Costco Gyro Meat- Daphne’s Beef & Lamb Gyro Slices

Gyro Meat at Costco- Complete Guide

Meat and beef are that meal that is almost everyone’s favorite. But it takes too much time to cook perfectly. Daphne’s beef and Lamb gyro meat has solved this problem. It is one of the famous meals at Costco that gets ready in a very short time. 

costco gyro meat

Gyro meat is a heavily and fully spiced cone of meat that is nicely sliced. It had sliced to be filled with pita bread, which is one of the world’s famous street foods. Moreover, it is the best regular weeknight meal and delicious dinner to serve in front of guests. 

The Costco gyro meat slices in pita bread are known as Doner Kebab in Turkey and gyros in Greece. It is a globally famous street food because of its super delicious taste. Let’s discover more about Costco’s gyro meat and Daphne’s beef. 

Does Costco sell Daphne’s beef and gyro meat? 

Costco sells Daphne’s beef and gyro meat slices available in the Deli section. The flavor of this product from Costco is super delicious that takes no time to cook.

These products are present in the refrigerated area of the Deli and the famous Costco. Furthermore, it is a unique product that is easily available at convenience food stores. You can find it anywhere at random places in the Deli section. 

The delicious Kronos Gyro meat Costco

Kronos gyro slices at Costco are the best traditional and quick meal in your freezer. These gyro slices are produced with Kronos’ original recipe.

Moreover, these had seasoned with a distinctive blend of zesty Mediterranean spices from premium cuts of beef and lamb.

It gets ready in a very short time. It is a perfect meal to serve with pita bread, sliced onions, and lettuce. However, the Kronos gyro meat Costco creates a unique way of having traditional meals. 

Costco gyro meat Prices

When you purchase 2 individually wrapped packs of gyro meat at $11.79, it may seem like a great price because each package weighs 12 ounces and goes for 5.89 pesos (about 7 cents per pound). 

However, when we look closer there are some drawbacks that make this more expensive than other options available in stores or even on menus abroad- such as fresh codfish which can be found near me close by!

Other affordable Costco Menu items,

Delicious Pairings: What to Serve with Costco Gyro Meat

en enjoying Costco gyro meat, there are various delicious options for accompaniments:

  • Pita bread: Serve the gyro meat wrapped in warm, soft pita bread for a classic gyro experience.
  • Tzatziki sauce: This creamy yogurt-based sauce with cucumber and garlic complements gyro meat perfectly.
  • Greek salad: Fresh and crisp, a Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives adds a refreshing element to your meal.
  • Hummus: Creamy hummus pairs well with gyro meat and adds a tasty, protein-packed dip for pita bread.
  • Greek-style rice: Prepare a flavorful side dish by serving gyro meat with aromatic and seasoned Greek rice.
  • Lemon potatoes: Roasted lemon-infused potatoes bring a tangy and savory element to the gyro meal.
  • Mediterranean vegetables: Grilled or roasted vegetables like bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini make a colorful and nutritious addition to the gyro plate.
  • Tabbouleh: This vibrant parsley and bulgur wheat salad adds a fresh and herbaceous touch to the gyro meal.

Remember, these are just some suggestions, and you can customize your gyro meal based on your preferences and dietary choices.

Costco Beef and Lamb Gyro Meat Nutrition

If you buy 2 ounces of meat, there will be six servings in each Costco gyro meat bag. However, per serving contains 5 g of carbs, 16 g of fat, and 7 g of protein.

While the calories are not in a very big amount. Furthermore, carbs and fat are also present in a short amount. You can make 5 to 6 gyros from one bag of Costco gyro meat. 

Despite the salt, the ratio of the other nutrients in gyro meat is balanced. If you consume 2oz regularly, the sodium content will be 430 mg, equal to 19%. For example, if I consume three or more slices, my sodium intake will be 60 percent. 

Costco Gyro Meat Calories
Costco Gyro Meat Calories

How do you Cook Frozen Lamb Gyro meat at Costco?

The Costco gyro meat is made up of chicken, beef, and mutton. It has a very strong taste of spices. Moreover, it is a quick meal that you have in your freezer.

