Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Costco Flank Steak Beef

Does Costco have flank steak?

Yes, Costco flank steak beef is available in Costco stores. Flank steak comes from the abdominal muscles, which is the healthiest beef cut. Moreover, the flank steak has fewer calories and a large amount of protein. It is one of the great beef cuts that are available at Costco. It is a very lean cut that has a great flavor.

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However, Costco sells very good quality flank steak, which is hygienic and healthy. The taste is delicious, juicy, and tender.

The beef cuts at Costco are relatively high in quality than other local grocery stores. I also buy steaks from Costco as it has a wonderful beef quality and taste. 

USDA Prime Costco Flank Steak Beef; Delicious and tender BBQ 

Costco Wholesale is a great American company that sells a variety of meals and frozen foods. By 2020, it will be the world’s largest distributor.

This company distributes hygienic prime beef, organic foods, frozen foods, and rotisserie chicken. Most people shop at Costco because of its high quality. 

There are many reasons to consider Costco flank steaks as the meat quality is great. The significant factors of buying Costco flank steaks are reasonable cost, extraordinary quality, good taste, and easy availability.

costco flank steak

Beef steaks are the wonderful meal that is the most served dinner at the family and friend gatherings. However, marinated flank steak from the Arrachera RYC brand is one of my favorite beef steaks at Costco.

Its taste is very juicy, tender, and a little bit salty. Let me introduce you to how to grill these steaks and slice them for fajitas, tacos, and BBQ. 

How much is flank steak at Costco?

Costco sells flank steak, which is great in quality and taste. The flank steak Costco is the abdominal part of a lean cow and can be chewy if overcooked because it is a thin cut.

That’s why it will be best to cook it over high flame. When the flank steak is cooked on high flame, it develops a flavorful crust on the outside. 

Costco Flank Steak Price

Per serving of Costco, beef flank steak contains three pounds of meat. However, the price of beef steak per pound is $8.29. 

The price is relatively higher than another local grocery shop. But when it comes to taste and quality, the price seems reasonable. Though the price is high, it fulfills your demands and ensures your health. 

Other affordable Costco Menu items,

How much is the different flank steak at Costco?

Costco Beef Cuts and Prices: Whether you’re a seasoned steak enthusiast or a barbecue aficionado, Costco offers a wide selection of high-quality beef cuts to satisfy your taste buds.

In this comprehensive table, we present a variety of beef cuts available at Costco, along with their corresponding prices.

From tenderloin to ribeye, sirloin to flank steak, you’ll find an array of options to suit your preferences.

Please note that prices and availability may vary, so it’s advisable to check with your local Costco for the most up-to-date information.

Let’s explore the world of Costco beef cuts and discover your next delicious culinary adventure.

Flank Steak at Costco in 2023Price
Choice New York Strip Steak$10.99/lb
Prime New York Strip Steak$17.99/lb*
Choice New York Shabu Shabu Strip Steak$10.99/lb
Choice Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon)$19.49/lb
Prime Tenderloin Steak$25.99/lb*
Choice Top Sirloin Steak$7.99/lb
Prime Top Sirloin Steak$10.49/lb*
Choice Boneless Rib Eye Steak$12.99/lb
Prime Boneless Rib Eye Steak$22.99/lb*
Prime Ribeye Cap Steak$22.99/lb*
Choice Flank Steak$8.99/lb
Choice Top Round Steak$5.49/lb
Prime Chuck Short Ribs$9.99/lb*
Prime Boneless Chuck Short Ribs$16.99/lb*
Flap Meat Steak$9.49/lb
Choice Oxtail$7.99/lb

Costco Flank Steak Nutritional Fact

There are 198 calories per serving (3 oz) of Flank Steak at Costco.

Costco Flank Steak calories menu
Costco Flank Steak calories per serving

Costco Flank Steak Recipe

How to cook Costco Prime Flank steak?

Costco prime flank steak is popular because of its intense flavor, while it is such a delicious cut of beef that it will melt in your mouth tenderly.

The taste is very juicy and yummy, and you will love it in just one bite. Costco sells very delicious beef flank steak, which ensures you about its good quality too.

However, the processed flank steaks have a great tenderness in them. Costco wholesale corporation advises cooking the prime flank steaks at an internal temperature of 160F. 

Moreover, the flank steak at Costco had tenderized with a papaya extract that helped it cook perfectly. With 22% marinade and tenderizer, you can cook it on a blow torch also.

They will still be juicy and tender if you cook the flank steak Costco on a blow torch. However, the one package of steaks contains over three pounds which is more than a person needs for his dinner.

The Costco prime flank steaks are a great dinner and the best dish to serve in front of guests. The taste is super delicious and juicy, along with tenderness. 

Grill the steaks at 160F temperature and use a digital thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

When the beef steak Costco gets ready, cut it into pieces and serve it with your favourite sauces. If you don’t have steak, you can cook the steak under the broiler in the oven. 

Instructions to grill Costco prime flank steak:

Follow the following steps to grill the steaks perfectly. 

  • Preheat your grill on high flame for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Preheat the grill to at least 500F temperature. 
  • Cut the steak into two equal sections.
  • Put the beef flank Costco on the grill and let them for 5 minutes. 
  • After 5 minutes, flip the steak and cook another side for five minutes. 
  • Make sure that the internal temperature should be at least 160F. 
  • Remove the Costco prime flank steaks from the grill, cut them into slices, and then serve. 
  • Delicious, juicy, and tender steaks are ready to serve. Enjoy your yummy steaks!

FAQs Regarding Costco Flank Steak Beef

What is flank steak called at Costco?

At Costco, flank steak is referred to as Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef Flank Steak.

How long to cook Costco flank steak?

Start by preparing a marinated skirt steak from Costco, cutting it in half, and then grilling it over high heat until the internal temperature reaches 160F.
1. The total time needed for this recipe is 25 minutes, with 15 minutes dedicated to preparation and 10 minutes for cooking.
2. By following these instructions, you can enjoy a delicious and tender flank steak from Costco in no time.

How many people does a 2 lb flank steak serve?

The weight of a flank steak typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 lbs, although it may vary based on the size of the hind quarter. To estimate the serving size, it is recommended to allocate ½ pound of flank steak per person. Therefore, a 2 lb flank steak can comfortably serve around 4 people.

Final thoughts!

The beef flank steak at Costco is delicious and tender. It is a thin and very lean portion. However, the protein content is high, but there is no fat.

You will get a fantastic taste if you cook it properly. It only takes a few minutes to prepare. However, it is the most delicious supper in your freezer. It’s something you should attempt. Thank you for being so considerate! 

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