Costco Buffalo Sauce by Primal Kitchen – Best Sauce Ever!

Costco Buffalo Sauce interesting Review: Costco has the most amazing sauce is Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce. It is made with Avocado oil and is available with other items like teriyaki sauce, bbq sauce, and Salsa.

The spices are available in the Costco pantry and dry goods area. The sauce is amazing and is Keto friendly sauce that is 30-approved vegan and contains no xanthan gum.

The sauce is said as the cleanest commercial Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce and the most widely used sauce among Costco lovers.

The medium-heat delicious hot sauce has the buffalo flavor and is mixed with avocado oil and cayenne pepper.

Costco Primal kitchen buffalo sauce

The pleaser in this is mouthwatering and best for the chicken wings and cauliflower bites. The sauce is gluten-free with Paleo friendly, which makes it a good option for people to use with dietary restrictions. 

The article is linked with the Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce review. The sauce has an amazing taste and unique health goals. You can use this sauce with your food to increase its overall taste.

Primal Kitchen Foods Philosophy 

The founder of Primal Kitchen is Mark Sisson. His mission is to produce flavourful food to empower the people around us.

His mission is to make the best flavor in his food without even compromising on the quality of the food. Among all the other foods in sauces, Buffalo sauce from Costco is among the most amazing sauce for food lovers. 

Primal Kitchen believes in the best ingredients to be used from responsible suppliers. The products used in the sauce are high-quality, including avocado oil, grass-fed collagen, and organic herbs.

The manufactured products are not used in the sauce, which is the founder’s main motive. Overall, the main focus of Primal kitchen foods is to produce delicious and healthy food that is made of high-quality ingredients and gives a better choice to people who are sauce lovers. 

What is the price of Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce at Costco?

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is a well-known hot sauce with a strong and spicy flavor. Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that offers a large choice of products at affordable costs.

price of Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce

The price of Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce may differ depending on the Costco location and quantity purchased.

According to current pricing, informationThis two-pack of 16.5-ounce Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce costs $9.99 at Costco. This equals to a simple price of $5 per bottle or $0.30 per ounce.

How many calories are in primal kitchen buffalo sauce?

 Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is a flavorful hot sauce made with high-quality, clean ingredients. The calorie content of the sauce can vary depending on the serving size but 1 tb or 15 grams of buffalo sauce has 40 calories, 3.5g of fat, 1g of carbohydrate, and 1g of protein.

primal kitchen buffalo sauce Calories

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce Taste Review

Light Vinegar Smell: The taste of the Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce at Costco is amazing and different. The smell is not like the typical vinegar smell. It has a distinct preference for Costco sauce lovers.

The scent is delicious and smells so much that it typically amuses all sauce lovers. The sauce is a high-quality buffalo sauce with smooth orange color and plenty of red floating on the sauce. The sauce is best to taste with the delicious food.

Extra Creamy Taste: The sauce buffalo sauce Costco has avocado oil and pumpkin seed butter that is better than the traditional butter, giving a creamy touch to the sauce.

Flavour Profile of Buffalo: Buffalo Sauce is different and is made with different organic herbs and spices that provide a unique and natural flavor to the sauce.

Suppose you are looking for an overall healthier and more realistic option. In that case, primal kitchen buffalo sacque is the best decision because that is made of natural ingredients and gives natural flavor.

Alternative Ways to Buy Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce

Primal kitchen buffalo sauce Amazon where to buy? There are different areas where you can have access to the buffalo sauce. You can have this at a number of places in the online stores.

From Primal Kitchen Website

The Primal Kitchen website offers the sauce directly from the main link. Moreover, customers can get the chance of free shipping on orders over $75.

Buy Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce From Amazon

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce Amazon is the most viewed website where customers can access the sauce in bulk. You can buy it individually or in bulk form. Amazon offers different Primal Kitchen Buffalo sauces at Costco prices

Buy Buffalo Sauce From Costco

Primal Kitchen buffalo sauce is available at different Costco stores where the customer can get the sauce in an easy way. The store offers online and offline offers for the customers. 

Whole Foods

Costco Primal kitchen buffalo sauce is also available for customers at most whole foods locations in the condiment and sauce aisle. 

FAQs About Primal Kitchen Costco Buffalo Sauce

Do you have to refrigerate primal kitchen buffalo sauce?

The primal kitchen buffalo sauce has the label mentioning refrigerating the sauce even after the cap is opened. 

How long does primal kitchen buffalo sauce last after opening?

The recommended days are around 60 days after the cap is opened. It’s good to review the date printed on the bottle after the sauce is used.

Does Costco have buffalo sauce?

Costco carries primal kitchen buffalo sauce, which is high-quality and made of real food ingredients. There are different regions where buffalo sauce is available.

Can buffalo sauce be healthy?

The buffalo sauce is healthy and is used in different spicy foods. Various health benefits can give a tasty look to food lovers.


Primal Kitchen products are very special and include a healthy lifestyle that can support many people with delicious and healthy foods.

The food items have sauces and other healthy food products. Overall, the famous spices in this company include the Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce Costco. The sauce is aligned with delicious and nutritious ingredients, making the food more delicious for lovers.

If you want to enjoy buffalo sauce, looking for the healthier and more natural option is better. In this case, Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is worth buying. The sauce has more high-quality ingredients, making the food more delicious and nutritious than expected. 

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