Costco Hot Dog 2024 – Price, Nutrition & Reviews

Costco Food Court Hot Dog

Looking for a cheap and easy meal option? Head to your nearest Costco and grab a hot dog from their food court! Costco hot dog are a fan favorite, and for a good reason—Costco hot dog are affordable and taste delicious. Plus, you can customize them however you want with unlimited ketchup, mustard, relish, and chopped raw onions.

Costco Hot Dog

What makes Costco hot dog menu different from others?

We all know the great prices Costco offers on its items, big and small, but did you know that the price for the food court hot dog and soda combo is one of the best deals? In fact, the combo hot dog and soda price has remained unchanged since 1984!

This means that whether you’re a longtime member or are just considering becoming one, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll always be able to snag a cheap dog when you’re at Costco. Note that starting in 2020 Costco requires membership in order to purchase at their food courts.

Next time hunger strikes while you’re roaming the aisles, head over to the Costco food court and enjoy one of these delicious dogs instead of shelling out more money at another restaurant. You won’t regret it!

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Costco Hot Dog Prices

How much is a Costco hot dog? Can you believe that the Costco hot dog cost $1.50? And it comes with a large soda! We’ll tell you more about the Costco hot dog, including what’s in it and how it compares to other hot dogs.

costco food court hot dog

Plus, with all the available toppings, you can customize your hot dog exactly how you want it. So if you’re on a budget or need a quick and easy meal, be sure to check out Costco food court in 2024!

Costco Hot Dog Price is  $1.50

Types of Hot Dogs at Costco Food Court in 2024

Let’s explore the various types of hot dogs available at the Costco food court. The choices are limited because Costco prioritizes maintaining their extremely low food court prices.

Costco Beef Hot Dog

Beef hot dogs are the most popular choice at Costco.

They are typically crafted using 100% beef, ensuring a classic and savory flavor.

Costco Polish Dog

Costco discontinued the polish dog in their food courts in 2018.

You can still purchase the same polish sausages in the warehouse to create the same nostalgic dog.

Costco’s food court doesn’t account for varying dietary preferences but you can find a suitable option to enjoy in their warehouse.

Costco’s food court doesn’t account for varying dietary preferences but you can find a suitable option to enjoy in their warehouse.

Costco Hot Dog Calories

So, how many calories are in a Costco hot dog? A plain beef hot dog with bun at the Costco food court contains 580 calories. Add the soda and you are looking at a total of 850 calories or more.

Toppings can quickly add more calories, so be mindful of your choices if you’re looking to keep your calorie count low.

If you’re looking for a lower-calorie option, don’t add ketchup, mustard, or relish.

580 Calories of Costco Hot Dog with Bun

34.5 g42 g1 g23 g

Costco Hot Dog Nutrition with Serving Sizes

Costco is known for its hot dog. But, what are the nutritional facts behind this popular dog? Are they good for you?

This blog post will answer those questions and more. So, if you’re curious about the nutritional value of Costco’s hot dog, keep reading. You might be surprised at what you find!

Costco Hot Dog Nutritional Facts

costco food court hot dog nutrition

The Process Behind Costco Hot Dog Production

Meat Processing and Blending:

  1. The beef and pork for the hot dogs are ground up and mixed together at a meat processing plant in Omaha, Nebraska.
  2. The mixture is carefully prepared and sent to Costco’s warehouses.

Grinding and Mixing:

  1. 50-pound blocks of meat are placed in a large grinder to create a consistent texture.
  2. Spices, salt, and water are added to the ground meat to form a “slurry.”

Casing and Sealing:

  1. The slurry is injected into casings, resembling traditional sausage skins.
  2. The casings are filled with the slurry mixture and sealed securely.

Cooking and Cooling:

  1. The sealed hot dogs are cooked in large vats of water.
  2. After cooking, they are rapidly cooled in an ice bath to halt the cooking process effectively.

Packaging and Distribution:

  1. The cooled hot dogs are packaged in pairs.
  2. The pairs are then placed in boxes, with each box containing 30 pairs of hot dogs.

Costco hot dogs go through a meticulous process involving meat processing, grinding, mixing, casing, sealing, cooking, cooling, packaging, and distribution.

This carefully orchestrated production line ensures that customers can enjoy high-quality and affordable hot dogs with a complimentary soda.

Costco Hot Dog Review

The Costco hot dog and soda combo is the cheapest food item they offer at the food court. This combo and the pepperoni pizza slice are my two favorite things to get.

If you are looking for a great-tasting hot dog with the perfect texture and flavor, then this is it! This hot dog and soda combo has such a cult following that many designers have created t-shirts and other merchandise for fans.

The Costco hot dog price may surprise some considering competitors offer more costly options, but there’s no need when they’ve got such amazing quality right there waiting patiently just outside their doorsteps.

FAQs Regarding Costco Hot Dog

What kind of hot dog does Costco use?

Unlike most other stores, Costco does not use a branded hot dog. Instead, Costco began using its own hot dog factories in 2008 to control quality and price.

When did they discontinue the polish dog?

Costco discontinued the polish dog in 2018. They have no plans to bring this back.

Is the Costco hot dog halal or kosher?

The beef hot dogs at the Costco food court are neither halal nor kosher.

Will they raise the price higher than $1.50?

Costco currently has no plans to raise the hot dog and soda combo past $1.50.

Do I need a membership to buy food at the food court?

Yes, Costco started requiring warehouse membership to make purchases at the food court in 2020.

Does Costco sell food court merchandise?

There are many fans who want to buy a Costco hot dog shirt but Costco does not sell any themselves. You can find many other designers who have created merchandise including shirts, hats, and tote bags.

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