Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Calories & Reviews 

Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries Review: Costco is a great supermarket, and you can also call it a retail warehouse that holds everything. You can get luxurious things that can fill your daily life needs.

However, it’s a beautiful place to get excellent quality things. It always has something unique for custom occasions. When any event comes, Costco always brings something new and exciting for their customers.

Whether it is Christmas, Easter, and any festival, Costco introduces charming and beautiful products. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, that is full of love and warm feelings. People do gifting to their loved ones.

On this lovely occasion, Costco has chocolate covered strawberries. However, these are very delicious treats that have a thick layer of chocolate around them.

costco long stem strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a beautiful dessert that consists of a layer of milk and white chocolate. It is kids-friendly too because most kids enjoy eating strawberries. 

Today, I will share the details of chocolate covered strawberries at Costco. It is a frozen dessert that comes in attractive packaging.

Moreover, when does Costco start selling chocolate covered strawberries? Does Costco have chocolate covered strawberries? Similarly, there is much more thing to know.

Hence continue to read till the end to get exciting and yummy secrets about Costco chocolate covered strawberries 2023.

When does Costco start selling chocolate covered strawberries? 

Costco Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries are found in stocks on the occasion of valentine’s day. When this lovely day comes around, Costco starts selling the hand-dipped long-stem chocolate covered strawberries.

If you want to get it, quickly go to the local warehouse and buy it as soon as possible. However, the texture is very smooth, and the flavor is lovely.

Whereas the chocolate quality is fantastic and couples perfectly with the strawberry. When V-day comes around, people reserve the restaurants for dinner and go to the market to buy lovely gifts for their special ones.

However, V-day is not only for couples and girlfriends or boyfriends, but you can also enjoy it with your friends. Moreover, you can enjoy it with beloved family members by giving them a gift.

Similarly, it does not matter how you celebrate this day, while it is not compulsory that you must do red decorations. When it comes to gifts, there are several fantasy gifts available in the market.

But most people visit Costco because it always has something wonderful and exciting for festivals. Costco always has wonderful gifts on custom days. 

Features of Our Premium Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  • Utilizes long-stem strawberries for an elegant presentation.
  • Expertly hand-dipped for a uniform coating.
  • Luxuriously dipped in smooth milk chocolate.
  • Garnished with a delicate white chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate covered strawberries price: 

The price of the chocolate covered strawberries at Costco is pretty affordable.

The price of the entire bag is $12.99. 

But it may vary depending on the location because Costco has several locations in the United States. Therefore, the price remains changes with time. Moreover, different sites have a slight difference in prices. 

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Does Costco have Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine’s?  

Yes, Costco sells the Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries while you can find them in a frozen section near other frozen fruits.

When Valentine’s Day comes close to its date, Costco fills its frozen aisle with delicious treats. Though there are several desserts, but Costco chocolate covered strawberries have their own place. 

costco long stem strawberries price

Costco long stem strawberries are wonderfully dipped in the chocolate. While the long stem strawberries quickly dip in the chocolate, and in this way, an excellent layer of chocolate surrounds the strawberry.

Its texture looks very lovely, and it reflects a romantic feeling. Firstly, a layer of white chocolate and then milk chocolate covers the strawberry.

Undoubtedly, it is a unique frozen dessert served on valentine’s day. But you can also use the Costco chocolate covered strawberries to decorate cakes, cupcakes, sundaes, ice cream shakes, and many more. 

How does Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries taste? 

Strawberry tastes sweet and sour, and when combined with chocolate, it tastes outclass. The chocolate covered strawberries look excellent and identical and have a lovely taste.

The secret behind this yummy strawberry is that they used fresh strawberries from the farms and premium chocolate. It is an excellent dessert that dissolves into your mouth easily.

However, the taste of the chocolate is pretty lovely. The combination of chocolate and strawberry is undoubtedly impressive. 

It comes in frozen packaging, and you can find the Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries in the frozen section at Costco. When you are supposed to eat, thaw them at room temperature for 15 minutes.

After it, you can enjoy the delicious chocolaty strawberries. There are two layers of chocolate on the strawberry. While the first layer is white chocolate, and the other is milk chocolate. Though it is a bit difficult to separate these layers, both taste amazing together. 

Can you store the Costco Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries? 

If you can’t eat the whole bag, then always store it in the freezer or refrigerator so it can be used later. Whereas, the star of this product is that its bad is resealable.

Therefore, you can store them in the same bag many times. Though you have two options, the best option is to freeze them. In this way, they will remain fresh.

If you refrigerate the strawberries, you could use them within 48 hours. However, if you kept them at room temperature, they could be used within two hours. 

If you freeze them, you can use the strawberries whenever you crave sweets. For an excellent experience, thaw them for 15 minutes per the label’s instructions. It is a beautiful dessert you can also serve in front of guests.

If you are habitual to eating sweet dishes after dinner, then Costco chocolate covered strawberries are the best option. Furthermore, you can use them to decorate cakes, shakes, and fruit smoothies.

Tru Fru makes it more convenient by providing a resealable bag. Therefore, it makes the strawberries fresh and yummy for later use. 

Costco Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries ingredients: 

Costco uses the long stem strawberries so that they can quickly dip in the chocolate. First, they dip them in the white chocolate and then in milk chocolate.

The ingredients of this product are straightforward; let’s see them. 

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate 
  • Soy 
  • Peanuts 

However, the main ingredients are white and milk chocolate, and strawberry. It may contain gluten-free soy and peanuts because the chopped peanuts enhance its flavor.

While the strawberry also contains vitamin C, which is good for health. Furthermore, it is an antioxidant that is beneficial for you too. 

Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries Calories: 

The bag contains a considerable amount of strawberries, but the serving size is four strawberries.

Because it is a dessert, therefore, people are concerned about its calories first. So how many calories are present in one serving? Let’s discover it. 

  • Calories 120
  • Total fat 7 g 
  • Sugar 12 g 
  • Carbohydrates 13 g 
  • Fiber 0 g 
  • Protein 12 g 

The nutritional profile of Costco long stem strawberries is very significant and attractive. One hundred twenty calories for four strawberries is very lovely, while the sugar amount is not too high. However, the protein constituent is fantastic, which is about 12 g. 

costco chocolate covered strawberries calories
does costco have chocolate covered strawberries

FAQs Regarding Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Tru Fru Costco chocolate covered strawberries are a delicious and fantastic treat. It is the best gift for Valentine’s day because it combines chocolate and strawberry uniquely.

The two layers of chocolate have excellent taste because it is premium chocolate. Moreover, it is a healthy snack that comes in frozen packaging.

The strawberries are very yummy because Tru Fru uses fresh long-stem berries. I love them very much, and these are my favourite dessert, including my kids.

I hope you will like my review; if yes, I await your valuable feedback. Thank you for being so considerate. 

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