Frozen Dragon Fruit Costco in 2022

What is Frozen Dragon Fruit Costco Best for?

Dragon fruit is an extremely delicious fruit with a mildly sweet and citrus taste. A combination of kiwi and pear (in taste). It is a tropical fruit but now it’s available worldwide.

All the supermarkets and marts have this exotic fruit both in fresh and frozen form. Frozen dragon fruit Costco is available at pretty reasonable rates. This article gives a roundup of all the necessary information about this vibrant fruit.

does costco carry frozen dragon fruit

It’s an aesthetically pleasant fruit due to its bright red skin color. Its skin has a contrast of reddish base and green scales.

The inside of this amazing fruit has white pulp with black seeds. Another type of this fruit has red pulp with black seeds. Yellow dragon fruit is comparatively a rare type with white pulp and black seeds. But the skin of this type of dragon fruit is bright yellow.

Dragon fruit is also called ‘Pitaya’, “Pitahaya”, and “Strawberry pear”. It has different names based on its origin which is from Mexico and Central America.

Besides its unique shape and flavor, this fruit is also popular for amazing health benefits. It has antioxidant properties. It’s also low in calories and high in fiber and magnesium. A trace amount of iron and other minerals is also present in it.

Does Costco Carry Frozen Dragon Fruit?

Yes, Costco does have frozen cubes of dragon fruit. People prefer to buy frozen dragon fruit cubes as it’s easy to use. It’s a perfect way to make smoothies, fruit salads, smoothie bowls, etc.

Frozen dragon fruit cubes are also used in dragon fruit juice Costco. These frozen cubes are a rich source of high fiber, Vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. Thus, dragon fruit juice is the best option to have in summer.

Does Costco Sell Dragon Fruit?

Yes, Costco does sell this fruit which is also commonly called Pitaya. A brand named “Pitaya” develops this fruit in highly organic form. You can find dragon fruit from Pitaya at Costco too.

But this brand only grows and sells dragon fruit with reddish-purple pulp. It is said that dragon fruit with magenta-purple pulp is richer in vitamins and nutrients.

So Costco sells dragon fruit under the Pitaya brand. As it’s a certified brand, hence you can confidently buy it. Being purely organic, it’s pretty safe to consume too.

Costco also sells affordable food items, some are given below:

Healthy frozen Dragon Fruit Costco

Dragon fruit is stored in marts in the form of a frozen cube to increase its shelf life. Frozen dragon fruit Costco can be used in making a lot of different things.

You can enjoy this highly nutritious fruit in a smoothie bowl. You can also make dragon fruit cocktails or desserts. There are many options available out there. It’s up to you how would you like to eat it.

Frozen Dragon Fruit Costco 2022 Prices

You can buy this low-calorie frozen dragon fruit at quite cheap rates at Costco stores. It’s a piece of great news for foodies and for those health-conscious people who love low-calorie fruits.

does costco carry frozen dragon fruit

You can buy dragon fruit Costco 2022 for just $9.99. It’s undoubtedly a 2-in-1 deal at such a cheap price. You can have a divine taste of fruit along with many potential health benefits. Isn’t it a good deal to get in just $9.99??

Where to Find Costco Dragon fruit?

You can find dragon fruit Costco in the frozen section of summer fruits. Although you can have it all around the year. But it looks yummier on hot summer days after a workout.

It is packed with many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. This makes it a highly nutritious fruit. Frozen cubes of dragon fruit are more commonly used. You can also find it at Costco in the frozen section. You can easily find it at any Costco store near you.

Different Ways to Use Costco Dragon Fruit

You can whip this mineral and vitamin-rich dragon fruit Costco in a lot of different ways. Blending and pairing the dragon fruit with other flavoursome ingredients enhances its taste.

Another advantage of having this incredible superpower fruit is that it is gluten-free. It’s a plant-based fruit so it’s the best option for all those vegans out there.

Wanna enjoy a protein-rich dragon fruit smoothie? Pretty easy to make. Add any protein powder along with some nuts and peanut butter. Tada, it’s ready to drink.

Want to enjoy Costco frozen dragon fruit blend? Just mix up other Pitaya frozen fruits like pineapple, banana, strawberry, and mango along with frozen dragon fruit.

Also, add some milk or lime juice to make a soft creamy texture smoothie. Blend all the ingredients. You can use chocolate syrup and some nuts for garnishing. Freeze it for about 30 minutes. Voila. A delicious and healthy summer frozen dessert is ready to eat.

Here’s another way to make a Costco dragon fruit blend. The yellow dragon fruit is sweeter than the pink magenta dragon fruit. Kids love to eat sweet fruits more than other flavors.

yellow dragon fruit costco 2022

Like other varieties of dragon fruit, the yellow one is also available at Costco stores. Serve yellow dragon fruit Costco to your kids in a cute way. Peel off the skin of yellow dragon fruit and cut it into smaller pieces in different shapes.

You can also add yogurt to make it more rich and healthy for kids.  This fruit can also be added to smoothies and desserts. You can also eat it as-is after removing the skin.

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