Costco Sushi 2023 – Costco Sushi Platters & Rolls

Costco food court is always bringing up new dishes and ready-to-eat meals for their customers. However, Costco always saves you from spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

At this time, if you are wondering about the sushi salmon or sushi platters, stop scrolling right now. Because this post will let you know all queries related to Costco sushi. 

Costco added sushi to its menu a long ago, and you can get a variety of sushi and sushi platters from there. But one thing to consider is that Sushi Costco is unavailable at all stores.

Before rushing to the Costco store, check out whether your local store is selling it or not. 

sushi from costco

Does Costco have sushi? 

Yes, Costco sells sushi of different combinations including sushi platters and many other related items. From Costco sushi rolls to sushi tray platters, you can choose multiple size options as per your needs.

Even Costco also offers sushi rice, fish options, kinds of salmon, and various vegetable options. 

Preparing sushi from scratch is time taking, save yourself from such hectic activity by grabbing Costco sushi. 

How much does Costco sushi cost? 

Costco sushi price is different for different localities while each tray costs you differently. However, Costco sushi rolls do change every year; likewise, prices vary yearly. Let’s see the latest price of Costco sushi rolls and platters. 

  • Nigiri combo for $13.89 
  • Salmon Sashimi for $21.99 
  • California crunch deluxe sushi for $10.49
  • Real crab rolls for $10.99
  • Wasabi crunch rolls for $8.99 
  • Hollywood platter for $28.99
  • Crunch deluxe roll for $16.89 

All Costco sushi platters and rolls are fully cooked that are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. The taste is unique and the prices are reasonable; so, taste the sushi from Costco if you haven’t done it yet. 

Costco Sushi Platters Prices in UK & Canada

Indulge in the taste of premium sushi with Costco’s sushi platters!

costco sushi price
  1. Itsumo California Rolls: Enjoy 24 pieces of delicious sushi for only $9.99 (Canada)
  2. Snow Fox Sushi Platter: Treat yourself to 50 pieces of Cali/Crunch/Spicy sushi for just $24.99 (Canada)
  3. Classic Vegan Sushi Platter: Satisfy your cravings with 34 pieces of vegan sushi for only 9.99GBP (UK)
  4. Ultimate Sushi Party Platter: Make your party unforgettable with 32 pieces of ultimate sushi for just 15.99GBP (UK)

All sushi platters are made with the freshest ingredients and come with a variety of flavors to suit your taste buds. Impress your guests with these delectable sushi platters from Costco!

Costco Sushi Roll Prices in Canada

Elevate your sushi experience with Costco deluxe sushi rolls and seafood delights!

  1. California Deluxe Roll: Savor 20 pieces of heavenly sushi with cucumber and kanikama for only $9.49 (Canada)
  2. Crunch Deluxe Roll: Get your crunchy fix with 20 pieces of shrimp tempura and kanikama salad sushi for just $16.89 (Canada)
  3. All Seas Fisheries Pokedon: Dive into 670 grams of flavorful pokedon for only $14.99 (Canada)
  4. All Seas Fisheries California Rolls: Enjoy 24 pieces of classic California rolls for just $9.99 (Canada)

Made with the freshest ingredients, these sushi rolls and seafood delicacies are perfect for any occasion. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these delectable Costco sushi rolls and seafood items!

Does costco sell party-sized sushi platters? 

If you are planning an event or family gathering and want to serve sushi, then what about purchasing sushi from Costco?

does costco have sushi

You can get sushi platters of different sizes and ingredients. Try to grab those platters that include most varieties. 

Moreover, the Costco sushi platter is available in 24, 32, 34, 42, and 50 pieces while it’s up to you what to choose from. But remember that Costco sushi platter options vary depending on the location. 

Costco Sushi Reviews

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable sushi meal, Costco’s sushi is definitely worth considering. The rolls are generally fresh and tasty, with nicely seasoned rice and a good selection of fillings.

While some rolls may be better than others, the overall quality is quite good for the price. The convenience of being able to pick up sushi while doing your grocery shopping is also a big plus.

While it may not compare to the quality of a dedicated sushi restaurant, Costco’s sushi is a solid option for those on a budget or in a hurry.

FAQs regarding Costco Sushi

Is Costco sushi good? 

Buying sushi from Costco is really worthwhile as it grabs excellent customer reviews every time. Compared to restaurants, the flavor is not as fresh. But it is a number-gaining product because of its unique taste, and natural and organic elements. 

Is Costco salmon sushi grade? 

Absolutely, you can use the costco salmon in the sushi without any worries. It does not harm in any case, rather you can use raw salmon in any sushi without considering any risk. Moreover, Costco sushi salmon grade offers good taste with other elements like rice and veggies. 

Which Costco sells sushi? 

Well, sushi is unavailable at all Costco stores and you can check out the Costco sushi locations by searching on their website. 

Can you order Costco sushi online? 

Costco has a few branches that provide online services. As a result, before placing an order, call the local store for confirmation. However, you can order sushi from Costco using Instacart or other online services.

Does Costco offer vegetarian sushi options? 

Even if you are a vegetarian or looking for Costco sushi to your satisfaction, then can it here. Vegetarian sushi trays are usually labeled with a sticker or other indication that they are suitable for vegetarians. Customers also fingers crossed that Costco will eventually incorporate a vegan-friendly sushi tray.

Final Thoughts

Nonetheless, some customers have complained about the sushi, claiming that the rice was too dry or that the rolls contained too much wasabi.

Despite this, the majority of reviews say the price is reasonable. Again, Costco sushi is reasonably priced and will not cost as much as going to a sushi restaurant.

Furthermore, the ingredients are not all-natural or organic, and include natural and artificial crab flavor.

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