Costco Dry Ice – Discover Multiple Factors to Utilize Dry Ice

Dry ice is used for various purposes and many retailers sell it, but Costco dry ice is no exception. It is the best in quality and affordable in price. Dry ice does a great job to keep cold drinks, and ice creams chilled during traveling. 

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Dry ice is also a complicated product; nonetheless, there are several measures to take when using it. As a result, ensure that adequate measures are taken. Furthermore, does Costco sell dry ice? What are its applications? How much does it cost? Is Costco dry ice dangerous? 

In the preceding write-up, I’ve covered all of the answers to this question. Let’s dig further to gather accurate dry ice information from Costco.

Does Costco sell dry ice? 

The majority of Costco locations sell dry ice; nevertheless, it may be unavailable at some locations. Costco dry ice can be found in the freezer section or another section, depending on the store’s staff.

Because it requires particular storage, Costco dry ice may be found in a different section rather than frozen. 

As per my search, you can find dry ice in Costco stores in California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, Washington, and Virginia. These stores stock up on dry ice in large quantities. While you can get confirmation by calling a local store whether it offers dry ice or not. 

Does Costco have dry ice? How do I know? 

The simplest approach to find out if my Costco location sells dry ice is to go to their website or visit the Costco store locator.

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It may not be found in some regions due to a variety of factors. Costco does not sell dry ice on its website as it needs certain precautions. 

Dry ice requires special refrigeration to keep it from melting before it is delivered. It may be difficult to maintain its temperature during shipping, that’s why Costco does not sell it online.

Another reason is that Costco sells dry ice by the pound. As a result, it is necessary to be present at the shop to obtain the desired quantity of dry ice. 

How much does Costco dry ice cost? 

It is one of the popular items at Costco that has been sold in a bulk yearly. People purchase it for various purposes; however mostly it is used to keep cold drinks and other things chilled during travelling.

Moreover, it smokes and adores things during serving. While the price of Costco dry ice varies from location to location.

To buy dry ice Costco, you must consider the quantity as the store charges you accordingly to your demand for it. Mostly, it costs $0.50 per ib while it increases with the quantity. 

Various Factors to utilize Costco dry ice: 

There are multiple ways to utilize dry ice, let’s have a look at a few of them. 

Carbonated drinks: 

You’ve probably heard of carbonated beverages, but do you know how they get that way? Dry ice is used in the production of these drinks. And the liquid absorbs the carbon dioxide (C02) gas, resulting in carbonated beverages. 


One of the most common uses of dry ice is to keep the drinks chilled. During traveling, it assists travelers to keep their eatables frozen and avoid them from getting spoiled.

However, the best thing is it doesn’t change the flavor and color of the preserved stuff.

Because of the high level of CO2, it kills the microbes and hence can be used to secure biological materials in the lab. 


Costco dry ice is helpful for non-cyclic refrigeration. Delivery staff used it when they had to deliver some frozen stuff to the customers.

Moreover, it is helpful to store ice cream, frozen eatables, meat, and other things for a long time during delivery. 


Chemotherapy is necessary for cancer patients; however, dry ice is used to make cold caps that are part of this therapy.

Before, during, and after the chemotherapy session, patients wear cold caps to reduce blood flow. Moreover, it assists to prevent follicles from reducing hair fall, consistently. 

Laboratory purposes: 

Dry ice is used to perform a lot of experiments in different laboratories. Since dry ice Costco is manufactured with the chemical material C02, hence it aids in keeping frozen several things in the laboratory including other experiments. 

Is Costco dry ice dangerous? 

Dry ice is a carbon dioxide (CO2) that doesn’t have a liquid state at normal atmospheric pressure and immediately converts from a solid to a gas state.

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  • It is often utilized for short-time refrigeration.
  • Dry ice Costco can freeze water in the air and is hard to inhale. 
  • But dealing with it unconsciously causes major problems.
  • However, it is dependent on how much CO2 you have inhaled.
  • Dry ice can produce severe colds, whereas inhaling too much CO2 can cause acute illness or even death. 
  • Dry ice is extremely cold, and handling it without industrial gloves can result in painful blisters and burns.
  • Dry ice should be kept away from poorly ventilated rooms because it emits deadly levels of CO2 as it melts.
  • Because human skin cannot withstand that degree of CO2, it must be handled with caution. 

Costco Dry Ice Review

I’ve covered every important aspect of Costco dry ice in this piece of writing. However, it may be offered at certain Costco locations but not online.

Furthermore, the price is modest enough for bulk purchases. Consider dry ice from here the next time you go to Costco, and please provide us with your valuable feedback. 

FAQs Regarding Costco Dry Ice

Can you get dry ice from Costco online? 

Unfortunately, no. Costco does not allow you to purchase dry ice online and it is only sold to customers in-store. Because dry ice needs consistent storage temperature to prevent melting and it could be highly costly. That’s why it is invariably online. 

What other stores sell dry ice? 

Despite Costco, numerous retailers sell dry ice across the US. However, you can get dry ice from Walmart, whole foods, Meijer, Kroger and Safeway. 

Does Costco ship with dry ice? 

Costco does not ship with dry ice as it needs special storage to maintain its temperature so that it holds the original state till delivery. There is a danger of converting the solid state of dry ice to gas which could be non-profitable for the retailer. 

How much does Costco ice cost? 

Costco stores sell 24-pound bags of ice for around $3. Prices and availability vary by region, and ice is not available at all Costco locations.  


Costco is a reliable source of dry ice for both commercial and personal use. Their dry ice is of high quality, comes in various sizes, and is available at affordable prices.

Whether you need it for shipping perishable goods, storing food and drinks for a party, or creating a spooky effect for Halloween, Costco’s dry ice can meet your needs. Just be sure to follow the safety guidelines and handle dry ice with care.

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