Why is Costco Organic Milk Worth Buying?

Does Costco have Organic Milk?

Yes, Costco have special Costco organic milk from many brands including horizon. The horizon organic milk Costco is the best one nationwide. This organic milk comes from cows that consume pure organic feed and forage.

Costco Organic Milk price

These cows have full access to Pasteur and thus are grass-fed. No additional hormones, growth promoters, or pesticides are injected into them or added to their feed.

Does Costco Carry Pure Organic Milk?

Yes. Costco does carry pure organic milk. As we mentioned above, Costco Kirkland organic milk meets all the USDA criteria. It is free of any kind of antibiotic and growth-regulating hormones.

Both these are injected into the cows to treat the infections in them and to increase the milk yield. But the Costco organic milk is free from these kinds of substances. That’s why it’s also the best option for kids and toddlers.

Why Costco Organic Milk Budget friendly?

Organic milk at Costco is no doubt good quality milk. It’s available at quite budget-friendly rates. You can confidently buy Costco organic milk.

costco kirkland organic whole milk price

Being a one-stop retailer store, you can buy literally anything at Costco. It also has its own in-house brand named Kirkland Signature. Thus, Costco sells organic milk under the brand name Kirkland Signature along with many other products.

Why Is Organic Milk Expensive?

Because cows can get sick and you are not allowed to give them antibiotics according to USDA rules. Hence, healthier cows are required for organic milk production.

Similarly, crops yield increases due to the addition of insect-resistant pesticides. If no pesticides are added to the crop, then this results in a low yield of the crop.

Less grass-feeding by cows due to less yield produces milk in less amount. Hence, the reason for the high rates of organic milk is less supply and increased demand.

How Much is Costco Organic Milk?

  • Costco’s organic milk price is $10.69 (for organic milk 2%) and $9.99 (organic milk 1%). But these are the old rates.
  • Costco organic milk price 2022 is $10.99 (organic milk 2%) and $10.49 (organic milk 1%).
  • Whereas, Costco Kirkland’s organic whole milk price is $3.29.

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Is Costco Organic Milk Grass-Fed?

Yes, Costco Kirkland organic milk is grass-fed. Grass-fed milk is obtained from the cows that feed only on grass-fed. By meeting all the USDA criteria, Costco organic milk has double the amount of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids than regular milk.

Thus, this Costco organic whole milk (without stripped fat content) provides all the potential health benefits to kids as well as adults.

Omega-3 fatty acid improves the heart and brain health in kids. It also has enough protein and calcium that strengthen the bones and muscles.

Costco Organic Milk Review

People like to read reviews before spending their money on anything. If we talk about the organic milk Costco, then the reviews are mixed. As far as the quality is concerned, you will not regret spending your money on it.

The quality is up-to-the-mark. The reason for the negative review is the addition of fish oil to the milk and the packaging of the milk packets.

People who are lactose intolerant find it difficult to consume organic milk with fish oil in it. The oil is added to increase the amount of omega-3 fats that provide numerous health benefits. But it might result in some GI tract issues in people with lactose intolerance.

Besides this, the packaging of Costco organic milk is not of top-notch quality. Milk is packed in square-shaped plastic bottles.

costco organic milk review

The design and shape of these plastic gallons result in a clumsy situation while pouring the milk. These milk containers are easily prone to spilling. Many customers find it horrible to use these Costco organic milk jugs.

In some areas, Costco has updated the old design of the milk jugs into a new one. But it’s not available at every Costco store. Apart from this, there are also some benefits of this kind of square-shaped bottle like easy packing and shipping.

Organic milk stays fresh longer than regular conventional milk. Because the Costco organic milk is UHT processed milk without containing any bacteria in it.

You can place the UHT milk at room temperature because of its longer shelf life (about six months or so). Pasteurized milk, however, has an expiration date of a maximum of 10-14 days.

UHT milk means “Ultra-high temperature” treated milk. In this process, the milk is heated at 280 F for about 2 seconds. This time-temperature combination is considered ideal for milk sterilization.

Contrary to this, pasteurized milk is heated at low temperatures for a longer time. This kills harmful bacteria that may cause any disease but still contain some of them. While UHT milk is free of any contamination.

Now you might be wondering that if UHT milk is sterilized at such a high degree, then what’s the need for pasteurization or even selling conventional milk?

There are two reasons for this. First is the taste and second is the price. UHT processed milk has a sweeter taste than the original milk. It means that UHT changes the taste of the milk by caramelization.

Some customers (most commonly Americans) who are cautious don’t like this sweet taste. That’s why pasteurized milk is also produced to meet the needs of such customers.

Pasteurization doesn’t change the taste of milk. But it surely removes almost all the bacteria from the milk to prevent you from infections and various diseases.

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