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Costco Beef Jerky – Price, Calories & Reviews

best costco beef jerky

Costco is an amazing place that holds everything related to your daily life needs. However, you can find the products from the world’s best brands at Costco. It has a fantastic unending list of luxurious products. And other affordable products like Costco beef Jerky, Costco beef brisket, & Costco Meat products.

Moreover, it is the world’s second-largest retail store in which you can find everything. However, Costco has a big section of the food aisle. In this section, you can find pre-made and frozen foods. While Costco beef jerky is one of the delicious items at Costco. 

Do you love to eat beef and prefer beef patties? Do you love to have beef at your dinner? If yes, then today’s review is for you. Beef is a wonderful meal that is full of protein while beef jerky is a fantastic item.

Today, I’m going to provide you with information about Pacific gold beef jerky Costco. It is a Korean beef jerky Costco that is excellent in quality and unique in flavor. Though there are several options at Costco, beef jerky has its place. 

This ultimate guide will provide you with efficient information about the Costco beef jerky price, Costco beef jerky review, and many more.

Moreover, how to prepare a delicious beef jerky. All this information is going to be discussed in this article. So continue to read till the end to discover the best Costco beef jerky. 

Does Costco sell beef jerky?

Yes, Costco sells the beef jerky from Pacific gold and you can find it easily. However, it is always available in stock because everyone love it very much.

The Korean beef jerky Costco comes from the lean cuts which are then marinated with sauces, different spices, and other preservatives. After it, they are going through the marinating, curing, smoking, and dehydration process.

Then the beef jerky Costco wrapped in the packaging for sale. Whereas, you can use them as a snack and in combination with your meal. 

It is the best form of meat snack because you can store them for a long time. By removing the moisture, it becomes able to store for a long period and you can easily take them with you and enjoy them on a picnic.

However beef jerky at Costco is a ready-made product, therefore, you don’t need to cook them. The texture is very chewy and the taste is so delicious that it will become your favorite snack. 

How much is beef jerky at Costco? 

You will get the 15oz pack of the Pacific gold beef jerky for $19.89. 

However, its price may be different depending on the location. Because Costco has several branches all around the world. Therefore, there is a slight difference in the prices. But the average price revolved around $19.89. 

Though the price is quite high, it is worth it. The quality of the beef is very high and the seasoning is so perfect, that you will love it just once.

Furthermore, the price of the Costco beef jerky is high because of the high-quality constituents, perfect seasoning, and non-automated processing. Whereas, it takes too much time in the dehydration process. 

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Is it good to eat Beef Jerky? 

Undoubtedly, Costco beef jerky is a delicious snack and it has a wonderful appetizing taste. Though there are different brands available that sell beef jerky.

But Pacific Gold beef jerky Costco has its own place. On the other hand, some companies used artificial flavoring and preservatives in beef jerky. Therefore, always have a look at the ingredients while buying it. 

But Pacific gold provides you with the real ingredients of the beef and they delivered the delicious jerky to their customers.

Therefore, people love and demand beef jerky snacks from Pacific gold at Costco. This Korean beef jerky Costco comes from the healthy lean cuts of the buffalo and then they go through the best seasoning process.

After the seasoning and cooking process, the beef jerky goes through the dehydration process. These are not harmful to your health as they contain a very low amount of fat and a high amount of protein.

However, the considerable thing is sodium content but I think it is a common thing. Because all kinds of beef have high amounts of sodium. While its taste is very salty, chewy, and savory. 

Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky: A Tasty Treat from Costco!

Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky is one of the renowned brands from the Oberto Sausage Company and is a popular choice at Costco.

The half-pound packages with a zipper closure make it convenient for snacking on-the-go without worrying about finishing it all at once. Labeled as a “Premium Jerky,” let’s explore whether this jerky lives up to its reputation:

Taste (B+): The first bite welcomes you with a delightful sweet flavor, subtly infused with fruity notes of brown sugar. The sweetness harmoniously blends with a smoky and slightly peppery taste, complementing the quality premium beef pieces. A well-balanced and genuinely tasty treat!

Texture (A-): Naturally cut along the grain, the jerky offers a tender texture, providing a satisfying chew without being overly moist.

Smell (B): The jerky emits a smokier scent than anticipated from its taste. There’s a hint of intriguing sour notes in its aroma, along with a touch of fruity scents, making it inviting overall.

Appearance (A-): The jerky’s large, dark brown, irregularly shaped pieces with red undertones resemble artisanal small-batch jerky, creating an attractive visual appeal.

Consistency (A): Expertly prepared, the jerky pieces, despite their irregular sizes, maintain consistent flavor, texture, and thickness. Oberto’s skillful preparation shines through, offering an enjoyable jerky experience from start to finish.

Overall Impression (B+): Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky is undeniably well-crafted and genuinely delicious. The complex sweetness and perfectly matched spices make it a delightful treat.

Next time you visit Costco, don’t miss the chance to grab a few bags of this scrumptious beef jerky. You won’t be disappointed. Eat well and savor the experience!

Costco Beef Jerky Nutrition

It is a dried form of the lean cuts of the beef while the layer of the beef jerky is very thin. Additionally, it is a processed form of beef that contains spices and has a wonderful taste.

But how many calories are present in one ounce of beef jerky, let’s have a look at it. 

  • Calories 80
  • Total fat 1 g
  • Protein 11 g 
  • Carbohydrates 7 g
  • Cholesterol 10 mg 
  • Sodium 520 mg 
  • Sugar 6 g

It is wonderful nutritional information about the delicious beef jerky at Costco. However, it is the best snack to take with you when going outside.

It is a lean cut of beef that is relatively high in protein and low in fat. Therefore, you can also take them during your diet. Because the fat content is very low which is about 1 g and the protein is high about 11 g.

Moreover, if you lack protein, then Pacific gold beef jerky snacks are the best source of protein. With the moderate value of the spices and fat, it is a wonderful item to take into the diet as compared to other diets such as paleo and keto. 

Pacific Gold Costco Beef Jerky Review: 

Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic and mouthwatering food item while these are the best snacks along with the handsome amount of protein.

However, Costco beef jerky is quite good for your health. Because it contains a good amount of zinc and iron that improves your immune level and supports your energy level. Furthermore, these are portable snacks that you can easily carry when going outside. 

If you are on a picnic, traveling, and going anywhere, then these are a good idea to take with you, because beef jerky is the best source to take protein and there is no need to cook them as they are ready to eat every time.

Whereas, it is a healthy and fantastic lean cut that tastes amazing with spices. After reading this review, I hope the Costco beef jerky is going to add to your cart. Don’t forget to give us feedback. Thank you so much for your consideration. 

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