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Costco Food Court VS Sam’s Club – Major Differences

costco vs sam's club which is better

If you are trying to know the comparison between Costco food court vs Sam’s club and which is better for you then you are at the right place. 

Costco Food Court vs Sam’s Club in 2023

Sam’s Club Costco Food Court
1. Sam’s club is owned by Walmart and it has 600 clubs all over the world across Puerto Rico and the United States and many of them have fuel centers as well.1. Same to Sam’s club Costco has almost 800 warehouses all over the world.
2. The limited savings of 30 cents per gallon is the only reason why everyone loves Sam’s club gas.2. Costco is a good place to buy appliances, home goods, and food.
3. Bedside gas there are many different reasons to shop at Sam’s club and the biggest one is food.3. Membership is required at Costco food court menu to help their customers get exclusive discounts and deals. 

Costco vs Sam’s Club which is Better

There are 5 differences between Costco and Sam’s club. You should keep this in mind when deciding which to choose and which is much better for you.


Both Sam’s club and Costco have the same basic menu such as Pizzas, hot dogs, and twisted churros. But they have some differences.

Costco has only pepperoni pizza and cheese whereas Sam’s club has a long list going on such as four meat deluxe options, dessert pretzels, savory, Caesar’s salad, and yogurt

Though Costco has fewer menus they have the quality. According to the reviewers, baked items such as hot dogs, pizza, and others have the best taste than Sam’s club.

Ordering in line

The safety measure done in COVID-19 made some restaurants introduce no-touch processes. Costco is rolling out self-service in the food court.

They tested this in 2018 but when social distancing became a habit, the option was expanded to more stores in 2020. 

On the other hand, Sam’s Club food court line is standard fare. It is all waiting in the queue for customers to order at the counter.

But this is the thing that is not liked by many as people have to wait long for their turns. Then the idea of Kiosks was launched at Sam’s club and this made people try to leave Costco.

Fountain drink options

The drink selection is one of the most diehard-loving things for Costco customers. But Costco only carries Pepsi products leaving the coke fans in the cold and there are only 5 drink options in Costco. 

On another hand, Sam’s club has 16 different kinds of sodas containing non-Caffeine and many sugar-free drinks. Sam’s also has Sam’s exclusive Berry lime mountain dew which has won over Costco.

Offering of condiments

The condiments at Costco are the star of the Kirkland court. Costco customers have anticipated the return of their popular products which are onions and relish.

On the other hand, Sam’s club condiment bar has little bare bones with bottled ketchup, mustards, and different packets of red pepper flakes.

Required Memberships 

Costco food court is for members only but Sam’s club does not require any membership.

If customers have a membership card or not they can take a chance at Costco or they can confidently walk into Sam’s club for their food.

But the membership to Costco is more expensive than Sam’s club.

Who has better food prices Costco or Sam’s Club?

Sam’s club has won the prizes. On a per item, 25% of prices are less as compared to Walmart and 10% of prices are less as compared to Costco prices. 

If you want to save money then Sam’s club is the best but Costco is amazing with respect to organic vegetables and fruits. 

In my view, Costco stands out as the preferred choice over Sam’s Club, primarily due to its impressive catering menu, which includes a wide array of offerings such as Costco Catering party platters, sandwich Platter, pizzas, Custom cakes, and top-notch Costco catering services – all of which have greatly impressed me

Costco Food Court vs Sam’s Club Menu Items Rating

Menu ItemsCostco Food CourtSam’s Club
Hot dog combo7/104/10
Berry Sundae7/1010/10

5 Reasons why is Costco Food Court more popular than Sam’s club

Both the stores look similar but Costco has come out as the more popular as compared to Sam’s club. Below are the reasons:

  1. Both have good quality but Costco has won in terms of quality. 
  2. Costco has the expensive membership than Sam’s club but you can save money by shopping at Costco and have a better experience
  3. It is very easy to return the product to Costco. Sam’s club demands the receipt but for Costco, it is not necessary. Costco allows its customers to return items even when it is opened.
  4. Costco is very popular in treating their employees with good benefits and pay. Happy employees mean a good shopping experience at Costco.
  5. Both Costco and Sam’s club have food courts but it all depends on the quality. Costco offers a hot dog with a drink deal of $1.50 which is hard to beat.

Costco Food Court Hours and Sam’s Club Cafe offer general hours from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays, with variations on weekends, and optional early shopping hours; please verify with your local store for precise details.


Both clubs offer the same shopping experiences for bulk shopping. Finding what you need is very easy. Both of them offer many discounted deals and food courts.

Both of the clubs offer different memberships that meet the needs and budgets of the customers. Each package includes money-saving discounts, food, and other household discounts as well.

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