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Costco Disney Halloween Village in 2023

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Every Halloween, I find myself on the lookout for that perfect piece of décor that captures the essence of the season. This year, my search led me to the Costco Disney Halloween Village. And let me tell you, the journey was worth every second.

Costco Disney Halloween Village 2023

On my recent visit to Costco, the Disney Halloween Village Costco display immediately caught my eye. Situated prominently in the Halloween section, this 12-piece set exuded a charm that was impossible to resist.

With the familiar faces of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck, this Halloween scene promised to be both wickedly whimsical and enchantingly Disney.

The features it boasted were as impressive as the village itself:

After hearing about the Costco Disney Halloween Village 2023 model, I was curious to see if the new one was just as good.

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Highlighting the Details of Disney Village Halloween

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A Closer Look at Disney Halloween Village Costco 

I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting a closer look at the Disney Costco Halloween Village set. The haunted house, creepy tower, mischievous Mickey Mouse-shaped jack o’lanterns, and the whispering trees – every piece was meticulously crafted, speaking volumes of the magic of Disney and the spookiness of Halloween.

Echoing my thoughts were several reviews from patrons who had purchased it last year. Their praise for its size, quality, and attention to detail made me even more certain of my inclination towards it. One review particularly stood out, “It feels like a steal for the price.”

Disney Costco Halloween Village Price

The Costco Halloween Disney Village set, priced at a reasonable $99.99, seemed even more appealing considering last year’s online price tag of $109.99. While the intricate designs were enchanting, I was relieved to find that no assembly was required. Just a heads up, though – you’d need to stock up on some batteries.

And while the Halloween Disney Village Costco set was the highlight, I must commend Costco for their impeccable service. The ease of the entire purchasing process and their commitment to customer satisfaction truly stood out.

Shipping and Return Details

Final Thoughts

In a season filled with spooks and enchantments, the Disney Halloween Village from Costco stands as a testament to how the magic of Disney can seamlessly blend with the spirit of Halloween. If you’re someone who loves the idea of a Disney-themed Halloween, I cannot recommend this village set enough.

Do hurry if you’re considering adding this to your Halloween collection. Given its popularity and the buzz, I have a hunch these might fly off the shelves soon. This village set truly adds a touch of Disney magic to the Halloween festivities.

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