Costco Food Court Membership Required or Not? – Ultimate Guide

Costco is tired of semi-freeloaders. They have decided to make Costco food court membership necessary for the customers to make food purchases. Let’s discover more about Costco food Court membership.

costco food court membership

Costco Membership Food Court

Costco food court is the chain of food courts that is located inside the Costco warehouses. Its food court contains a variety of food items such as salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, Party platters, pizza, ice creams and many more.

Their prices are very affordable and most of the items at Costco are around $5 or less. Membership is required for Costco from Mid-march.

costco food court membership required

You can visit Costco food court without a membership. But the customers are not able to take their food and eat in the Costco dining area as this opportunity is only available for members.

If you don’t have the membership at Costco and want to eat food at the food area you have to order food as take out or bring your own food and eat it out at the Costco’s dining area.

Is Costco Food Court Membership Required?

The Costco Food Court Menu has been a long journey for bargain lovers. The prices of Costco food have remained the same such as Costco Churros for $1, Pizza slice for $1.99 and many other prices are the same for the past 35 years.

The warehouse chain started selling hot dogs in 1984. Anyone could buy anything such as fast food deals from the store with or without Costco annual membership.

costco food court without membership

This process is about to change. Beginning in mid-March the Costco food court policy will be changed. It will require an active membership that is $60 currently to order food from its food court.

As it was said by one of the representatives for Costco that this policy had been placed technically but it is hard to enforce because the Costco food courts are located outside.

FAQs Regarding Costco Food Court Membership

Do you need a membership for the food court at Costco?

From mid- march Costco has been restricting food court access. You can visit Costco food court without a membership but you won’t be able to take your food.

You are not even allowed to eat food at Costco finning area as it is only allowed for members.

Costco food court has many amazing deals in town of burgers and hot dogs and also delicious pizzas.

Do I need a membership to eat at Costco food court?

At most of the Costco branches and locations, it is not important to enter the store to access the Costco food court without a membership.

Assume your nearby Costco branch is the same and it is not hard at all to eat at Costco.

You can purchase some food at Costco but not be allowed to Dine in as buying food at Costco is a little difficult if you are not a member.

Why is Costco asking for membership at the food court?

This store Costco is tired of the bulk retail chain of semi-freeloaders. They decided to activate the membership card to purchase items from Costco Food Court that will be starting from 19th of March.

One of the customer service representatives said that the rule is already in place but it has been very difficult to enforce it.


Costco food court is offering many amazing deals in town on burgers, and fast food items such as pizzas and hot dogs.

Customers can purchase anything from Costco from small soda to a large milkshakes at very affordable prices.

But now you have to buy a Costco membership to eat food at the Costco’s dining area because this opportunity is only for members. 

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