Costco Boba Bam 2022 – Instant Boba Packs

If you live in an area with a Costco location, you’ve likely become familiar with the wide variety of products available there, from electronics to clothing to groceries and food items.

Costco Boba

Costco boba, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a Taiwanese beverage that has grown in popularity in the U.S., especially among young people and college students who frequently visit the mall food courts where boba shops have taken over. 

How to have Boba?

Although eating a boba from a cup doesn’t make any sense, it’s still delicious. To get that watery texture without diluting your drink too much, add just 2 to 3 tapioca pearls to your cup before you fill it with tea.

This is also a great way to customize your boba experience. If you’re craving something fruity and sweet, go for strawberries or mangoes, depending on the calories.

Boba mochi Costco calories are only 60, so don’t worry if you are conscious about your weight.

Costco Boba Price

The Costco Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack box price is $15.99 Canadian at Costco. For that, you can get 12 instant boba sachets with 12 straws. 


Costco Boba Nutritional Fact

Costco Boba Nutrition

Costco Boba instant Packs Instructions

Costco boba directions
Costco boba directions

Why You Need To Go For Costco Boba

If you’re a regular shopper at your local Costco, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed their offerings of boba, or bubble tea.

The product is incredibly popular, and it looks to be here to stay. The taste of Costco boba brown sugar makes the beverage yummier. We compiled five reasons why you should make your next Costco run for boba.

1. Boba comes in a variety of flavors. While you may only have heard about sweet flavors like strawberry milk or chocolate, boba actually comes in fruity flavors as well as unsweetened green tea and boba mochi Costco.

This means that if you’re trying to cut back on sugar, or just prefer more savory foods, boba is still perfect for you.

2. The price point makes it ideal for bulk purchases. At $15.99 per pack box, you can stock up on boba without breaking your budget. 

3. It is easy to store and transport, whether it’s a beverage or Costco boba ice cream. Most packets are designed with resealable lids, so you won’t have to worry about them spilling everywhere when stored in your car or carried around with you.

4. It is healthy and unlike other carbonated drinks, boba is naturally caffeine-free and contains many vitamins. You can search the internet to find how to make Costco boba.

5. There are many different ways to enjoy it. Like, you can have it alone or mixed into smoothies, milkshakes, coffee drinks, cocktails, ice cream sundaes, or even desserts. You can also check a Costco boba review to get more details about this product.

Boba Milk Tea Mochi Costco

With its creamy texture and unique flavor profile, boba has been an integral part of Asian cuisine since the 1950s.

In the past several years, though, the tapioca-based treat has exploded in popularity in North America, due to both its versatility and accessibility. Those who haven’t had the chance to try out this chewy beverage yet often ask where is the boba at Costco?

Where Is Boba Ice Cream Costco?

You can go to the ice cream section at Costco to find boba ice cream. People fall in love with boba bars. The soft and crunchy texture is what you would adore.

  • The item number of Boba Ice Cream Costco is 1480344.
  • Costco Boba ice cream Price: $12.99
  • Brand of Costco boba Ice cream: I-MEI (Another popular brand is Xiao Mei)
  • Costco Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bar
  • 12 Bars per package
  • Costco Boba: Made in Taiwan
  • Calories: 160 / bar

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