Costco Halloween Candy 2023 – Price, Flavors, & Reviews

Do you ever know the taste of Costco Halloween candy? The Halloween bag contains the complete giant’s sweets bag mixed with candy and candies for Halloween. 

The Halloween candies have a variety of packs with most pieces of candy. The Halloween bag contains different candies, which include Hershey bars kit kats to Reese’s.

Costco Halloween Candy price

Whether eating the bag or taking it for Halloween, it’s better to know what is inside the bag fabric. The candies must be sweet enough to hold the bag.

The full-sized mini ones bad show how much is in the bag. The bag does not tell how many candies are required in the bag.

The article shows the Costco Halloween candy. For the occasion, you must be familiar with what types of sweets must be used to improve your event.

New Costco Halloween Candy in 2023

Costco, known for its bulk items, offers massive bags of Kirkland Signature Halloween candy that are perfect for those who are either super-prepared for an army of trick-or-treaters or someone like me, who probably devours half the bag before Halloween even arrives. Today, I’m going to unpack what’s in these bags and give you my thoughts on whether it’s worth purchasing from Costco.

halloween candy at Costco

Where to Find Costco Halloween Candy in Store?

These Halloween treats are tucked away in the seasonal aisle at the back of the store, near all the spooky decorations. Specifically, look for item numbers:

  • Funhouse Treats: 6764440
  • Treatsize Favourites: 4466644

Unwrapping Costco Halloween Candy

1. Kirkland Signature Funhouse Treats

A delightful medley of hard candy and gummies. There’s no chocolate in sight here, making it a safe bet for those looking to distribute exclusively peanut-free treats.

halloween candy costco
  • Chupa Chups lollipops: A nostalgic favorite. With flavors ranging from orange to cola to strawberry, there’s a lollipop for every taste.
  • Jolly Rancher lollipops: Bursting with fruity goodness in four vibrant flavors.
  • Rockets: Sugar tablets that disintegrate into powder in your mouth. Not my top pick – I remember disliking these as a child.
  • Real Fruit Minis: Bite-sized gummies that are vegan-friendly, but watch out for the young ones; they could pose a choking risk.
  • Airheads, Skittles, Real Fruit Sours, and Candy Kingdom Sour Bud Bites: A mix of tangy, fruity, and sour delights to surprise every trick-or-treater.

2. Kirkland Signature Treatsize Favourites

My personal preference leans heavily towards this bag because, well, I’m a chocolate aficionado. But note, this isn’t a nut-free selection.

costco candy halloween
  • Peanut M&M’s & Milk Chocolate M&M’s: A classic treat. Delicious but potentially a choking hazard for tiny tots.
  • Oh Henry!: A chewy amalgamation of chocolate, peanuts, fudge, and caramel.
  • Twix: A harmonious blend of crunch and chew with its biscuit and caramel duo.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups & Snickers: Two iconic choices that resonate with many.

Cost Analysis Halloween Candy Costco

The 2kg Funhouse Treats bag retails for $21.99 (CAD), offering 175 pieces. This breaks down to about 12 cents for each treat.

Conversely, the Treatsize Favourites Bag, containing 150 mini chocolate bars, is priced at $26.99 (CAD), which averages just shy of 18 cents per bar. The price variation can be attributed to the distinct ingredients used in each bag.

Is Costco Candy Worth It?

Comparing prices with Walmart, I found minimal differences for the chocolate bars. However, for candy lovers, Costco’s Funhouse Treats bag offers a much better bang for your buck.


Let’s face it, we aren’t diving into these bags for their nutritional value. But for the discerning, the Funhouse Treats have a few items containing red food dye and some contain dairy and soy. As for the Favourites, peanuts are a significant allergen in many, while others contain milk and soy.

Sneaky Truth of Costco Halloween Bag

The time for Costco Halloween sweets never end. When it’s time for Halloween, then the time of the perfect sweets bag comes too. There always comes a season full of sweets.

The sweets have an ideal taste and are said to the delicious new candies that perfectly match the occasion.

The taste of candies includes fruity starburst, chocolates, and mangoes flavor during the Halloween season.

Costco Halloween candy bars are delicious with a mixture of different flavors. The bag is full of surprises for you, including other chocolate candies.

The Costco Halloween candy bucket has different chocolate types, including Snickers, peanuts chocolates, M &M, and KitKat chocolates.

