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Costco Coconut Rolls; Calories, Ingredients, and Reviews [Tropical Fields]

coconut rolls costco ingredients

Costco wholesale is the best grocery store that comes with qualified and delicious edible things. Moreover, it offers the things that are needed in daily life. What about Costco Coconut rolls?

Costco is famous because of its reliable and highly qualified items. If we talk about the edible stuff, Costco doesn’t compromise on it because it ensures the health concerns of their customer’s prime. 

However, today I’m again going to provide you with sufficient information about another product at Costco. It is a very crispy, yummy, and unique product available at Costco. Tropical fields sell its product named crispy coconut rolls. 

You may find these organic coconut rolls only in Costco. Therefore, it is a unique product at Costco from Tropical fields. In this article, I will review the Costco crispy organic coconut rolls.

Aren’t you curious to get the details about the delicious and crispy coconut rolls? If you are a coconut lover, then this product is for you. Let’s dig in deep to discover this unique and yummy item. 

Are Costco Coconut rolls good? 

The Costco coconut rolls are delicious because they contain no filling and heavy ingredients. Moreover, the nutrients are suitable, including a bearable amount of calories and sodium.

However, 4.5 g of fat is present inside it. The crispy, flavorful coconut rolls are just beyond. While the pleasant thing is that they are super delicious and less sweet. 

It is to going to be the favorite for those people who love to eat low-sugar snacks. They are sweet but still satisfying. There is a layer of sesame seeds on the outer layer of the rolls, but you can’t feel them.

I love the Costco coconut rolls so much that I would eat a whole bag if not steal from me. Don’t you think that the tropical fields coconut rolls are amazing? They are very convenient, affordable, and tremendous in flavor.

However, the most pleasurable thing is that they are not too sweet snacks. Therefore, you can eat them accordingly to your craving. Topping it with ice cream scoops and chocolate is a great idea. This topping will double its flavor to enjoy them more uniquely. 

Crispy Coconut Rolls Costco Price: 

The Costco tropical fields’ crispy coconut rolls are present in the snack section. However, you will get these yummy rolls near beef jerky and other nuts.

Its shiny green packaging looks relatively attractive and appealing. The coconut rolls are excellent in taste as well as texture. 

Moreover, the 265 g of the bag is $9.99 while it is its retail price. 

Organic Crispy Coconut Rolls Costco Calories

The Costco rolls are a unique snack because such kinds of snacks are not available at every grocery store. Do you like the cones of the ice cream? These coconut rolls have almost the same taste like the old coconut-flavored ice cream cone if you want them. 

However, the serving size is six pieces which are about 35 g. Let’s see how many calories and carbs are present in one serving. 

Overall, the nutrients are very suitable. While the Costco coconut rolls contain a moderate amount of calories, fat, and sodium.

However, these are such delicious coconut rolls that you might eat two or three servings at a time. Once you eat it, I assure you that you will want more. 

Costco Coconut Rolls Nutritional Fact with Serving Sizes

Coconut Rolls Costco Ingredients 

The tropical fields of coconut rolls have a unique flavor. While the ingredients of these delicious rolls are pretty simple. For coconut lovers, these are great snacks. Let’s have a look at the elements of Costco coconut rolls. 

  • Fresh real coconut milk 
  • Roasted black sesame seeds 
  • Coconut 

The crispy coconut rolls at Costco contain completely natural flavors. However, it does not retain any artificial and advanced flavor. Therefore, these are suitable snacks for vegetarians.

The coconut rolls are thoroughly organic because they do not have artificial preservatives. Moreover, the features of crispy coconut rolls offer: 

  • Light to eat and crispy 
  • Best for vegetarians
  • Contains fresh constituents 
  • Tropical bliss 

Costco Tropical Fields Coconut Rolls Review

The coconut rolls at Costco are crispy and super delicious. While they have a creamy coconut flavor with a slight touch of sweetness. Costco coconut rolls have a unique flavor because they do not contain any artificial flavor or product.

They are surprisingly fabulous and addicting. You will fall in love once you eat them. Moreover, you can enjoy the delicious coconut rolls by topping them with the ice-cream scoops and Nutella.

These are kid-friendly snacks also. If you plan to go outside for refreshments, then these rolls are the best option to take. Costco coconut rolls are tasty and get crumb quickly. 

However, the plus is that they come in a resealable bag. Therefore, there is no threat of getting soggy. Thus, the Costco coconut rolls remain fresh in the resealable bag.

I assure you, once you will eat the coconut rolls. You will not stop yourself from eating them. After reading this review, I hope you will not stop yourself from buying Costco coconut rolls. Thank you for your time.  

FAQs Regarding Costco Coconut Rolls

How many calories are in Tropical Fields crispy coconut rolls?

The number of calories in Tropical Fields crispy coconut rolls depends on the serving size. A serving of 6 rolls contains 160 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 8 grams of sugar, and 28 grams of carbohydrates.

How many calories are in a coconut roll?

The number of calories in a coconut roll depends on the brand and the serving size. However, a typical coconut roll contains between 150 and 250 calories.

What are Costco coconut rolls made of?

Costco coconut rolls are made with the following ingredients:
1. Coconut milk (50%)
2. Tapioca flour
3. Sugar
4. Egg
5. Water
6. Salt
7. Black sesame seeds
The rolls are baked, not fried, and they have a crispy golden brown exterior. They are a popular snack option at Costco, and they are also gluten-free and vegan.

Are Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut rolls gluten free?

Yes, Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls are gluten-free.

Are Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls healthy?

Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls are a relatively healthy snack option. They are gluten-free and vegan, and they contain a good source of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein. However, they are also high in sugar, so it is important to eat them in moderation.

Are coconut rolls dairy free?

Yes, most coconut rolls are dairy free. The main ingredient in coconut rolls is coconut milk, which is a naturally dairy-free product. Other common ingredients in coconut rolls, such as tapioca flour, sugar, and eggs, are also dairy-free.


Costco coconut rolls are a popular snack option at Costco. They are made with coconut milk, tapioca flour, sugar, eggs, water, salt, and black sesame seeds.

They are baked, not fried, and they have a crispy golden brown exterior. They are gluten-free and vegan, and they contain a good source of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein. However, they are also high in sugar, so it is important to eat them in moderation.

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