Costco Deli Platters and Trays Menu with Prices in 2023

The Costco deli is a specialized section within Costco warehouses, renowned for its extensive selection of freshly prepared foods that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions.

The deli’s offerings include an array of Costco deli platters and trays, perfect for gatherings and events, featuring assortments of deli meats, cheeses, and other gourmet selections.

costco deli tray

Additionally, the Costco deli menu extends to individual meal options like sandwiches and salads, as well as bulk purchases of deli meats for home preparation.

Whether you’re hosting a party or looking for quality meal components, the Costco deli tray options provide convenience and quality in one stop.

A Gourmet Guide to Costco Deli’s Top Picks

At the heart of Costco’s diverse culinary offerings is the Costco deli, a hub of delicious, ready-to-eat meals and ingredients for any occasion. Among the standout items, Costco rotisserie chicken is a crowd-pleaser, lauded for its juicy tenderness and affordability, with each bird attractively priced.

For those seeking lighter fare, the deli’s assortment of salads is a feast for the senses, featuring classics such as the Caesar and Greek salads, alongside a comforting macaroni salad, all prepared with the freshest of ingredients.

Costco food court also delivers on convenience and taste with a variety of sandwiches. Whether it’s a savory ham and cheese, a classic tuna salad, or a hearty turkey sandwich, each selection is made with fresh bread and high-quality deli meats from Costco.

Sushi lovers will find a tempting selection at the deli, too, with a variety of rolls including the popular California, Philadelphia, and dragon rolls, all showcasing fresh fish and crisp vegetables.

When it comes to entertaining, Costco catering has you covered with an array of Costco party platters and costco deli trays. These include a robust selection of deli meats, cheeses, and the ever-popular Costco fried chicken, ready to serve and enjoy. For those special occasions or office gatherings, a Costco sandwich platter or a selection of Costco deli platters will satisfy guests with minimal effort.

Completing the gastronomic lineup, Costco baked goods feature an indulgent array of cakes, cookies, and pies, each crafted with care and quality ingredients to add a sweet note to any meal or celebration. From the deli to the dessert table, Costco’s offerings are as convenient as they are satisfying.

Most Popular Costco Deli Platters, Trays & Sandwiches

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  • Costco Deli Platters: A vast selection suitable for any gathering, featuring Costco deli meats and other favorites.
  • Sandwich Platters: Various sizes offering a mix of deli classics, including ham and cheese, turkey, and tuna salad on the Costco deli menu.
  • Sushi Platters: Crafted with fresh ingredients, these platters include favorites like California and Philadelphia rolls, available to order from the Costco deli.
  • Vegetable Platters: Crisp and fresh veggie assortments from the deli trays at Costco, perfect for health-conscious guests.
  • Fruit Platters: Freshly sliced fruits, a sweet and refreshing option from Costco’s deli trays.
  • Dessert Platters: A sweet finish with an assortment of baked goods, part of the Costco deli menu.
  • Costco Deli Trays: Smaller Deli trays Costco designed for more intimate settings, featuring a variety of options:
  • Pinwheel Trays: Filled with delicacies including cream cheese and ham, these trays are a staple of Costco deli order selections.
  • Wrap Trays: Wholesome wraps filled with choices such as chicken salad and turkey, featured on the Costco deli tray menu.
  • Mini Quiche Trays: A delightful selection of mini quiches available in several flavors for those looking to place a Costco deli order.
  • Mini Cheesecake Trays: Bite-sized cheesecakes in various flavors, a testament to the variety of the Costco deli food offerings.
  • Costco Deli Sandwiches: Ready-to-go sandwiches including the famed rotisserie chicken and the vegetarian options, a highlight of the Costco deli food menu.
  • More from Costco Deli: Complement your platters and trays with a range of salads, soups, and desserts for a full meal solution.

