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Costco Tiramisu Cups by Dessert Italiano Review

tiramisu cake costco

At Costco, you can look for a huge list of desserts having remarkable taste and texture. Each dessert has significant flavor including attractive packaging. However, Costco tiramisu is one of the ambrosia treats, mentioned on their website as exquisite mascarpone cream. 

Tiramisu from Costco comes in reusable cups; however, the interior includes the sponge cake soaked in the coffee liqueur and covered with lots and lots of cocoa powder. 

Without further hemming and hawing, let us get to the core of the Costco tiramisu cups. 

What does Tiramisu mean? 

In Italian, tiramisu stands for “pull me up”; basically, it shows the method to prepare tiramisu in which you have to layer the ladyfingers and mascarpone cream in a tall form.

However, it is an Italian traditional dessert that includes ladyfingers covered with whipped egg and engulfed in mascarpone cream. Moreover, the top is covered with cocoa powder. 

How much does Costco Tiramisu cost? 

Well, the price of Tiramisu Costco is not too high. It is easily affordable talking about its packaging, so it comes in a pack of 6 individually-portioned cups.

Because the cups are transparent, you can see how beautifully designed this dessert is.

So, grab this treat and save your money, whenever you catch a sale at Costco. 

Because it’s a huge deal to get a 40% discount over $9.99 while per cup will cost you around $1.17. Additionally, Costco tiramisu cups have a pretty fancy look, so it would be great to serve them at a dinner party or wedding ceremony. 

Does Costco Tiramisu Taste Good or Bad? 

Besides the pro-look of Costco tiramisu cups, the taste is delectable and licking. The cup includes multiple layers that can be seen properly.

On the bottom, there is a layer of gooey coffee jelly, further, it has a layer of mascarpone cream on it. However, the flavor of the mascarpone cream complements the dessert without overpowering it. 

Then the layer of the spongy cake comes that is then covered with a considerable layer of cocoa powder. One thing that I don’t like about this dessert is the sponge is much mushier which I dislike. 

Instead of using ladyfingers, Costco tiramisu cups use coffee-soaked sponge cake that tastes different from the original tiramisu.

Moreover, the tiramisu from Costco is covered with a heavy layer of cocoa powder, so your paramount bite is going to be full of cocoa powder. It may cause a slight cough, so it would be better to mix up all the layers together.  

By mixing all the layers, you will get a balanced taste and will enjoy the flavor of all ingredients in one bite.

Without being overly sweet, the ratio of coffee and mascarpone cream balanced nicely. Do serve it at family gatherings and parties as a last dish.

You will never get any hate points by serving Tiramisu Costco because of its fancy look and worthy taste as well as texture. 

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Costco Tiramisu Cups Calories

One packaging comprises six individual cups, but the serving size is one cup. Let’s check out the ratio of calories and other things in one serving. 

  • Calories 250
  • Total fat 12 g
  • Sugar 18 g
  • Carbohydrates 30 g
  • Cholesterol 30 mg 
  • Sodium 60 mg 
  • Protein 4 g 

Having 250 calories in one cup sounds like a lot of calories, but overall the nutritional profile is high-caliber. 

What are the Costco Tiramisu Cake Ingredients? 

Obviously, Ingredients are a significant part that plays an important role to make edible things more unique and flavorful. Check out the list mentioned below to know what ingredients are used in the Costco tiramisu by Dessert Italiano.

Can you Reuse the Tiramisu cups? 

One of the best things about Costco’s Tiramisu Cups is that the glass cups are reusable. They are on the small side for drinks but have different kinds of uses.

I’m not sure if the cups are tempered, but they’re dishwasher-safe. As a result, I advise keeping them away from extreme heat, such as when serving espresso.  

FAQs Regarding Costco Tiramisu

How long do Costco Tiramisu cups last in the refrigerator? 

The dessert needed to be kept in the refrigerator after purchase. However, it can last in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. Try to use it before this criteria as the best before date is also three weeks. 

Can you freeze the Tiramisu from Costco? 

Tiramisu freezes beautifully, allowing you to have a sweet treat ready to go at any time. I advise slicing it before freezing it, but you can also freeze it in the glass it came in. 

Are Costco Tiramisu cups alcoholic? 

Yes, it contains a slight amount of alcohol and as you can see in the ingredient list, there is about 1.5% of marsala wine. However, the traditional tiramisu also utilizes marsala wine in the coffee and filling as well. But Costco tiramisu cups contain wine only in the coffee-soaked sponge cake. 

Final thoughts: 

Costco tiramisu cups are a great choice for those who don’t prefer too sweet dishes. This dessert has a balanced taste of each ingredient while for coffee lovers, it is going to be ideal.

Moreover, the fancy look of tiramisu Costco urges the person to give it a try. Everything is perfect, besides the mushy sponge that I dislike. But it could be an ideal feast for you. 

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