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Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Food Court – New Offering

Costco Roast Beef Sandwich food court

Costco’s food court has long been a favorite among avid shoppers, offering wallet-friendly prices to provide a much-needed break during a marathon shopping spree.

From the iconic $1.50 hot dog (a classic that remains unchanged) to their beloved cheese and pepperoni pizzas, the food court is a haven for hungry customers.

Certain locations even feature regional specialties like churros in California or poutine in Canada. Now, it’s time for the spotlight to shine on the Costco Roast Beef sandwich, a mouthwatering addition to the food court menu.

Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Food Court Price

As news about the Costco Roast Beef sandwich spread, the online community began buzzing with excitement. Reddit users eagerly shared their thoughts on this latest addition, with one topic dominating the discussion: the Costco food court price.

Some users expressed concern about the $9.99 price of Costco roast beef sandwich, especially when compared to the renowned $1.50 hot dog deal that has become a symbol of Costco's value proposition.

Comparing the $9.99 Sandwich to the Famous $1.50 Hot Dog

The contrasting opinions reveal the clash between price and value at the Costco food court. The $9.99 roast beef sandwich challenges the perception of Costco’s affordability, raising questions about whether customers are willing to pay a higher price for a more gourmet experience.

New Costco Food Court roast beef Sandwich Ingredients

Recently, a tantalizing glimpse of this new menu item emerged from the Lynwood, Washington Costco.

The Costco food court Roast Beef sandwich boasts generous portions of,

This sandwich promises a delightful fusion of savory flavors that are sure to captivate taste buds.

Costco New Roast Beef Sandwich Taste

Mixed Reactions to the Roast Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Food Court

As the discussion rages on, anticipation builds among Costco shoppers, who eagerly await the opportunity to taste the new sandwich firsthand.

The collective appetite of the Reddit community mirrors the curiosity and diverse perspectives found in any food court.

Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Nutrition

here are the nutrition facts for a Costco Roast Beef Sandwich:

As you can see, the Costco Roast Beef Sandwich is a high-calorie, high-fat, and high-sodium food. It is also a good source of protein.

My Personal: The Roast Beef Sandwich Experience at Costco

When I tried the Roast Beef Sandwich at Costco, it was truly a culinary journey for me. I was immediately taken by the tender slices of roast beef, bursting with flavor, and perfectly paired with the zesty onion relish. The crisp lettuce and the sweet, roasted cherry tomatoes added a delightful contrast.

The sharpness of the red onions was noticeable but not overpowering, and the creamy blend of mayo and mustard added a layer of richness that I thoroughly enjoyed. The sandwich was nestled in a flavorful artisan roll, which provided an array of textures I savored with each bite.

Though I paid $9.99, a bit more than some other food court items, I felt the value was there. The generous portions and high-quality ingredients made it feel like a gourmet treat. In my opinion, if you’re someone who loves a good sandwich, the Roast Beef Sandwich at Costco is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

FAQs Regarding Roast Beef Sandwich at Costco

How much is the Costco roast beef sandwich?

The Costco roast beef sandwich is priced at $9.99. This is more expensive than the typical food court fare, but it is also a more upscale offering.

Why did Costco stop selling its brisket sandwich?

The reasons behind Costco’s discontinuation of its brisket sandwich are not publicly disclosed, but possible factors could include menu rotation to introduce new items and manage supply and demand, cost and profitability considerations, and customer preferences or sales performance.

What is the most expensive food court item at Costco?

The most expensive food court item at Costco is the roast beef sandwich. It is priced at $9.99, which is more expensive than the typical food court fare.

How many sandwiches are in a Costco sandwich platter?

The number of sandwiches in a Costco sandwich platter may vary depending on the specific platter size and the type of sandwiches included. Typically, a Costco sandwich platter can range from containing 10 to 20 sandwiches.

Will the Costco Roast Beef Sandwich Secure Its Place?

The fate of the Costco Roast Beef sandwich hangs in the balance, awaiting the verdict of Costco’s discerning customers. Will it become a staple of the food court menu or simply a limited-time indulgence? The answer lies in the hands (and taste buds) of Costco shoppers who are ready to embrace this new culinary adventure.

Is Costco roast beef good?

Many people like the taste of Costco’s roast beef. It’s soft, juicy, and flavorful. Some find it a bit salty, but not everyone. Plus, it’s leaner than some other roast beefs, making it a healthier choice.

Is Costco beef from China?

Costco doesn’t just get its beef from China. They source it from many places including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Where the beef comes from can change based on the type of meat and the season.

What is on the Costco roast beef sandwich?

The Costco roast beef sandwich has:
Roast beef
Cherry tomatoes
Red onions
Onion relish
Mayo-mustard mix
On a ciabatta roll
It costs $9.99 and is sold at all US Costco food courts.


Anticipation continues to build as the Costco Roast Beef sandwich enters the spotlight, igniting a passionate debate among customers. With its enticing ingredients and slightly higher price point, this new addition has sparked curiosity and excitement.

The Costco Roast Beef sandwich represents a departure from the usual food court offerings, leaving shoppers eager to see if it will make a lasting impression.

As shoppers await the chance to sink their teeth into this gourmet delight, the final judgment will reveal whether it becomes a cherished staple or a fleeting novelty in the world of Costco’s food court.

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