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Costco Giant Candy Review Guide: Costco is a great retail store that sells fantastic food and products for its customers. The main attraction for the people is Costco’s cuisine, frozen, and bakery section.

However, the taste of each product is delicious and wonderful. Moreover, the quality of each product is very high and satisfactory.

Whereas Costco always has something special for the festivals and religious customs. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday, Costco always brings new things to the market.

Giant candy stocking at costco

When any festival comes, most people wonder what gift will be best. They go to the market and search for a gift that could be under their range as well as amazing.

A giant candy stocking is a beautiful big pack of candies that you can get near Christmas. However, it is a lovely gift for the kids because it contains a wide variety of sweets. 

Today, I will discuss the Costco candy stocking, which contains a huge pack of candies. While the giant stocking filled with the yummy sweets that can be easily found at Costco.

Moreover, what can you get in the giant candy stocking Costco? Let’s discover it. So please continue to read till the end because I assure you, this will help you very much on Christmas occasion. 

Does Costco have a Giant Candy Stocking? 

Obviously, you can get the delicious pack of giant candy at Costco. Usually, they come in stock around Christmas. While you can find the giant candy stocking in the middle of the candy section where other stocks are available.

It is a Christmas special product while its covering including Christmas theme. You can see the jingle bells and Christmas trees on the label and on packets of candies.

However, it is the best gift for the whole family, while for the single kid, it may be unfit. But if you are going to gift the giant candy stocking Costco to a family, then it’s a wonderful idea. In this way, a whole family can eat the candy stocking easily, and that would be enough for them. 

How much is Costco Candy Giant Stocking? 

You will get the mentioned candies and chocolates in a few dollar. However, the prices may vary depending on the locations.

The price of the Costco giant stocking is $29.99. 

Because Costco has several locations around the United States; therefore, each location has separate prices. But I think the price is very much for such a stocking. Undoubtedly, it is a fun and giant gift for the kids, but the price is really high. 

What can you get in Costco’s Giant Candy stocking? 

When the air gets cold, lights twinkle in the windows, and the idea of holidays comes to mind. Christmas is a unique religious custom that Christians celebrate.

However, they celebrate this day commemorating the birth of Christ. On the beautiful occasion of Christmas, children wait for the gift especially.

Families and friends give gifts to each other and cut the cake. You can get the Costco giant candy, a beautiful pack of delicious chocolates, gums, and toffee. 

Each Costco giant candy stocking comprises 2.86 pounds of mini and medium-sized assorted candies. However, each sock is surrounded by a plastic covering.

There are two colours available for stocking, which is red and blue. You can choose any colour of stocking, but both contain the same candies inside.

Whereas the thing that admires me is the covering of each candy has a Christmas theme that gives a pleasant look. So let’s have what is available in each giant candy stocking. 

  • Two full-size boxes of frosty nerds 
  • Six Reese’s peanut butter trees 
  • Two full-size boxes of green and red sour patch kids 
  • Eight small Rolo candies
  • Ten small kit Kat bars 
  • Two full-sized M&M candy canes 
  • Four packs of trolli sour brite reindeer poop 
  • Two full-sized bags of Haribo gold bears gummy bears 
  • Two packs of full-sized crunch bars 
giant candy stocking
costco candy stocking
giant candy stocking costco
costco giant candy stocking
stocking filled
costco giant stocking

So, these are the candies that come in Costco candy stockings. However, the stocking filled with numerous candies from different companies.

Hence, it is a wonderful treat for kids who love to eat chocolates and bubble gums, and candies. But I think this is too much for a single kid.

Because it is really a giant candy stocking that has a considerable amount of toffees and candies, and such an amount is too much for the kids. 

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Costco Giant Candy Stocking Review  

Overall, the product is good and contains several yummy candies. The candy stocking comprises a lot of chocolates and candies that have fantastic taste.

Moreover, each product is unique and yummy. The price of the giant candy stocking is a bit high, but it is worth it.

Because the quality of each product that includes a stocking is very amazing, but this gift is not for a single kid; if you give it to all your children, then it will be beneficial for you and the kids too.

Because only one kid can’t finish the whole stocking. On the other hand, people don’t like to buy the candy stocking as they think it is a waste of money. I think you will get from my review; if yes, then you must give us your valuable feedback. 

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