All the Costco Deli Menu Items with Prices in 2023

Costco Deli Items in 2023BrandsCostco Deli PricesCostco Deli Items Sizes
Organic Chunky GuacamoleKirkland Signature$17.4016 x 2.5 oz
Shredded Mexican Style Blend Cheese$9.94 / lb, About 1.74 lb/package$18.652 x 2.5 lb
Organic HummusKirkland Signature$9.6920 x 2.5 oz
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, SlicedKirkland Signature$14.67each, 3 pack, 14 oz
Antibiotic Free Oven Roasted Turkey BreastKirkland Signature$17.30/pkg (est.)$9.94 / lb, About 1.74 lb / package
String CheesePolly-O$14.2948 ct
Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan DipLa Terra Fina$11.8131 oz
Low Sodium Italian Dry SalameColumbus$18.652 x 16 oz
Naturals Turkey BreastHillshire Farms$14.923 x 11 oz
Whole Milk MozzarellaPolly-O$8.7032 oz
Cheese Cracker Cut TrayCello$16.162 lb
Shredded Parmigiano ReggianoKirkland Signature$17.2816 oz
Organic Roasted Pine Nut HummusKirkland Signature$7.4534 oz
Shredded MozzarellaKirkland Signature$17.902 X 2.5 lbs
Prosciutto Di ParmaCitterio$13.672 x 6 oz
Low Sodium Italian Dry SalameColumbus$18.652 x 16 oz
Naturals Turkey BreastHillshire Farms$14.923 x 11 oz
Organic Roasted Pine Nut HummusKirkland Signature$7.4534 oz
Shredded MozzarellaKirkland Signature$17.902 X 2.5 lbs
Prosciutto Di ParmaCitterio$13.672 x 6 oz
Low Sodium Italian Dry SalameColumbus$18.652 x 16 oz
Prosciutto Di ParmaCitterio$13.672 x 6 oz
Premium Four Cheese Deli SlicesFinlandia$12.302 lb
Fresh Mozzarella Snacking CheeseBelGioioso$11.8224 x 1 oz
Organic Chunky GuacamoleGood Foods$13.673 x 10 oz
Uncured Extra Lean Ham, SlicedKirkland Signature$12.432 x 1.5 lb
Antipasto With ProsciuttoFratelli Beretta$16.162 x 24 oz
Singles American CheeseKraft$15.6696 Slices, 4 lbs
Premium Four Cheese Deli SlicesFinlandia$12.302 lb
Organic Greek FetaKirkland Signature$16.1628.2 oz
Mini Snack Cheese, OriginalBabybel$17.2836 x 0.75 oz
Sliced Muenster CheeseFinlandia$11.062 lb
Gournay Cheese Variety PackBoursin$12.403 x 5.2 oz
Organic Chunky GuacamoleGood Foods$13.673 x 10 oz
Organic Sliced TurkeyDietz & Watson$23.623 x 9 oz
Sliced Muenster CheeseFinlandia$11.062 lb
All Natural Prosciutto, SlicedFratelli Beretta$12.1816 oz
Host & Toast Cheese FlightKirkland Signature$31.0928.8 oz
Fresh Mozzarella Snacking CheeseBelGioioso$11.8224 x 1 oz
Buffalo Mozzarella CheeseFattorie Garofalo$18.274 x 4.4 oz
Sliced Havarti CheeseArla$11.182 lb
Grated Parmesan CheeseKraft$11.0624 oz
Le Gruyere CheeseEmmi Roth$14.9216 oz
Gouda Cheese WedgeDutch Tradition$16.90/pkg (est.)$13.67 / lb, About 1.55 lb/package
Italian Parmesan Parmigiano ReggianoKirkland Signature$21.19/pkg (est.)$8.07 / lb, About 2.06 lb/package
Gournay Cheese Variety PackBoursin$12.403 x 5.2 oz
Sliced Fresh MozzarellaBelGioioso$9.942 x 16 oz
Antichi Salami ChubsFratelli Beretta$16.168 oz, 3-count
Smoked Cooked Salami Super EspecialInduveca$18.6552 oz
Premium Roast BeefKirkland Signature$16.134 x 12 oz
3 Year CheddarCabot$16.62/pkg (est.)$8.07 / lb, About 2.06 lb / package
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese SlicesAdams Reserve$9.9432 oz
Queso De Freir Frying CheeseTropical$11.182 x 16 oz
Grated Parmesan CheeseKraft$11.0624 oz
Provolone Cheese SlicesAdams Reserve$10.5632 oz
Queso BlancoCaribe$9.572 x 16 oz
Beef SalamiHebrew National$14.792 lb
Whole Milk MozzarellaPolly-O$8.7032 oz
Spanish Manchego, Aged 6 MonthsKirkland Signature$25.21/pkg (est.)$8.70 / lb, About 1.8 lb/package
Dubliner CheeseKerrygold$15.66/pkg (est.)$14.29 / lb, About 1.97 lb/package
Pecorino Romano CheeseKirkland Signature$28.15/pkg (est.)$14.29 / lb, About 1.97 lb / package
Fresh Goat CheeseKirkland Signature$9.572 x 10.5 oz
Cheddar Popped CheeseWhisps$11.4510 oz
Halal Sliced Beef PastramiAs-Sahara$14.9220 oz
Queso Fresco, Fresh Crumbling CheeseCaribe$9.5732 oz
Cranberry Goat CheeseCelerbrity$9.9416 oz
Spiral Sliced HamKirkland Signature$31.46/pkg (est.)$8.07 / lb, About 2.3 lb/package
Triple Creme BriePresident$8.7018 oz
Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese, SlicedJarlsberg$12.182 lb
Norwegian Cheese WedgeJarlsberg$18.56/pkg (est.)$8.07 / lb, About 2.3 lb / package
Le Gruyere CheeseEmmi Roth$14.9216 oz
Jamon Serrano Bone-In Ham Leg with Stand & KnifeNOEL$112.9915 lb
All these items are available at Instacart for online order

