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Costco Christmas Cookies 2022 – with Different Packages

costco christmas cookies bakery

The Costco Christmas cookies and Costco store is a blessing for us. They are back with Christmas cookies with their fan-favorite holiday cookie tray.

Costco offers Festive Holidays Inspiration

Costco has a lot to offer to those who need festive inspiration to get into a holiday mood. Costco has great deals on popular chocolates. These include Costco Christmas cookies and other many holiday items.

This wholesale store Costco is offering an irresistible and delicious Costco Christmas cookies platter to its fans. This platter works well as a Christmas gift with many amazing varieties and flavors.

Many Costco fans are very excited to get their hand on the amazing and giant 44-count holiday Costco Christmas cookie tray as its back at very reasonable prices.

Does Costco sell Christmas Cookies?

Yes, Costco sells Christmas cookies, and you can order them from the Costco website. There are other items that you want to order.

You can order them from Costco Christmas cookies bakery. They contain a variety of Christmas cookies at reasonable prices.

Costco Holiday Cookies

Costco makes holiday meals for all kinds of events such as thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas, and others. People can also order Costco Christmas meals and Costco Christmas cookies which contain their favorite items. 

People waiting for Costco holiday cookies for their Christmas holiday meals. You will get a king Hawaiian roll, spiral ham, chicken wings, shrimp cocktails, mashed potatoes, drinks, and many more courses. 

Costco Christmas catering is one of the benefits that people can have this year. Be a potato couch, stay idle, and party with a free mind by ordering Christmas meals with catering. 

What kind of cookies does Costco make?

The three flavor cookies are triple chocolate, chocolate chunk, and white chocolate nut. The cookies are chewy and soft in the middle and crispy from the outside. 

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Costco Christmas Cookie Tray

Short time and with short of ideas for the yummy dessert can always take you to Costco. Instead of buying various sweets go for the Costco Christmas cookie that is a specialty of this bakery.

Costco is very famous for its cookie tray which includes 5 cookie types. They are so reasonable in price that everyone can buy them.

Costco always brings new cookies and desserts but there is always something more special on the Christmas tray.

Costco Christmas cookie tray has an interesting variety that includes iced ginger molasses. Almond chocolate, holiday candy, lemon shortbread, and walnut cookies.

  • Get all in one and serve your guest with a pack of 24 cookies at Christmas.
  • This Costco tray is only $9.99 which most people can afford.

It has the best quantity and quality and many people can get served in a single tray. Other than this tray you can also order your favorite selections and make its tray. 

Costco Christmas Cookie Tin

When we think of Christmas cookies at Costco, a tin full of cookies comes to our minds. This tin includes the yummy flavors of chocolate chunks, oatmeal raisins, and double chunks of chocolate in the form of cookies. 

Have tin for your own party and you can even gift it to someone. The peppermint loaf tin with chocolate chunks is another treat by this Costco store.

  • Costco Christmas Cookie Tin is available for $7.99.

The peppermint loaf has amazing icing on it and hence each area has individual kinds of stuff. Check your nearby Costco Christmas cookies bakery and check what it offers. 

You can also order Costco Christmas cookies bakery items from its application. You can also place an order on the website after reading the best Costco Christmas cookies review.

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Mega Package Costco Christmas Cookies

The Mega package of Costco Christmas cookies 2022 contains 5 types of cookies. It seems like every cookie inside each box depends on which Costco bakery you visit.

Some packages contain seasonal green sprinkle cookies. Some contain vanilla-drizzled chocolate varieties and some have green and red chocolates. 

The huge package of fresh cookies can be found in Costco bakery and each box contains 44 seasonal cookies. They are over 2 pounds of cookies. 

This Costco Christmas cookie tray contains 42 cookies till last year but now Costco decided to gift their customers with 2 extra cookies. Costco Christmas cookies 2022 are back this year with 44 cookies instead of 42.

Costco David’s Cookies Winter Wonderland Fresh Baked Large Holiday Cookie Tin

Costco David’s Cookies Online Price: $39.99

Less Price for David’s Cookies is: $10.00

Your Price for these Cookies is: $29.99

Size of Costco Cookies: 24 Fresh Baked 1.5 oz Cookies

Item Number: 1275770

Flavors of Costco David Cookies:

  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Double Chocolate Chunk

This 10% less price deal is available for 12/2/2022 to 12/25/2022

Costco Cheryl’s Cookies 100 count Assorted Holiday Cookie Gift Box

Your Price for Costco Cookies is: $89.99

Price Per each Cookie: $0.90

Item Number: 1506525

Size of Costco Christmas Cookies: 100 counts Holiday Assorted Cookie Gift Box

Flavors of Costco Cheryl’s Cookies:

  • Classic Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Sugar Cookie
  • And More

Brand of Cookie: Cheryl’s Cookies

 Costco Christmas Cookies Bakery Items

Get what you love from Costco and get it delivered. You can also head to the nearest Costco store or bakery to get the holiday items for yourself. Costco Christmas cookies bakery has the following items:

  1. Bread
  2. Chilled desserts such as fresh baked pumpkin pie, walnut cake, rainbow cake, ice cream sundae, churros, Costco Tiramisu bar cake, and many more.
  3. Flatbreads
  4. Tortillas
  5. Rolls and buns
  6. Pies and cakes
  7. Cookies
  8. Pastries and muffins


Costco is a wholesale grocery store, and it has a bakery that sells Costco Christmas cookies. If anyone has trouble thinking of ideas when it comes to desserts for a Christmas party then Costco has your back. 

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