Costco Ground Beef: Price, Nutrition, & Reviews

Kirkland Signature is a cuisine company that Costco owns. It is the most reliable and one of the most famous companies in the US. It produces a lot of products that are high in quality and unique in flavor. Each product from Kirkland Signature has its own fans’ goal at Costco. What about Costco ground beef?

costco organic ground beef

Costco offers a great variety of chicken and beef, and the quality of the meat is very satisfactory. Today I’m going to review the Kirkland signature ground beef. It is one of the most famous types of beef at Costco.

However, the beef is thoroughly organic and raised without antibiotics and hormones. Let’s dig into the article for appropriate information about the Costco ground beef. 

Does Costco have ground beef?

Costco offers ground beef from Kirkland Signature, which is also excellent in flavor and quality. You can find it in the seafood and meat section near other beef products such as tenderloin, short rib, and tempura shrimps.

It is readily available at Costco. There are a lot of options for cooking the beef. You can cook it by combining it with different food items. 

How much is ground beef at Costco? 

Kirkland ground beef comes in 4 pounds of packaging at Costco. However, Costco ground beef price is $19.89. It is fully organic and high qualified beef.

While the Costco organic ground beef price is a further breakdown to $4.97 when it comes to one pound. Though the price is a bit high, it is worth it. The meat is super tasty, top-qualified, and healthy.

It does not contain any antibiotics. It doesn’t only looks satisfactory but also has excellent taste. Moreover, the Costco ground beef has been raised without any added hormones. Therefore, it does not harm your health in any case. 

Affordable Costco Meat Menu with Prices,

A fresh form of Costco Ground Beef

Costco offers ground beef in different forms, which are very affordable and appreciable. Kirkland signature is the company that Costco itself owns. You can get the fresh and organic ground beef of Kirkland’s signature.

However, it is present in trays while these trays can be found next to the ground beef package. Moreover, the price of the one pound of the tray is $3.99. It is 88% lean, while the ground beef is sold in the portion of seven pounds of trays. 

Frozen form of Costco Ground Beef

You can also get the one-pound chubs of Costco frozen ground beef while it is present in the frozen aisles near other frozen hamburgers.

However, it is sold in a pack of five pounds, and each pound is wrapped in different packaging. The price of 5 pounds of ground beef is $22.99, while it is further divided into $4.39 for one pound.

Though the price is a bit high, it is worth it because the quality of the beef is excellent and satisfactory. 

Pre-made Ground Beef Hamburger Patties

Costco offers frozen hamburger patties that can be cooked with so many combinations. However, the cost of ground chuck sirloin is $4.16, while the grass-fed hamburger patties price is $4.79.

costco organic ground beef

These are the beef prices according to the one pound of patties. If we talk about the leanness of the beef, then sirloin beef is 85% lean, and grass-fed beef is 80% lean. Moreover, these hamburgers are very yummy and appetizing. 

Kirkland Signature Costco Ground Beef Nutrition

The serving size is 4 oz, while the net weight of one pack of ground beef is 4 pounds. You can eat this organic beef with so many options while most of the part is lean.

The fat portion is relatively more minor. It is pure beef and doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring. Let’s discover how many calories are present in one serving? 

  • Calories 240 
  • Net fat 17 g
  • Total carbohydrates 0 g 
  • Sodium 75 mg 
  • Protein 21 g 
  • Cholesterol 75 mg 

It is a good source of protein because the protein constitution is 21 g. Moreover, the sodium is not too high, while cholesterol level is the one thing to notice.

The amount of cholesterol is 75 mg. But overall, the Costco ground beef is good and contains no harmful hormones and antibiotics. 

Costco Ground Beef Calories with Different Serving sizes

Costco Ground Beef calories
Costco Ground Beef calories menu

FAQs Regarding Costco Organic Ground Beef

Is Kirkland’s Signature Ground beef healthy & good for you?

The lean beef is very healthy and verifiable, while the Costco ground beef is good in terms of lean. Moreover, it contains a relatively minor amount of fat.

But if you are searching for leaner beef, you should go for 88% and 93%. The beef with this amount of lean provides a tremendous and most delicious flavor. One thing you can’t ignore is that the fat also adds flavor to the meat. 

Kirkland’s signature organic beef is delicious because its 85% portion is lean and 15% portion is fat. It is suitable for burgers and meatballs, while you can also use it in different recipes.

Moreover, the Costco ground beef has been raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Its taste is fantastic and more appealing than other giant ground beef prepared locally. 

Where does Costco get their ground beef?

Numerous suppliers provide beef to Costco. However, each supplier offers excellent, qualified, antibiotic-free ground beef.

But most beef comes from the San Joaquin Valley farmers in California. The meat has certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Moreover, the beef is not only certified but also graded. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the chicken and meat at Costco.  

Costco Ground Beef Review

As I have discussed that Costco offers different varieties of organic ground beef. You can get frozen, fresh, and hamburger beef products at Costco. The meat is lovely, naturally red, and tastes great.

Moreover, the texture of the meat is just beyond. There is no kind of bad thing present in the Costco ground beef. There are a lot of methods to use ground beef in the recipes.

You can use it in burgers, meatballs, and in combination with other vegetables and rice. Moreover, ground beef is certified by USDA. Everything at Costco is trustworthy and reliable because everything is strictly permitted.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the products at Costco. I hope this review will help you a lot. Thank you for giving your precious time. 

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