There are official tally candies that include the following types:

  1. Snickers
  2. 100 Grand
  3. Peanut chocolates
  4. Twix 
  5. Almond Joy

The savvy shopper will always need to shop for the best price. Two big box retailers are Halloween sections head to head.

The prices of these sweets may vary. Costco Halloween candy price is different at different shops. The prices may vary depending on the candies.

Costco Halloween Candy Price Last Year

The Costco Halloween Candy prices are different with the weight of the chocolate. How much is Costco Halloween candy? The stores have great options for non-chocolate delights like skittles and starburst.

can you return halloween candy to costco

Does Costo have chocolate prices? Yes, they have different prices associated with the weight of the chocolate. The chocolate price comes at 175, weighs around 92 ounces, and costs around $18.69.

Costco Halloween Candy Price: $18.69
Walmart Halloween Candy Price: $21.98

The other chocolate type is Walmart which weighs around 98 ounces. Such weight chocolates have different candies, like $21.98 and have 315 pieces of chewy goodness. Such chocolates include other types of Skittles.

Other affordable snacks at Costco for Halloween event,

  1. Best Costco Snacks
  2. Costco Fruit Snacks

Costco Halloween Candies Flavour

There are different flavors of candies associated. Every candy has a taste that other people mostly like.

Let’s have a look at these candy’s flavors:

Costco has Halloween candies. The sweets include different flavors, including the Airhead Minis, Haribo Golf Bears and Sour patch twists, and Swedish Fish.

The Internet has decided to take all the matters in hand and to find what is found inside the Costco 150-piece bags. The bags have different types of candies.

You can check the types of sweets involved in the bags. The chocolate chart shows other candies and guides the comparison of each candy in the bag.

The package can contain almost 24 pieces with almost 100 Grand with only four or five candies. 

Costco: 7 Halloween Candies You Should Eat or Shouldn’t

Costco Halloween candy house had different candies. Some candies can be eaten, while there are candies that should not be eaten.

costco halloween candy

As a kid, your parents always make you aware of the candies that are unhealthy for you. Such sweets made you cackle with glue. In this way, it can be said that all Halloween candies cant be treated equally.

Some candies are healthy for you, while others are the worst ones and damage your teeth too. It’s essential to consider the positive points the Halloween candies.

Peanut Butter Cups

The peanut butter cups are much better for Halloween candies. They have delicious and perfect size for your party. The sweets have a tasty combination of chocolate and peanut butter.


Twix is the other type of Halloween candy with the perfect combination of tastes. You can use them in the right amount with an ideal variety of flavors. You can taste lighter chocolate at a time and can eat the remaining one later.

Sour Patch Kids

The sour patch kids have superior quality than the other ones. The sour patch kids have a unique name in ten non-chocolate candies and can be better placed as Halloween candies.


The other chocolate in the non-chocolate candy selection is the starbursts. You can enjoy such sweet candies with different flavors at Halloween parties.


KitKat is the leading chocolate candy with the perfect combination of chocolate flavors. The chocolate bar is crunchy and light, with the perfect amount of chocolate.


The other candies that have a sweeter taste and can be quickly eaten with a slightly different taste are mini-size skittles. Such candidates have different flavors and can be eaten at the Halloween event.

These are the best candies that can be eaten during a Halloween party. The other sweets that should not be taken have some adverse effects on the teeth and are as below:

Candy Corn

These candies don’t have any taste and are not exciting anymore. These candies are not likable by everyone.

Dum Dum

The other main sweet that is tasteless and is not enjoyable by kids are dum-dums. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid such candies.


The smarties are other candies that are not allowed by the parents for their kids. The kids should not have this, as these are all tasteless candies.


The other main sweet with no taste and is not likable are large Musketeers. These are not plenty good enough and may ruin your teeth.

Does Costco sell Halloween candy? Yes, they offer a lot of sweets, but some of the sweets are not healthy for your kids and adults too.

Excessive use can damage the teeth. So it’s better to consider all the best sweets for your event.


The article is all about Costco Halloween Candy. Such candies can make the event more suitable as they have better taste.

But avoid sweets that make the teeth more bitter and have no taste while enjoying the candies. It’s better to make your Halloween bag with candies that are perfect for your teeth and can have a better impact on your health.

The sweets are better for the Halloween event, and such candies can be of different types. The Halloween types are better to be considered while making the Halloween bag.

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