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Costco Chocolate Cake with Mousse Calories & Reviews

Costco Chocolate Cake recipe

Costco has a huge bakery section with cookies, muffins, brownies, chocolate bombs, and Costco chocolate cake. Costco introduces new flavors of cakes every year.

So, this year you would see the lemon cooler cake at Costco, and mousse cake as well. A combined taste of lemon and chocolate feels so good, especially if you love something sour.

Costco Chocolate Mousse Cake 

People adore the mousse chocolate cake at Costco because of its softness. It’s a Tuxedo mousse cake made of chocolate.

There are four layers of yummy chocolate in this chocolate cake, and its weight is 2.5 pounds. However, the cake is rich in chocolate which is not ideal for fitness freaks. 


Costco Chocolate Cake Size

Costco Bakery Has 10″ Chocolate Cake.

So, whenever you get the chocolate cake from Costco, don’t forget to ask about its weight, especially if you have to serve many people.

You can also get mini cakes if you don’t like a large chocolate cake. Moreover, you can have customized cakes according to your needs.

Costco Chocolate Cake Price

The chocolate cake at Costco has different prices, depending on the flavors.

Such as, the chocolate mousse cake can cost you $15.99 this month with $2 off. 
Whereas the lemon cooler cake is available at $ 10.99 but it is heavier than a mousse cake with 4 pounds of weight. 
On the other hand, the mini cake with fudge will cost you $7.99 and it is ideal for 6 people.

The great news is that you can indeed freeze Costco chocolate cakes! In fact, freezing is highly recommended by many to prolong their shelf life and savor their delectable flavors.

Costco Chocolate Cake Nutrition

The chocolate cake at Costco is very nutritious having calcium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, iron, fat, fiber, potassium, protein, as well as vitamins and C, depending on the overall ingredients.

You must try the Costco chocolate cake, and you can also order it for a birthday, New Year event, Christmas, or any such event. You can also gift the cake to a loved one.

Costco David’s Cookies Premier Chocolate Cake, 7.2 lbs

Item Number: 1138993, Price Per POUND is $7.92

Costco Chocolate Cake Recipe 

Costco does not disclose the exact recipe, however, many chefs claim that they can make a Costco chocolate cake. 

However, the ingredients of the cake include flour, sugar, baking soda, cocoa powder, sour cream, oil, dark chocolate eggs, vanilla extract, water, and buttermilk which can be optional. 

Whereas the ingredients of the frosting are butter, cream cheese, sugar, cocoa, whipped cream, and salt.

Costco Cake Specialties: A Sweet Selection Guide

  1. Fruit Cake Costco: A traditional fruit-filled cake, perfect for the holiday season.
  2. Costco Cheesecake: Creamy and decadent, Costco offers a variety of flavors like New York-style and strawberry.
  3. Tres Leches Cake at Costco: A moist Latin dessert soaked in three types of milk, providing a rich and creamy taste.
  4. Costco Lemon Cake: A zesty and refreshing choice, ideal for citrus lovers.
  5. Costco Carrot Cake: A moist, spiced cake with cream cheese frosting, featuring grated carrots and nuts.
  6. Pineapple Cake at Costco: A tropical treat often filled with pineapple pieces for a sweet, fruity flavor.
  7. Kodiak Cake Costco: A hearty, whole-grain option for those looking for a more wholesome dessert.
  8. Costco Tuxedo Cake: An elegant cake with alternating layers of dark and white chocolate for a luxurious taste.
  9. Costco Wedding Cake: Customizable multi-tiered cakes designed for weddings and special occasions.
  10. Costco Halloween Cake: Themed cakes with spooky decorations and flavors, perfect for Halloween celebrations.

FAQs Regarding Costco Chocolate Cake

What Is Mini Cake At Costco?

Costco has a huge range of mini American cakes having fudge icing over them. The mini cake is smaller than a layer cake, but its size is larger than a cupcake.

The cake is ideal for Valentine’s Day because of its topping like chocolate curls over icing. The cake is moist and soft and both young and adults love it.

How Many Calories In A Costco Chocolate Cake?

You might be wondering about Costco chocolate cake calories which are high if it’s large. So, having a mini cake would work for you if you are into weight loss. The calories of a chocolate cake are 1661 according to an estimate.

Does Costco Chocolate Need To Be Refrigerated?

If you live in a hot area, you can’t keep the chocolate cake at room temperature for several hours as the chocolate would melt.

So, refrigerating the cake seems good, however, it can change the fresh taste of the cake. You can also refrigerate the Costco chocolate cake if your kitchen is too hot.

Can You Freeze Costco Chocolate Cake? 

Yes, you can freeze the Costco cakes if it’s summer or you want to store it for some reason. You can freeze it for 3 or 4 days, which can be more if you cover the cake somehow, like with a large plastic lid.

How To Order A Costco Cake?

You can call your nearby Costco to order your desired chocolate cake. You can also visit the Costco bakery to place an order.


Costco food Court offers a diverse range of tempting desserts, including their renowned costco chocolate cakes and the popular costco chocolate mousse cake. These cakes cater to various tastes and occasions, with options for customization and different price points. To enjoy these delectable treats, customers can order from their local Costco store or visit the bakery section.

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