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Spiral Sliced Costco Ham – Costco Ham Cooking Instructions & Reviews

serrano ham costco

Ultimate review of Costco Ham: Costco has a lot of things that are high in quality and reasonable in price. It is the world’s largest retail store that holds everything in one place.

You can get food, clothes, chicken, meat, and everything you need. However, today I’m going to discuss Costco ham. 

The taste of the ham at Costco is super delicious and holds a flavour of each ingredient when marinated.

In this post, you will get about the cooking instructions, calories, and many more about the Costco spiral ham. 

Continue to read till the end so that you may get proper details about the ham from Costco. 

Costco Ham Price

Costco sells the 9 Ib pack of sliced spiral ham for $26.159. You can easily get the Costco spiral ham in the meat section. Costco Ham Item number is 26159.

However, the quality of the ham is super amazing. While these are the sliced and pre-cooked ham that can be easily found in the store. 

The price of the Costco ham is not the same for all places. Whereas, some stores sell it for $28; likewise, the prices may vary depending on the location.

Costco Hams Prices in 2023

Costco Ham TypesPer Pound PricesSizesFinal Costs
Kirkland Master Carve Half Ham$3.39/lb3-4.5 lb avg$10.17 – $15.26
Kirkland Spiral Sliced Ham$2.29/lb8-12 lb avg$18.32 – $27.48
Smithfield Ham Steaks$4.49/lb3.5 lb avg$15.72

To check the local price, visit your nearby Costco store or its website. 

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Costco Spiral Ham Nutritional Fact 

The one package of Costco ham slices contains a considerable amount of ham. It is best to serve at the party. However, the serving size is 100 g or one slice. Let’s have a look at how many calories are present in one serving. 

It is the wonderful nutritional profile of the Costco ham slices. Per serving comprises 190 calories and 8 g of carbs.

Furthermore, the sodium amount is 950 mg which is high for those who have high blood pressure problems. 

To keep a balance in the amount of Sodium, avoid adding more salt because meat already has a considerable amount of salt in it. While it is a good source of protein which is about 16g. 

How to Cook a Costco Spiral Ham? 

Costco spiral ham is the best choice to serve on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any big family gathering.

However, it is a pre-cooked ham that tastes amazing. While it takes a bit longer to cook, once you prepare it, all of the guests would love it. 

Let’s dig in deep to know how to cook Costco ham. 

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. 
  • Uncover the ham and cover it with aluminium foil. 
  • Cook the ham for 1 hour and 30 minutes. While checking the internal temperature just after one hour. 
  • Remove the Costco ham from the oven and then from the foil when the internal temperature is between 140 F and 160 F. 
  • Now let it cook for 15 minutes 
  • Serve and enjoy the delicious Costco spiral ham

How to cook spiral ham from Costco with glaze? 

For cooking ham with glaze, you have to follow another method. Let’s learn, how you can cook the ham with glaze easily. 

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. 
  • Remove the ham from the package, and wrap it with aluminium foil. 
  • Place the ham on the oven rack and cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Now remove the ham from the oven and let it cool. 

Glaze mixture: 

  • Take a saucepan and add the glaze mixture along with the 3 tbsp of water. 
  • Cook it over medium heat or until the glaze starts to boil. 
  • Cook it for 2 minutes. 
  • Now brush the ham with the glaze properly. 
  • Escalate the oven temperature to 425 F and bake the ham for 10 minutes. 
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes and serve the ham with glaze. 

Serrano Ham Costco

Costco sells the Serrano ham for $99, while the price is high because the package contains the dry-cured ham, with a stand and carving knife.

However, it is the best deal to get the Serrano ham from Costco. Whereas, other retail stores sell this ham at high prices. 

Serrano Ham Costco Calories 

The serving size is 2 slices while the serving may vary depending on the container. However, the two slices are about 28 g. Let’s look at the calories and carbs in one serving. 

How to slice Serrano Ham Costco? 

Slicing a whole, bone-in ham can be difficult. But it’s a quite simple method once you get the hang of it.

The key to slicing is to remember that this is a highly flavoured ham that should be served in thin, small portions. 

However, this dry-cured ham is best when cut into 2-3 inch slices that are thin enough to see through.

Begin by removing the fat layer from the top of the ham until the meat is exposed. By slicing downwards with your free hand behind the knife, you can make small, thin slices.

After cutting the ham into slices, you may store it for later use. 

Does Costco sell ham and cheese pastry? 

Costco ham and cheese pastry is the most delicious breakfast item that can be found in the deli section. You can get a 4 pack of ham and cheese pastry for $7.99 from Costco. 

However, the pastries are rich in real ham and creamy cheese sauce. The dough of the pastry is rich in butter which gives a crispy and flaky crust. 

Before serving the Costco ham and pastry, air fry them for 10 minutes at 365 F. It would give you the best taste and texture. By air frying them, you will get melted cheese and flaky crispy pastry. 


Undoubtedly, ham is a very good choice to serve on Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, and any family gathering.

There are many ways to cook Costco ham; however, I’ve mentioned a quick method to cook it. Moreover, the quality of Costco ham is super amazing and satisfying.

Therefore,  you can buy it without any worries. Thank you for your consideration!

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