Disney Christmas village Costco 2022 – Discounts & Packages

On the occasion of Christmas, people do a lot of shopping and adore their houses with several ornaments to enjoy this event fully.

Before Christmas, Costco gets loaded with wonderful stocks of Christmas decorations. Costco has a separate portion that is specified for Christmas decorations.

disney christmas village costco

While the Disney Christmas village Costco is the most popular ornament among all decoration pieces. 

Costco Disney Christmas house is beautifully crafted and looks adorable. Moreover, it adds to the beauty of the house and the Disney Christmas house Costco is a great source of joy for the kids.

Let’s discover more about the wonderful Costco Disney Christmas village so that you face no difficulty in buying it. 

Disney Costco Christmas House Price: 

Aside from the twinkling lights and Christmas trees, the Costco Disney Christmas house is visually appealing. The Costco Disney prices vary from location to location.

costco disney prices
However, the average price of the beautiful Disney Christmas house at Costco is about $129.99. 

But you can check the original price by visiting Costco’s website and local store. 

One thing that you should know is that the Costco Disney Christmas house is out of stock on the website. Therefore, you have to head to the store to buy it.

All the stock of Costco Disney village house has ended on the website. If you want to shop this wonderful Disney Christmas house at Costco; then you have to rush to the local Costco warehouse. 

Read more about Costco Christmas products,

Specifications of Disney Christmas village Costco 2022

I love the Disney Christmas house as it contains beautifully crafted Disney characters. Moreover, the twinkling lights are so amazing that offer wonderful displays.

While the view of the house becomes more attractive when the songs are being played. So, let’s look what are the features of Costco’s Christmas Disney house. 

  1. 8 classic holiday songs
  2. Embellished with Disney characters
  3. Handcrafted and hand-painted 
  4. For decorating indoors only 
  5. 11.7 inches high

These are the few dominating specifications of the Costco Disney house.

However, the animated Disney house Costco comprises a lot of Disney characters peering out from the windows and doors of the house.

Some characters stand with Christmas trees that look very pretty. It is an electric animated house and when you plug in the switches, the twinkling lights turn on and display a pretty view.

Not only that the costco Disney Christmas house also plays the 8 most popular holiday songs. One of the most popular songs is “Jingles Bells”, “Silent Night,” and “Joy to the world.”

It is a standalone decoration set with Disney characters, Christmas trees, and a snowman. However, you can pair it with other Disney sets to create a complete Costco Disney Christmas village. 

Costco Disney Animated Castle 

Costco has a great variety of Disney animated characters, houses, castles, and many more. It has a complete portion for the Disney decoration sets.

The adorable set of the castle has glittering blue turrets that make the display more bright when the lights turn on.

does costco have disney discounts

Dumbo which is the beautiful character of Disney flies around the top turret when the songs are played. 

While a massive Christmas tree is proudly lit up for the holidays. A mini-parade winding its way around the base of the castle.

In this adorable cavalcade, Nutcracker soldiers march alongside classic characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

This item lights up and plays various Christmas and holiday songs. When we checked the Costco website, we discovered that it was already sold out!

If you want to include this in your holiday decorations this year or if you want to surprise someone with one as a gift, you should get to your nearest Costco as soon as possible.

However, the price is found to be $129.99; but it is not fixed for all locations. Because the prices may vary from location to location. 

FAQs Regarding Costco Disney Village

Does Costco have Disney tickets?

Unfortunately, costco does not issue any kind of Disneyland theme park tickets. But you can book the Disney vacation packages that comprise Disney tickets.

If you are going to buy the Walt Disney tickets from Costco, then you can’t avail of them. Because Costco does not issue such kinds of tickets. 

However, Costco offers on-site and off-site Orlando tickets and vacation packages along with the 5-day Disney theme park tickets and park hoppers as an option.

But the packages and vacation deals vary every year. Therefore, must check out the Disney vacation details whenever you planned to avail of the package. 

Does Costco have Disney discounts? 

You can also get a great deal on Disneyland vacation packages. If you book through Costco, you can receive a Disney Gift Card worth up to $245, which is redeemable for Disney shopping and dining per vacation package.

does costco have disney discounts

You’ll also get an e-voucher for Magical Extras and a Collectible Disney Pin and Lanyard. 

If you have a costco membership card; then you can avail of the following discounts. 

  1. At Disneyland hotel, you can save up to 25% on selected rooms 
  2. At Disney paradise pier hotel, you can save 10% on selected rooms 
  3. You can save up to 25% at Disney’s Grand California hotel and spa on selected rooms

Does Costco have Disneyland packages? 

To buy a Costco Disneyland Package, you must first be a Costco member. It’s not worth it to join just to book a Costco Disneyland Package!

If you are a member and want to book, keep in mind that you can get the best deals and discounts. To get more about the Costco Disneyland packages visit the official website


Disney Christmas village Costco is one of the best decoration pieces that enhances the beauty of the house. Costco sells different Disney sets at different prices.

To make an attractive complete village, you can purchase Disney sets. The twinkling lights and music is a great source of attraction.

If you are a Costco member, you can get amazing deals in Disneyland. Undoubtedly, Disney vacations are very costly, but you can get reasonable discounts through a Costco membership card.  

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