Kodiak Cake Costco – Recipe with Reviews

Cakes are the yummiest delight of any event while Costco cakes are not exceptional. Besides all the exquisite cakes, Kodiak cake Costco is a wonderful treat that is best to make a variety of cakes and cookies.

kodiak cakes costco price

It contains whole grain flour, wheat flour, and other healthy ingredients. Moreover, there is much more to discover about the Costco Kodiak cakes, that’s why I have covered all the aspects in this write-up.

Does Costco sell Kodiak cakes? Why are they so special? And how much does it cost? All will be discussed in this write-up. Let’s start! 

How much does Costco Kodiak cake cost? 

costco kodiak cakes

Kodiak cakes, flapjack and waffle mix come in a 2-pack of 4.5Ibs.

The package is quite convenient, and the Kodiak cakes Costco price is $29.99. However, it costs $3.33 a pound. If you want to obtain the same pack at a lower price, go to Costco during a sale. 

It’s your finest chance to purchase your selected things at a reasonable price. 

Kodiak Cake Costco Location & item number 

The Kodiak Cake item number is 1180706 and it can be found in the pancake, jam, syrup, and other baking items aisle. Costco imports Kodiak cakes in a great stock and hence you can hit the box as and when required. 

What are the ingredients in Costco Kodiak Cakes?

The ingredients are what make the meal so delicious and captivating. However, the Costco Kodiak cakes powder blend is completely hygienic because it contains organic ingredients and can be used for a variety of reasons. Below is a list of the ingredients mentioned. 

  1. 100% whole grain wheat flour
  2. 100% whole grain oat flour
  3. Protein blend (wheat protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate)
  4. Non-fat sweet cream buttermilk powder
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Baking powder
  7. Sea salt 

Costco Kodiak cake specifications: 

  • Non-GMO
  • No preservatives
  • Kosher 
  • 39 servings per box
  • 100% whole grain wheat and oat flour 
  • Can be used for several recipes 
  • Thoroughly highly qualified ingredients that are the best intake to boost up your day

Kodiak cakes Costco Nutritional Fact: 

The serving size is ½ cup which is about 53g while it varies on how you make the recipe and what ratio of Kodiak cakes Costco you will add to your modus operandi. Let’s find out the calories per serving. 

  • Kodiak Cake Calories 190
  • Total carbohydrate 30g 
  • Net fat 2g
  • Sodium 380mg 
  • Protein 14g 
  • Cholesterol 10mg 

The nutritional profile is highly appealing and ideal for increasing energy levels.

It is one of the healthiest meals since it contains 14g of protein, which is plenty to keep your stomach full. Consider this treat anytime you visit Costco because it is always worthwhile. 

Key Takeaways to using Kodiak Cakes Costco: 

Kodiak cakes can be used in several ways; however, the prep method is super easy and you can get the desirable baking dishes. 

costco kodiak cakes frozen


  • Add Kodiak cake and mix to the bowl. 
  • Add water or milk as needed. 
  • Stir well and the batter is ready to hit your target. 

Majorly, Kodiak cakes from Costco used to make pancakes, however, you can make much more besides pancakes.

Likewise, Kodiak cakes Costco recipe includes chocolate chip cookies, blueberry grunts, waffles and many more. 

Costco Kodiak Cake Instructions with Recipes

kodiak cakes costco recipe

The Popularity of Kodiak Cake in Different Countries

Kodiak Cakes Costco Canada Review

  1. Kodiak cakes, power cakes, Flapjack and waffle mix can be found in Costco Canada.
  2. However, the variety pack comes in 2kg and the item number is 391314.
  3. The price is about $19.49 Canadian and breaks down to $3.00 per pound
  4. It contains 100% whole grain and pure buttermilk. 

Canada Kodiak Cake Specifications

  • Kosher 
  • Non-GMO
  • A good amount of protein to keep your belly full
  • 100% whole grains 
  • Comes with the 3*680 g of pouches 

Kodiak Cakes Costco in Australia

The good news for Costco customers is that they can procure Kodiak cake mix at any Costco location.

As a result, the product can be found in the baking and syrup aisles of Costco Australia. It has the same specs that I previously described. 

Costco Kodiak Cakes Review 

Kodiak cakes are one of the most delicious items I’ve ever purchased at Costco. It is high in both taste and health benefits.

Aside from pancakes, the Costco Kodiak cake mix is ideal for waffles, cookies, and a variety of cakes. Add some toppings to the cake, such as honey, nuts, and chocolate syrup, to enhance the flavor.

I adore this product and strongly recommend it to you. I hope you benefit from this review. 

FAQs Regarding Kodiak Cake

What is so special about Costco Kodiak cakes? 

Costco Kodiak Buttermilk Power Cakes are made with 100% whole grains and 14g of protein per serving to provide you with the energy you need to get through the day.  

Can I use milk instead of water to make Kodiak pancakes? 

For sure, you can use milk instead of water as it makes the batter perfect and is recommended too. Moreover, adding milk and egg can enhance the protein ratio by incorporating it healthier, yummier, richer, and fluffier. 

Are Kodiak cakes actually healthy? 

Yes, it is. Because the Kodiak power cakes mix contains 100% whole grains and pure buttermilk powder that is healthy to eat. Moreover, the protein ratio is not ignorable. 

Does Costco have Kodiak waffles? 

Kodiak cake mix is suitable for both pancakes and waffles. You can make a plethora of baking items from Kodiak mix such as chocolate cookies, blueberry grunts, chocolate pancake balls and many more. 

Does Costco have Kodiak cake syrup? 

It is a natural sweetness of syrup provided by real fruit and cane sugar. For a healthier option, Costco Kodiak cakes syrup contains less sugar than maple syrup. Kodiak syrup is gluten and cholesterol free too. 

Are Kodiak frozen pancakes healthy? 

Kodiak mix contains whole grain flour, which is a healthier alternative to refined flour. Pancakes can be made and frozen for later use. To eat them later, simply reheat Costco Kodiak cakes frozen; topped with caramel and roasted nuts and enjoy the feast. 

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