Costco Pork Belly – Price, Calories & Recipe

Looking for pork belly in different stores but couldn’t find it? Just relax, because Costco saved you. Costco comes with a wonderful variety of countless products, no matter how long it goes. However, Costco pork belly comes in three categories and each has certain specifics. 

costco pork belly

It is a bit hard to get sliced pork belly at common stores, but when I came to know that there is a pork belly for sale at Costco, it makes me happy. Now, there is no need to search lots of places for pork belly Because Costco has fixed the issue. 

Pork belly Costco comes in three categories. Let me introduce three of them so that you can figure out which one will hit your goal. 

Does Costco sell pork belly? 

Yes, Costco sells pork belly of three different types while each holds superior quality as well as flavor. Pork belly at Costco can be used for multiple purposes but if you are looking for the skin on pork belly then sorry for this, as it’s not available at all stores. 

You can look for the mentioned pork bellies at Costco. 

  1. Sous vide pork belly slices 
  2. Sliced pork belly
  3. Whole pork belly 

Without further ado, let’s discuss these three in detail. 

Sous Vide Pork Belly Slices 

It is the most advanced pork belly at Costco that originally comes from Kirkland’s signature. The luxury package contains pre-cooked sliced pork belly, smoked and cured properly. 

The inside contains two vacuum packets of sliced pork belly and each contains five slices. Costco pork belly Sous vide slices are absolutely perfect because it saves your time and makes your preparation quick. 

Is Costco pork belly good?

Whenever, you think about dinner regarding pork belly but don’t have time to slice, season, and smoke it, then pick sous vide pork belly pack and make whatever you want to serve.

It not only saves you from hectic activity but also assists you to hit the serving goal in a short time. 

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Sliced Pork Belly at Costco

The second option at Costco regarding pork belly is sliced pork belly skin off that comes in plastic packaging.

pork belly for sale costco
It is boneless pork belly offered by Swift and weighs about 11ib, while the per pound price is $3.34. There are no artificial ingredients and each serving contains 5g of protein. 

The sliced pork belly can be seen properly through the transparent plastic wrapping. However, the slices are very meaty and fatty, about an inch and a half thick. 

Mostly, I buy these sliced pork belly Costco as they can be molded easily in different pieces. To make burnt ends, I can easily cut them into small cube pieces.

Each Costco pork belly weight revolves around six pounds; whereas the prices are subject to change for different localities. 

Whole Pork Belly At Costco 

It is the least expensive skin off pork belly that is available at Costco. These bellies almost always weigh more than ten pounds and cost around $4 per pound, but the price is not fixed for each store. 

costco pork belly price

If you have organized a bacon party and want to make it as per your creations, then go for a whole pork belly. You can cut the whole pork belly Costco in the desirable slices and season it to get the preferred flavors. 

Moreover, if you are planning to feed a huge family gathering and are conscious of cost conscience, go for a whole pork belly.

It’ll be difficult to come across a cheaper belly than this, and if you own a restaurant or do catering, buying the whole belly will assist with overseeing overheads. 

Costco Pork Belly Nutrition

The serving size is one slice and hence the whole container provides ten servings. 

  • Calories 320 
  • Total fat 28 g 
  • Net carbs 5 g 
  • Sodium 590 mg 
  • Cholesterol 55 mg 
  • Protein 13 g 

How to Cook Sous Vide pork belly? 

It is a pre-cooked pork belly and you don’t even need to marinate it. Just remove it from the packaging or bake it to make the surface crispy and tender.

costco pork belly skin on

However, the Costco pork belly recipe is quite easy and you can pan fry or air fry too. It comes in frozen packaging while the label shows the following methods to prepare pork belly. 

Costco Pork Belly Oven Roasted:

Preheat the oven to 450°F and place the slices on a baking sheet in a single layer. Cook it for 10 to 15 minutes and then serve. 

Pork Belly Pan fry

Take a skillet and pour some oil into it. Heat the oil for a few minutes and then fry the pork belly slices until you get a tender surface. 

Costco Pork Belly in Grill

Grill the slices on medium-high heat. Now, grill the slices for about 2-3 minutes on each side. 

You can serve this pork belly Costco in several ways such as in burgers, tortillas, and many more.

Additionally, a few serving suggestions can be found on the packaging. If you’re trying it for the first time, this pork belly from Costco is a decent starting point. 

Costco Pork Belly Review: 

Costco’s pork belly is salty, meaty, and satisfying. Because of the thick layer of fat that goes along the top, pork belly has an incredibly rich flavor when kept whole.

When it’s cured and smoked, it’s full of the exquisite tanginess flavor that makes bacon so appealing. 

FAQs Regarding Costco Pork Belly

Is Costco pork belly good? 

Pork belly at Costco is cured and smoked, it’s more like thick bacon slices than traditional pork belly. This is a one-of-a-kind product that you won’t find in other stores, and it’s a tremendous convenience. 

How much is a pound of pork belly at Costco? 

Per pound, Costco pork belly price is different for each location. Moreover, whole, sliced, and pre-cooked pork belly have separate prices. You may check out the actual prices by visiting Costco’s website. 

Is Costco pork belly precooked? 

Well, Costco offers raw pork belly in different packaging. While it sells Kirkland’s signature sous vide pork belly that are pre-cooked and can be used for multiple uses. 

Is Costco pork belly skin on or off? 

Skin off pork belly is available at Costco. However, finding skin-on pork belly at all Costco locations is difficult. You can get Swift skin on pork belly of 11Ib, minimally processed and ideal for roasting. The per pound price is $3 and may vary location to location. 

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