Does Costco Deli offer catering services?

Yes, Costco deli does offer catering services that can accommodate a variety of events, both big and small. Their extensive catering menu includes a range of platters such as savory sandwich platters, assorted sushi platters, and decadent dessert platters.

In addition, they provide a selection of other options like gourmet cheese and charcuterie boards, and fresh fruit and vegetable platters, ensuring there’s a choice for every taste and occasion.

Costco Deli Catering Menu with Prices

Costco Deli Platter TypeServesPricePrice Per Person
Croissant Sandwich16-20$39.99$2.00 – $2.50
Chicken + Swiss20-24$39.99$1.67 – $2.00
Shrimp20-24$39.99$1.67 – $2.00
Meat + Cheese16-20$26.99$1.35 – $1.69
Chicken Wing*15$41.97$2.80

*Please note that the availability of the Sushi and Chicken Wing platters may vary by location and could require advance ordering. Prices are also subject to change.

How to order Costco Deli Platters?

Indulge in the variety of Costco deli meals with three convenient ordering methods:

In-Store at the Deli Counter:

  • Simply visit the deli section during Costco deli hours at your nearest Costco warehouse.
  • Consult with the deli associate, complete a Costco deli order form with your desired selections, and make a payment.
  • Collect your delicacies from the designated pickup area.

Online via Costco’s Website:

  • Navigate to the Costco website, sign in or create an account.
  • Access the “Deli” section, choose your favorite items, and specify a pickup time.
  • Finalize your deli order Costco with payment details and confirm.
  • Your order will be ready for collection at the pre-selected time at your local warehouse.

Through the Costco App:

  • Download the Costco app, sign in, and tap on the “Deli” tab.
  • Select from a range of delectable Costco deli options, set a pickup date and time.
  • Enter your payment details, submit your order.
  • Swing by your local Costco to pick up your order at your convenience.

Each method ensures you enjoy the diverse offerings of Costco’s deli with ease.

Costco Deli order form 

how to order costco deli food wit costco deli order form

Costco Deli Hours in 2023

For those planning a visit to the Costco deli, you can enjoy their services at the following times:

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri): 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Please note that the hours of operation for the Costco deli may vary by location and are subject to change during holidays.


The Costco deli stands out as a one-stop destination for a wide variety of fresh, ready-to-eat meal solutions and ingredients ideal for numerous occasions. From their famous rotisserie chicken to a broad selection of salads, sandwiches, sushi, and party platters, the deli caters to both taste and convenience.

Additionally, Costco’s catering services offer an easy option for gatherings, providing an assortment of platters that satisfy diverse palates with minimal preparation required.

Completing the experience, Costco’s array of baked goods adds a delightful finish to any meal or event. With a focus on freshness, variety, and value, the Costco deli continues to be a favorite among shoppers seeking quality meal options and ingredients in 2023.

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