the cropping moon in the night sky. Costco offers different varieties of mooncakes at different locations and each comes in unique packaging. Additionally, their ingredients, quality, and egg yolk at the center make them special among all cakes. 

Does Costco make custom cakes?

Don’t overwork yourself if you’re wondering where to order a cake for an upcoming event. Costco is the best option for custom cakes because it can precisely meet your needs. Costco offers multiple options such as graduation cakes, retirement cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, and many more. If we want to be more frugal, Costco sells 12-inch cakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors for a reasonable price. 

Can you order custom cakes from Costco? 

It’s simple to order a custom sheet cake from Costco. Simply go to your nearest Costco Warehouse bakery and fill out a custom cake order form. Please submit your form at least two days before you necessitate your cake. 

Custom cake orders with less than 48 hours notice are not accepted by Costco. A member can use the cake function Object (native code) to choose all of the ingredients and how the cake should look to order a customizable cake. To place an order, fill out a specially designed Costco Sheet Cake Order Form. 

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