Costco Christmas Dinner 2022 – Latest Ideas

Costco Christmas Dinner Review: Before the Christmas festivities begin, you have to set the scenes. Costco offers a wide range of holiday items for you and your family to enjoy the holiday.

From throwing holiday Christmas parties to buying gifts it seems that the trip to the shopping stores never ends in summer.

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This is another reason why people love Costco. It is a one-stop shopping mall for all holiday needs. 

Costco has discounted items anyone needs to make their holiday blissful. If you have ever gone for Christmas dinner you would know it can be very expensive.

Christmas dinner at Costco offers low cost as it offers budget-friendly meal options

Costco Christmas Dinner Ideas

Costco makes Christmas dinner decorating with a variety of gift baskets and decorations. There are many Costco Christmas dinner ideas provided by Costco to spend the best Christmas day.

Firstly buy a tree and if the tree you buy doesn’t have lights or any additional stuff for your home then Costco is here.

Costco has a wide selection of lights in which some of which are solar-powered. Festive dishware, wreaths, and cute holiday figurines are on sale at Costco.

Gift baskets are themed and arranged with everything from popcorn, and fruit to pancakes.

Costco has everything you need for a tasty Christmas dinner. Make the night warmer with some best-scented candles to set the mood.

Costco Christmas Meal Kit

does costco have a christmas dinner

Costco Rastelli Antibiotic-Free Spiral Ham Meal

  • Costco Serves: 8
  • Online Price: $199.99
  • Less Price: $50.00
  • Your Costco Meal: $149.99
  • Item Number: 1708370

Costco Texas Tamale Co. Hatch Chile Tamales 6pk of 12 Each,

  • Size: 72-count
  • Your Price: $89.99
  • Item Number: 1609550

Costco Christmas Dinner Plates

Hosting parties is one of the Christmas festivals. People can find a great collection of plates at Costco and enjoy low warehouse prices.

There are many Christmas dinner plates available at Costco. Start a new tradition and design your table with the magic of Christmas. 

Costco Christmas dinner plates are decorated with unique ornaments hanging with threads. It is creating joyful feelings for children and adults of all ages.

There is a variety of Costco Christmas dinner plates available at low and affordable prices.

Costco Christmas Menu Items

If you are cooking Christmas dinner for your family you would at least prepare two-holiday dishes. For Christmas dinner of any size dish, you can’t go wrong with Christmas dinner at Costco.

costco christmas dinner plates

They have them prepare food like desserts and appetizers. They also offer fresh ingredients and Costco Christmas dinner ideas to cook food at home.

Below is the Costco Christmas menu that is best for holiday drinks and food at Costco to try people.

  • David cookies butter ocean melt away
  • Kirkland champagne
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Barton’s holiday mingle mix
  • Kirkland’s signature peppermint bark
  • Cranberry jalapeno spread and dip
  • Gingerbread mansion
  • Collin’s street bakery fruitcake
  • Cinnamon goat cheese log
  • Cranberry walnut bread
  • Iberico ham leg
  • Mesquite seasoned chicken wings
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Spiral leg
  • Hawaiian rolls
  • Hot cocoa mix

Costco Christmas Lunch

If you have been in search of Christmas lunch then Costco Christmas lunch is the best option. From mouthwatering seafood and the 5 kg glazed ham to the bounty of cheese and meat the cost can add up.

To help organize a low-cost Christmas lunch, head towards Costco to see its budget-friendly meal menu it offers. You can score a Costco Christmas lunch for under $100 for the whole family.

Costco is offering pork ham leg for only $8.99/kg and 500 g of premium leg ham for only $12.99. Boneless double-smoked leg ham of 2.7 kg is available for only $43.88.

Oysters are also on the menu of Costco’s Christmas lunch. For only $16.49 people can buy 14 packs of Sydney oysters.

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FAQs Regarding Costco Christmas Dinner 2022

Can you order a cooked Christmas dinner at Costco?

Prepared food is a lifesaver when you have a guest to feed. Yes, Costco serves cook food for Christmas dinner to save people from problems. They serve around 3 to 4 people and include everything you need for standards.

Does Costco have a Christmas Dinner?

Costco serves everything you desire for a tasty Christmas dinner. You can get mashed potatoes, Hawaiian rolls, and shrimp with cocktails, desserts, hot cocoa, chocolate truffles, and dessert wine.


Costco Christmas dinner has everything you will need. If you are going to buy desserts at Costco then their mega dessert tray with 70 cookies is the best Costco Christmas dinner 2022 dessert deal.

It just costs around $18.99 which includes chocolate cake cookies, sugar cookies, and many more.

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