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Costco Coffee Beans Review: At Costco, there is always something new to discover, from eating and dressing to various appliances.

However, the most popular Costco section is the deli section, which represents a staple of delectable eatables. This store’s eatables are all of the high quality, and Costco coffee beans are no exception.

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There is a large percentage of people who prefer to drink coffee in the morning or whenever they need it.

However, different brands sell distinctive coffee; the question that arises is where to purchase the best one. So Costco saved you from all of this by providing a variety of coffee beans.

In this article, I’ll give you a brief Costco coffee beans review, including why you should buy them, how much it costs, and which is the best value of all. So, let’s get started! 

Who makes Costco coffee beans? 

Costco, a membership-only wholesaler, and retailer with locations across the United States owned the Kirkland Signature. Pertinently, Starbucks makes coffee beans for Costco.

While  Kirkland uses 100% ground arabica coffee beans. However, it is a dark-roasted coffee rather than a medium-roasted coffee. 

Starbucks Coffee Company custom-roasted several varieties of Kirkland Signature coffee. They include, in particular, the 2.5-pound Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend Coffee, the Decaf House Blend Coffee, the Regular House Coffee, and others ones too. 

Are Costco Kirkland Coffee Beans Good?

Kirkland’s signature comes with several coffee varieties at Costco; however, all coffee beans have a unique, rich, and smooth taste.

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Although each tastes brilliant, Kirkland’s Signature house blends coffee, the medium roast has no competitor. It comes with a variety pack of 2.5Ibs.

Costco Coffee Beans Price and item number

The price of a luxury coffee pack is $18.99 and the item number is 6979000. Whereas, the price may vary depending on the location of the store. 

Coffee Beans Taste and convenience

It is a medium-roasted coffee bean with a medium-to-roast flavor. These coffee beans are non-oily, bold, creamy, and go above expectations.

Getting non-oily and delicious coffee beans at a reasonable price is a fantastic Costco gift. If you like Starbucks coffee, you will love this coffee; additionally, its coffee beans are roasted by Starbucks, making it even more delicious.

Whole coffee beans are not the most convenient Costco product; you must grind them before making coffee. If you put the coffee bag in a large ziplock bag or coffee canister, it stores very well. 

Things that make Coffee more delicious,

How much do Costco Coffee beans cost? 

Costco coffee beans prices vary by location, so don’t assume that each store has the same price. Costco sells a variety of coffee beans, each with its own price and palatability.

Let me show you a comprehensive list of coffee beans from Costco, along with the item number and price. Remember that prices may vary depending on location, so check the local price by visiting Costco website

Costco Coffee Beans Brand PriceItem number
Peet’s coffee major Dickason’s Blend whole bean coffee, dark, 2ibs$19.09670441
Kirkland signature house blend whole bean coffee, medium, 2.5ibs$18.096979000
Kirkland signature Espersso blend whole bean coffee, dark roast, 2.5ibs$18.196979200
Kirkland signature whole bean coffee, french roast, 2.5ibs$13.591528787
Lavazza espresso Italiano whole bean coffee, medium, 2.2 ibs$16.29437484
Starbucks french roast whole bean coffee, dark, 2.5ibs$16.5911357
Jose’s Vanilla nut whole beans coffee, medium, 3ibs$19.19330716
San Francisco bay whole bean coffee, French roast, 3ibs$13.17470
Jose’s organic bold dark whole bean coffee, french roast, 3Ibs$19.1995432

These are the few top-rated Kirkland Costco coffee bean brands; however, some are whole beans, including dark or medium-roasted varieties.

The price, item number, and package weight had also suggested. You can pick the coffee as per your preferences, but we hope this list is beneficial in the long run to you. 

Does Costco sell Organic Coffee beans? 

Costco most emphatically does. It is healthier and contains more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than regular coffee. Non-organic coffee contains a slew of chemicals and toxins.

costco coffee beans price

Costco sells organic whole-bean coffee that is high in energy and health-conscious. Check out Costco ultimate list of organic coffee beans and choose one that fits your budget. 

Costco Organic Coffee Beans brand Prices 
Ruta Maya organic medium roast whole bean coffee, 5Ib$44.99
Kirkland signature USDA organic whole bean blend 2Ib, 2-pack$29.99
Kirkland signature organic Colombian Decaf whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$34.99
Kirkland Signature Organic Ethiopia whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$44.99
Kirkland signature Organic Ethiopia whole bean coffee, 2Ibs, 2-pack$39.99
Mayorga organics Mayan Blend, USDA, organic, medium roast, whole bean coffee, 2Ib, 2-pack$38.99
Ruta Maya Decaffeinated coffee, 202Ibs, 2-pack$42.99

Does Costco grind coffee beans?

Yes, Costco provides free coffee bean grinding to their customers. Near the coffee beans section, there are several coffee grinders.

Costco, on the other hand, has coffee grinders in each location so that customers can grind their own bulk coffee beans for free. Costco can grind whole beans to any size it desires.

It sells a variety of grinders in addition to grinders. So, whether you want to buy coffee grinders or grind coffee beans at Costco is entirely up to you. 

FAQs Regarding Costco Coffee Beans

Can you grind coffee beans at Costco? 

Yes, you can grind coffee beans at Costco because it offers this service for free to its customers. Costco has coffee grinders in each store so that customers can buy and grind as needed. Furthermore, it offers good quality coffee grinders in packaging at reasonable prices.  

Can I bring my own coffee beans Costco? 

Don’t be concerned about whether or not I can grind my own coffee beans at Costco. Because Costco has no restrictions on grinding coffee beans.

You can bring in any brand of coffee and have it ground.
The only disadvantage is that you have no idea how frequently the grinders are cleaned or what has passed through them.

Leftover coffee bean particles may alter the flavor of the coffee beans you wish to grind. 

What is the best whole-bean coffee at Costco? 

Well, all Costco whole coffee beans are excellent in taste. However, which one you prefer is entirely up to you.

Each package comes in luxurious packaging at a reasonable price. While Costco’s organic whole-bean coffee is less processed and toxic than non-organic coffee, it is more expensive. 

Costco Coffee Beans Review

Undoubtedly, Costco coffee beans are of high quality, reasonably priced, and delicious. They have great coffee bean options such as light, medium, and dark roasted.

Furthermore, you can get organic whole coffee beans from various brands at a reasonable price. Because the price drops during the sale, buying bulk coffee beans at a discount is a great idea.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider purchasing coffee beans from Costco; trust me, it’ll be worth every penny.

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