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Costco Perrier Review: Costco food court has a lot of things for its customers at affordable prices. While the quality of the products is outclassed and worth its price.

You can get everything you need whether it is related to baking, frozen foods, milk, and beverages, or cooked and uncooked things.

Besides these, there are a lot of things that you can discover at Costco. In the category of drinks and beverages, Costco perrier is a wonderful carbonated drink. 

costco perrier water

In this article, the topic of discussion is going to be Costco perrier sparkling water and its relatable things. You can get a pack of 24 bottles of perrier water at Costco in the beverage area.

Moreover, what are the calories of Costco perrier water? Let’s dig in deep to get efficient information about Costco perrier Canada. 

Who is Perrier? Do they sell Perrier at Costco? 

Louis perrier founded the perrier in 1898 while he operated a commercial spa near the local spring in verges, France.

Somehow, Louis perrier began a business of bole and sell some water but then he sold the location to a wealthy British investor.

However, after renaming the spring Source Perrier, the investor began bottling and selling the water in its distinctive green bottle. 

Source perrier is a natural spring carbonated. During the process, water and carbon dioxide gas are captured individually.

Firstly, the water gets purified and then remix with carbon dioxide to make the perrier famous and delicious. 

Yes, you can get the perrier water bottles at Costco in the drink and beverage section. It is an amazing carbonated sparkling drink that can help you to remain fresh.

Perrier is famous for its green-colored bottle. However, having sparkling water and soda in such bottles which have caps is very convenient.

Because you can store the rest of the water in the bottle by tightening the cap. One of the reasons I prefer canned drinks is that the can itself becomes cold with the drink, and a can gets much colder than a plastic bottle.

The cold sensation in my hand enhances the overall sensation and enjoyment of the beverage. 

Costco Perrier Sparkling Water Price

Perrier’s sparkling water is available in the beverage section alongside other sodas and waters such as Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water and Diet Cokes.

costco perris ca

Typically, the beverage area is located near the back of the warehouse. 

  1. You can get a 24-pack of perrier water at Costco for $17.99 while each bottle holds 16.9 oz of naturally carbonated water.
  2. On sale, the price drops by $5 to $12.99.
  3. However, the price per bottle is $0.75 at retail and only $0.54 when on sale. These are absolutely fantastic Perrier prices.
  4. Compared with others, Sam’s Club sells the same Perrier Sparkling Water package for $19.34, or $0.80 per bottle.
  5. A 6-pack of Perrier costs $6.39 at Target or $1.06 per bottle. When on sale, it will be difficult to beat Costco’s $0.54 per bottle of Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water.
  6. Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water from Costco costs $9.99 for 35 cans.
  7. Each can of sparkling water contains only 12 ounces and costs $0.29.
  8. Because these are only 12-ounce cans compared to Perrier’s 16.9-ounce bottle, we’ll convert the Kirkland Signature cans to 16.9 ounces for $0.40 per can. 
  9. Even if Costco’s sparkling water was the same size as Perrier’s, it would be $0.14 less expensive per bottle/can.
  10. If you take Perrier’s retail price, Kirkland Signature sparkling water is $0.35 less. 

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Costco Perrier Sparkling Water Nutritional Fact

The serving size is 1 bottle while the full package comprises 24 bottles. Hence the one complete package contains 24 servings and each bottle holds 500 ml of perrier water Costco.

However, the taste of the drink is super delicious which can force you to drink one more bottle. Let’s have homey many calories are there in one bottle of Costco Laurent perrier. 

  • Calories 0
  • Carbohydrates 0 g  
  • Protein 0 g 
  • Calcium 70 mg  
  • Total fat 0 g
  • Sodium 0 mg

Most sparkling water contains 0 calories; similarly, perrier flavored water Costco contains 0 carbs and calories.

Compared with other drinks, sparkling and soda water is better. Because its nutritional profile is very attractive and assists you to stay fresh. 

perrier water costco calories

Does Costco Maple grove have Citrus perrier water? 

Yes, the Perrier water bottles are available at Costco in the drink and beverage section. It is a fantastic carbonated sparkling drink that can help you stay fresh.

Costco sells a 24-pack of Perrier water for $17.99, with each bottle holding 16.9 oz of naturally carbonated water. 

Perrier’s sparkling water can be found in the beverage section, alongside other sodas and waters like Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water and Diet Cokes. The beverage area is usually near the back of the warehouse.

Costco Perrier Water Review:

Delight in the deliciousness of Costco’s Perrier sparkling water, renowned for its distinct green hue. Notably, the levels of water vary between Perrier cans and bottles available at Costco.

Opting for Perrier bottles grants the advantage of resealing. Importantly, consuming Costco’s Perrier cans poses no health concerns, ensuring worry-free enjoyment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated if you found this review helpful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

FAQs Regarding Costco Sparkling Water

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