You can serve it with naan in front of your guests. Whereas it is the best dinner idea at the weekend. You can easily defrost the Costco gyro meat by sprinkling some water.

After that, you can microwave it for around 10 minutes. Hence it becomes defrosted in a very short time. 

There are two ways to cook Costco Gyro Meat:

  1. Cooking Costco gyro meat strips in a frying pan
  2. Cooking Costco gyro meat on the grill

Costco Gyro Meat Heating Instructions

1. Cooking Costco Lamb gyro meat strips in a frying pan

If you want to cook frozen gyro meat slices in a frying pan, this method is very easy and quick. Take a frying pan and then put it on a burner. After it, add 1 to 2 tbsp of oil and let it hot for a few seconds.

When the oil gets hot, add strips of Costco gyro meat and start cooking it. Cook it for 5 to 7 minutes and flip it until it has cooked perfectly.

Hence the delicious gyro meat is ready to serve. You can serve it with onion slices, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, and other sauces. Moreover, it would be best to serve it with pita bread and tomato and tzatziki sauces. 

2. Cooking Costco gyro meat on the grill:

Another easy and quickest method to cook gyro meat slices is to cook them on a grill. Let’s have a look at the process:

  1. Preheat your grill to 400°F.
  2. Place the aluminum foil over the grill grates. 
  3. Spray cooking oil on the foil. 
  4. Make sure that the foil is long enough that slices can easily spread over it. 
  5. Cover the aluminum foil with a single layer of Costco Gyro Pita Greek Style meat slices.
  6. Grill it for almost 8 minutes, and then serve it with tzatziki sauce, fresh lettuce, sliced onions, and anyone in your favorite sauce. 
  7. You can also serve gyro meat slices with Greek fries, lemon potatoes, Classic Tabbouleh (Tabouli Salad), Briam (Greek Roasted Vegetables), and Greek tomato fritters. 

Costco Gyro Meat Review: Daphne’s Beef and Gyro Meat Slices

The cooking process of Daphne’s meat and gyro meat is very simple. However, it takes a very short time to cook compared with other beef and meat that takes a long time to cook perfectly. While the taste of this meat is very tender, tasty, and full of flavor.

The combination of beef and meat slices gives a unique taste. However, the mix of the two doesn’t give too much salty taste. It has a very delicious taste that can be eaten with various sauces.

Costco gyro meat slices with pita bread, fresh lettuce, and sliced onions give a wonderful taste. It is served with tzatziki sauce and other sauces making it more delicious.

However, if you buy 24 ounces of Daphne’s beef and gyro meat at Costco, it will cost you $11.79. Overall, it will cost you $7.86 per ounce. 

The price is reasonable because it has a very delicious taste. Moreover, it is the best dinner idea, and you can serve it in front of your guests with different kinds of sauces. I hope so; this article will be informative for you. Thanks for reading! 

FAQs Regarding Costco Gyro Meat

Can you freeze Costco gyro meat?

Yes, you can freeze Costco gyro meat. Freezing it is a convenient way to extend its shelf life and ensure it stays fresh for longer. Make sure to wrap the gyro meat tightly in freezer-safe packaging or place it in airtight containers before freezing.

Is the Costco gyro kit fully cooked?

The kit typically contains pre-cooked gyro meat, pita bread, tzatziki sauce, and various toppings such as chopped romaine lettuce, diced red onion, crumbled feta, and a tomato cucumber salad.

What are the ingredients in Daphne’s gyro slices?

The ingredients in Daphne’s gyro slices, specifically the beef and lamb variety, include meat (beef, lamb), water, bread crumbs (wheat flour, dextrose, salt, yeast), binder (potato starch, sodium phosphate, methylcellulose), seasoning (spices, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, soybean oil), and additional components such as onion, salt, and lemon juice (water, lemon juice concentrate).

How do you cook pre-packaged gyro meat?

To cook pre-packaged gyro meat, follow this simple method:
1. Preheat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. You can optionally use a small amount of oil.
2. Working in batches, add the gyro meat to the skillet in a single layer.
3. Pan-fry the gyro meat for approximately 2-3 minutes per side until it becomes nicely browned.

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