Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Instructions & Reviews

Costco imports wonderful and delicious products from the world’s best brand for its customers. Therefore, you can buy everything from there with satisfaction.

They have an amazing cuisine section where you can get baked, frozen, fresh and some preserved products.

bomb bombs hot chocolate bombs costco

Costco sells a variety of desserts and many other related things. However, Costco hot chocolate bombs are another one of the fantastic things 

The hot chocolate bombs at Costco are so delicious that you will love to have more. They are globe-shaped chocolate balls that melt in warm milk.

They are amazing hot chocolate bombs that taste outstanding when mixed in the hot milk. Furthermore, the bombs include some marshmallows and other flavors.

Though Costco has wonderful chocolate items nothing can beat the Costco hot chocolate bombs in the UK. 

Today, I’m going to review the Costco hot chocolate bombs flavors and their relative information. Moreover, what is its price and many more? So continue to read till the end to get efficient information about these yummy and refreshing products at Costco. 

Does Costco have hot Chocolate Bombs? 

Yes, Costco sells hot chocolate bombs having amazing flavors and nutrients. Mostly, you can find this product in the Christmas aisle section where other Christmas products can be found.

Whereas, it also depends on your local warehouse. Because most of the Costco local warehouses have different settings of things. They come in a big package that contains individually wrapped chocolate bombs. 

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Price

When it comes to the price, then there may be differences in prices. Because Costco has several locations and there may be a slight difference in prices.

While you can get a total of sixteen bombs in one package. I paid $17.99 for this box but the price may vary depending on the location.The Costco price of $1.124 per bomb is an amazing deal!

I think it’s a good deal to get such a wonderful treat at such a reasonable price. 


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  2. Costco Chocolate Cake

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Flavors: 

The bombs come in various flavors while they are wrapped in different foil colors. Mostly, hot chocolate bombs Costco come in red, yellow, silver, and green foil.

However, the flavors include

  • Salted caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Mlk chocolate
  • S’mores

These are the best alternatives to coffee. The Costco hot chocolate bombs Canada filled have cocoa powder inside.

Furthermore, they include small pieces of marshmallows. When you pour warm milk on the bombs, they began to melt, and the cocoa powder mixture into the milk. Whereas, the marshmallows began to float on the top. 

Do Costco hot chocolate bombs taste good? 

Undoubtedly, the taste of these bombs is very delicious. They are big enough just similar to the size of a golf ball. The bombs bombs hot chocolate bombs Costco turns a wonderful cup of milk into chocolate milk.

Furthermore, the hot bombs are kid-friendly too. These are a great source of joy for the kids who love to drink milk chocolate.

You will notice the marshmallows at the center and some cocoa powder. However, the taste of the chocolate is fantastic and lovely. 

All the flavors have different tastes but good enough to enjoy. Honestly, the taste is not as good as the hot milk chocolate has but these bombs can still satisfy you.

For those who love to drink coffee in winter, these chocolate bombs are the best alternatives to this.

On the other hand, the Costco hot chocolate bombs are not as sweet as the hot chocolate. Whereas, salted caramel is my favorite flavor that has a moderately sweet flavor. 

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Flavors Review

Flavors Overview: The container offers a variety of four distinct flavors:

  • Salted caramel (green)
  • Strawberry (pink)
  • Milk chocolate (blue)
  • S’more (purple).

Tasting Method

I sampled each flavor by placing a cocoa bomb in a mug and pouring hot milk over it. Although the milk was hot, I had to crush the cocoa bomb slightly with a spoon to aid in mixing.

1. Salted Caramel: This flavor struck me as overwhelmingly sweet. Any caramel or salty undertones were eclipsed by the sheer sugary taste, with the marshmallows intensifying this sweetness. It felt akin to a generic store-bought hot chocolate.

2. Milk Chocolate: This brought to mind the taste of inexpensive Easter chocolates – those that lack a genuine chocolatey flavor and lean towards a cardboard-like taste. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t satisfying either.

3. S’more: The s’more variant was reminiscent of the milk chocolate flavor, albeit less sweet than the salted caramel. However, the name is misleading as it lacked any hint of the traditional graham cracker taste commonly associated with s’mores. It felt more like a simple combination of chocolate and marshmallows.

4. Strawberry: This flavor was dominated by an artificial strawberry taste, with a mere undertone of chocolate. The strawberry flavoring might have been in the marshmallows, but it was hard to discern. Overall, it was notably sweet and synthetic in taste.

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Nutrition

hot chocolate bombs costco

How to make a Costco hot chocolate bombs? 

The preparation method is super fast as well as easy. On the back of the package, you can see the instructions to prepare the hot chocolate bombs.

costco hot chocolate bombs flavors

It is a super quick method to get refreshments. However, you just have to tear the foil and then mix the bomb in a cup of warm milk.

When you mixed the bomb in the milk, it began to melt. The chocolate bombs don’t mix properties in the milk, some of its parts sink to the bottom. 

Therefore, you have to stir the milk continuously. So that it mixed well in the milk. Furthermore, the tiny marshmallows began to float on the top. The serving size is one bomb.

Therefore, mixed just one bomb in one cup of milk. Hence the wonderful and tasty cup of hot chocolate bombs is ready. Serve it and then enjoy it with your family and kids.

Costco Hot Chocolate Bombs Review: 

The hot chocolate bombs at Costco have fantastic taste and flavors. However, all flavors have a unique taste. Each bomb is individually wrapped in foil.

They are the best source of refreshment in winter. Moreover, kids can enjoy it too. I also enjoyed these bombs by mixing them in a cup of warm milk.

I’m a coffee lover so when I have no coffee to drink then I mixed the hot chocolate bombs Costco in milk and then enjoy it.  However, the price is also affordable and convenient.

Hope you will enjoy this review, if yes, then must give us your valuable feedback. Thank you for your time. 

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