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Costco Christmas Trees 2022 with Reviews

costco christmas trees with lights

Christmas is a sacred festival for the Christians which they celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus. This time Costco is again bringing new and amazing things to enjoy Christmas. Costco Christmas trees are pre-lit and contain LED lights which are the best and the main part of Christmas decorations. 

Today, I’m going to give you a brief review of the Christmas trees from Costco. Moreover, you will get all the details in this ultimate guide.

So continue to read till the end to get elegant details about Costco artificial Christmas trees. 

Does Costco sell Christmas Trees? 

Costco has already started selling Christmas decorations just before Halloween and thanksgiving. You can get all the things related to Christmas decorations at reasonable prices. 

Costco Christmas trees 9ft are available in the warehouse while these are artificial trees. Moreover, you can get the Costco Christmas trees 7.5 ft with LED lights that are adjustable.

The lights are easily adjustable and you can set them between the 13 levels of brightness. Not only that, the lights have a cord-mounted controller which makes them easier to handle. 

However, you can set the lights in five colors. While the colors include: 

The Costco Christmas trees with lights are built with EZ Connect technology, which makes them extremely easy to assemble and eliminates the headache of trying to coordinate wires, etc.

These trees are extremely simple to assemble and light, and they can be done in about 15 minutes. 

Is Costco selling Christmas trees this year? 

Every year Costco sells decorations for every festival while this year Costco also sells Christmas trees. However, these are the artificial trees that look amazing.

Moreover, the lighting is very perfect and the trees look very incredible, versatile, attractive, and fantastic.  

The specialty of Costco artificial Christmas trees is they are pre-wired with a pole-to-pole connection. That excellent connection saves you from extra wire connections and extensions. 

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When does Costco get Christmas trees? 

From now on, you can get both real and artificial Christmas trees at Costco. If you are planning to buy a Christmas tree this year and are in confusion which one you should go for? 

Then I’ll suggest visiting Costco and buying the Christmas tree from here. In this super warehouse, you will get a huge collection of Christmas decorations including wreaths and yard decor options.

Moreover, you can get the Costco Christmas trees white and green that are too easy to assemble. 

Costco Christmas Tree Sale in 2022

7.5 Ft. Artificial Tree is on sale for $399.99 (ends 12/6/22. $100 saved.)
9 Ft. Artificial Tree is on sale for $599.99 (ends 12/6/22. $100 saved.)
4 Ft. Artificial Tree is on sale for $79.99 (ends 12/6/22. $20 saved.)

Is it easy to assemble the Costco Artificial Christmas trees?

All you have to do is unpack the box, assemble the pieces into the base, and turn on the power to have a fully lit Costco Christmas tree 7.5 feet.

And storing artificial pre-lit trees is light years easier than removing the lights from a dried-out real Christmas tree. 

Artificial Christmas trees from Costco come in a wide range of quality. I believe that the artificial Christmas trees at Costco are of great value. Not the cheapest, but truly excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Specifications of Costco Christmas trees 7.5: 

Specifications of Costco Christmas trees 9ft:


Costco Christmas trees are the masterpiece to enjoy the Christmas festival in the best way. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle the real Christmas trees as it often creates a mess.

Hence, Costco artificial Christmas trees are the option to go for. Moreover, it contains LED lights with a pole-to-pole connection. Does Costco have Christmas trees yet?

Yes, costco has Christmas trees even though they have a complete block for the decorations of Christmas. However, the prices are different for different locations. 

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