Hint Water Costco- Complete Nutrition Guide

Does Costco Have Hint Water?

Yes. hint water Costco is in different kinds of packs. Its variety pack is most popular among hint water lovers. Because its variety pack comes with hint water bottles of different fruit flavors. The variety pack contains hint water bottles of watermelon flavor, blackberries flavor, and pineapple flavor.

costco carry hint water

Therefore, if you’re thinking, does Costco carry hint water or not? Then stop guessing it, as you can easily find it at your local Costco. The item number of the hint water variety pack is 1308750. A single variety pack consists of around 15 Costco hint water bottles.

This flavored hint water is packed with a hint of different fruit essence. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, it is infused with natural flavors.

Hint Water Costco – A Complete Review

For people who find it pretty hard to keep themselves hydrated, this article is for you. Hint water Costco is the best solution to all your dehydration problems.

It helps you to fall in love with water. Some people want to be hydrated but they don’t like to drink plain water. Hence, hint water at Costco is also an amazing way to maximize your daily water intake.

Because otherwise, it gets difficult for people to track their daily water intake especially if they do not enjoy the plain water taste.

Hint water Costco comes with a lot of health benefits. This is fruit-flavored water that provides numerous benefits to your skin. It helps you look fresh and super-hydrated.

It also improves the complexion of your skin by making it brighter and radiant. Moreover, this flavored hint water also makes your puffy eyes look clear and bright.

Nutritional Fact of Costco Hint Water

costco hint water nutritional fact

Does Costco Sell Hint Water?

Yes, Costco sells hint water in recyclable bottles. It means that these Costco hint water bottles are also eco-friendly. Besides this, it’s not a genetically modified product.

It’s a purely vegan product with no BPA in it. So you can buy it without any doubt. It’s no doubt safe to use.

Other affordable food items that Costco sells,

Is Costco Hint Water Safe to Use?

Oh, wait for a second! Are you wondering if this water contains a high amount of sugar and calories? If yes, then here’s a little surprise for you.

Because the Costco hind flavored water is safe to drink, unlike other ready-made drinks. It contains no sodium and caffeine. It’s also free of all kinds of artificial flavors.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it at all. It’s completely healthy for you with no sugar and calories. Yes. You get it right. It is also a zero-calorie and zero-sugar drink.

How Much Is Hint Water at Costco?

The variety pack of Costco hint water costs around $14.99. It means that per bottle costs only $1.00. Whereas in some stores, Costco hint water price is $11.99.

Each variety pack consists of a total of 15 hint water bottles with 3 different flavors. 5 bottles per flavor.

Costco Hint Water flavors include,

costco hint flavored water
  • Blackberry
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon

Is Costco Hint Water Even Worth Buying?

If we talk about the nutritional components of it, then yes it’s really worth buying. Why? Because it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, sugars, and calories. Even not a significant amount of carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, fiber, and trace elements is present in it.

Now, let’s talk about its flavor. As the name shows, it gives a HINT of fruit flavor but not right after taking a sip. You will feel the flavor after swallowing it.

It gives a fruity aftertaste. Many people raved about these flavors and gave positive reviews. But some of them also showed disappointment as they barely felt any taste.

Another customer just shared her experience of Costco hint water. According to her, at first, she didn’t like it at all.

But she gave it another chance and her taste buds gradually developed the taste. She liked the watermelon flavor the most among all the three flavors. But unlike her, another customer personally loved the blueberry one the most.

So, if you ask which flavor is the most amazing and divine among all, then you’ll get mixed reviews. Since it totally depends on the personal preference of everyone.

Some people like tropical fruits such as pineapple flavor. While others rate the pineapple flavor as the least favorite flavor.

As long as its packaging is concerned, these Costco hint water bottles look quite refreshing and flavorful in their packaging. One of the cutest things about these bottles is that their cap contains a very nice slogan.

It says, “Water That Makes You Love Water.” Hence, it’s a pretty eye-catching thing for water-loving people. For the people who love the strong sweet taste, these Hint bottles are not for you.

But someone who already loves drinking plain water will like it for sure. Because the hint water has a refreshing and light fruit essence rather than a strong sweet flavored water. That’s why it is called HINT, which means just a “signal”.

It’s a bit more expensive than plain water bottles. But if you drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, then it’s the best choice for you.

Its light pleasant taste will refresh your mood too. You can try a variety pack if you want to determine what you like. Because a variety pack contains different flavors in one pack.

Apart from this, you can also try a single-flavor pack as per your choice. Other flavors include raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, apples, peaches, limes, and many more. Therefore, if you want to get an alternative to soda aka carbonated drinks, then get your hands on it asap!

Thus, overall reviews of Costco Hint Water go from, “Not worthy-buying” to “Best decision ever”. It’s completely an individual preference.

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