Costco Food Court Ice Cream – Ingredients with Calories

Costco has now expanded its menu and has launched Costco food court ice cream. Costco food court menu prices are very affordable and their food is tasty.

Does Costco have ice cream in the food court?

Costco Ice Cream at Food Court

Costco food court ice cream has expanded its menu. There is now one more reason to stop for a snack at Costco. There is a big fan following for the Costco food court.

Who can resist the Costco chicken baked pizza slice that is only 41.99 and the hot dog combo that is very budget-friendly? Now there is one more reason to visit Costco food court to have ice cream.

Costco was already serving chocolate, vanilla, and nonfat yogurt in their food courts. Everyone is in love with their very berry Sundae which is made with vanilla strawberries and yogurt.

But now they have started serving the actual soft-serve ice cream in the line of frozen yogurt.

Costco Food Court Ice Cream Ingredients

The Costco ice cream is very yummy and now the fans have one more reason to visit Costco. The ingredients in the ice cream are fresh cream, sugar, skim milk, egg yolks, vanilla extract, guar gum, and carob bean gum

Costco Food Court Ice Cream Price

costco food court ice cream ingredients

You can now order a vanilla ice cream sundae at Costco that is topped with chocolate sauce and strawberry only for $2.49. There is also an addition of a waffle vanilla cone for ice cream lovers that is for $1.99.

Costco Food Court Ice Cream Nutrition and Calories

Costco food court ice cream calories are around 869 which includes 29 g of monounsaturated fat

  • 105 mg of Sodium
  • 60 g of total carbohydrate
  • 180 mg of cholesterol

Costco soft serve ice cream contains

  • 61 g of total carbs
  • 29 g of fat
  • 9 g of protein
  • 521 calories 

Costco Food Court Ice Cream Bar

The Costco chocolate-dipped ice cream bars were served at the Costco food court. But then it was discontinued because it is my favorite churro snack item.

Fans of Costco started their own Facebook page trying to convince Costco to bring it back.

The rising food costs for almonds and dairy made it unfeasible for Costco to keep offering ice cream bars. But Reddit said to double the price or hire dedicated staff.

Do anything but bring the ice cream bars with almonds back. The new soft serve ice creams are added to the menu but it has not killed the buzz for the bars.

Costco Food Court Ice Cream Bar Calories

Costco food court ice cream bar calories

FAQs Regarding Costco Food Court Ice Cream

Does Costco have ice cream in the food court?

Costco food court is the food court chain that is located in the Costco warehouse.

It has a variety of items that includes pizzas, hot dogs, salads, and sandwiches and now there is a new addition to the Costco food court that is ice cream.

Prices here are very affordable and most of the items cost around $5 or less. 

Is Costco Food Court ice cream frozen yogurt?

Well, Costco Food Court ice cream is sort of yogurt free. But the cups of vanilla, swirl, and chocolate are made with nonfat yogurt.

Frozen yogurt is actually ice cream by another name. It is a frozen dairy dessert that is made with cream and milk. 

Is Costco food court ice cream gluten-free?

Costco ice cream is less gluten-free. Costco gluten-free desserts are not certified gluten-free. These options do not contain gluten ingredients.

For example, if somebody is ordering a hot dog then have it without a bun. If you still have to be cautious about being gluten-free then you are sensitive. 

Does Costco food court have soft-serve ice cream?

The Costco ice cream sundae from the very new menu includes vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

It also has a chocolate topping and strawberry. The best thing about these Costco ice cream is that it has very reasonable prices. 

How much is ice cream at Costco food court?

The Costco food court ice cream has the cherry on top and has a very good taste of ice cream.

Costco ice cream food court price flavors start at $1.99, a scoop is $2.39 and a sundae is $3.49. Mostly the products at Costco are under $5.


Costco food court provides many meal options to their customers. That includes sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas, salads, drinks, and more.

Costco is giving an opportunity to their customers to enjoy their delicious meals while shopping or before leaving the store.

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