15 Delicious Costco Bakery Items 2023 with Reviews

Costco is a big retail warehouse where a huge variety of things are available. However, it provides you with the world’s best brands to meet your requirements.

You will get almost everything such as luggage, goods, snacks, cookies, frozen foods, seafood, fruits, and many more. Costco bakery is a great section where you can get all the things related to bakery items.

Moreover, Costco bakery items are just beyond and bonne bouche. You will get every kind of baked snacks, cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, bagels, and unended things. 

While Costco is the second-largest retail store that offers an impressive range of easily affordable things. The bulk size food products are not only delicious but also trustable and satisfactory.

However, Costco Deli has the best seasonal treats in their bakery section. Besides the seasonal treats, you will get the top-flavored muffins, sheet cakes, cookies, and croissants

There are so many products to taste in the Costco bakery. Because Costco has delicious and good-looking bakery items that give a great taste. Therefore, if you have never visited this pleasant section at Costco then you have done all wrong.

In this article, I will provide efficient information about Costco’s bakery and its bakery items. So without wasting any time, let’s get butter to it. 

Does Costco have a bakery?

Yes, Costco has a beautiful and luxurious bakery section where you will get delicious kinds of desserts. Undoubtedly, Costco has mouthwatering and unended bakery items.

They offer a great treat including cakes, cookies, pies, bread, muffins, macarons, Costco bagels, and many more. Some of the products are so popular that they sold out quickly.

Therefore, they have to order the special making of the products for an upcoming event. So that the customers can get their favorite bakery items at Costco. 

Top items from Costco Bakery: A Definitive Ranking

  1. Decorated Sponge Cake: This customizable delight is affordably priced at $27.98 and can serve a whopping 48 people. With a myriad of flavors and decorative choices, it’s a celebration favorite.
  2. Vegetable Tray by Eat Smart at Costco Deli: For a light and nutritious choice, this tray priced at $9.49 comes with an assortment of carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and snap peas, all paired with a tangy ranch dressing.
  3. Fresh Cut Fruit Tray: At $10.99, enjoy a colorful medley of seasonal fruits like luscious melons, ripe berries, crunchy grapes, and juicy strawberries.
  4. Sushi Platter: Dive into a selection of sushi rolls for $36.99, serving 24. While the variety is impressive, patrons have varying opinions on its quality.
  5. Buffalo Wings Platter: Turn up the heat with these spicy wings, available for $41.97 and serving 15. Complemented perfectly with a blue cheese dip.
  6. Meat & Cheese Platter: A classic ensemble for $26.99, this platter serves 16-20 with a selection of chicken, beef, ham, and assorted cheeses.
  7. Assorted Hye Roller Platter: Exclusively popular in Australian Costcos, savor chicken and vegetarian wraps at $39.99.
  8. Chicken & Swiss Platter/Turkey & Swiss Roller Wraps: For $39.99, relish roasted chicken paired with creamy Swiss cheese, all wrapped in Lahvash Flatbread.
  9. Shrimp Platter: A seafood delight containing 3.5 pounds of shrimp, priced at $39.99 and ideal for serving 20-24 seafood lovers.
  10. Croissant Sandwich Platter: Top the list with these flaky sandwiches, offering a trio of meat and cheese combinations for $32.99.

15 Most delicious Costco bakery items

Almond danishes

Almond danishes are one of the delicious desserts that you can’t ignore while it has an unbeatable taste. It is the best breakfast treat, sometimes, it is difficult to make such a perfect ready-made dessert. But Costco made it.

Almond danishes

However, danish is a delicious dessert that has sweet marzipan filling stuffed inside the crunch of sugar-coated puff pastry.

Moreover, eating the yummy almond danish with a cup of dark roast coffee is the best idea. 

Costco Raspberry crumble cookies

 Raspberry crumble cookies

Undoubtedly, raspberries are one of the best berries that have a unique kind of flavor. It offers a special kind of sweet and sour taste that is utilized in several desserts.

However, the raspberry crumbles cookie has not too bold but complementary sweet and sour taste.

Moreover, they are anchored by the butter cookie and streusel that, frankly, would taste just as delicious on their own.

These crumble cookies are rich in white chocolate while the texture is creamy, a little crispy, and wonderfully combined with the white chocolate. 

Costco Plain cheesecake

Costco Bakery Item Plain cheesecake

Plain cheesecake is one of the wonderful desserts that are big enough to serve up to sixteen people. However, its size is 16 inches and it has a yummy and smooth creamy texture.

This cake has a dense graham cracker base, due to which each slice remains sturdy. Moreover, you will notice a little touch of salt that balances the sweetness and velvety texture of the cake.

Its taste is very unique like a creamy cheese that gives a great taste with whipped cream. For more details visit Cakes 2023 from Costco.

Costco Tuxedo chocolate mousse cake

Tuxedo chocolate mousse cake

Costco tuxedo cake is a delicious dessert that has a great chocolate flavor. However, the base has topped with a white and dark chocolate mousse.

Moreover, it contains crunchy brownie chunks, while the sponge is very soft and topped with awesome creamy decorations.

The tuxedo cake is large enough that it can easily serve a considerable number of people.

This is tasty because of the soft brownie center, which looks like a cake explosion. It also has the most delectable taste. The flavor of Costco tuxedo cake is incredible, cheerful, and exciting. 

Best Costco Bakery Item: Butter croissants 

Best Costco Butter croissants 

This delicious Costco bakery item is made with 100% real butter. However, the outer layer is golden, flaky, and crispy while the inner area has several layers.

It contains 45 percent of fat but tastes very good. You can even freeze them. Although there are several methods of serving Costco butter croissants, sometimes it is served as a toast by putting a layer of butter on it.

While sometimes it has served as a sandwich because of the inner filling. You can take it on a picnic as a snack while serving it for breakfast with a cup of tea and coffee is a wonderful idea. 

Costco Ham and cheese pastry

Costco Ham and cheese pastry

Costco ham and cheese is one of the delicious savory bakery items. Serving it for breakfast with a cup of tea and coffee is an amazing idea.

However, the taste is unique with the creamy filling of the cheese. You can freeze it very well and store it for up to one month. But you have to bake them before serving.

Costco recommends baking the ham and cheese pastry at 365 F for at least 8 to 10 minutes. When you bake the Costco ham and cheese pastry, the inner layers become soft, and cream cheese melts that offer a wonderful creamy texture. 

Kirkland signature cookie pack at Costco Bakery

Costco: Kirkland signature cookie pack

Chocolate lovers cookie pack is a Christmas special bakery item that has a wonderful pack of multiple cookie combinations. However, the pack contains three different kinds of cookies that reflect a mouthwatering taste.

These cookies are amazing, appetizing, delicious, chewy, and extremely soft. Moreover, it is the best idea to take them with you when you are on a picnic.

While you can also serve them in the gatherings of the children. Because these are chocolate chip cookies, which are almost every child’s favorite. 

Costco cherry danish

Costco cherry danish

The taste of Costco cherry danish is sweet and filled with cherry. The outside of the Costco cherry danish is crispy, inside is soft and flaky.

It is also another Costco bakery item. I love cherry pie which is filled inside the Costco cherry danish. However, you can freeze them and store them for up to 2 to 3 months.

Bake them at 365 F before serving. Moreover, make sure to store the cherry danish in an air-free bag so that they will remain safe from humidity. While the serving size contains 470 calories that is a considerable amount of carbs. 

Costco everything bagels

Costco everything bagels

Costco has a wide selection of bagels from Kirkland Signature in a variety of flavors. It is very tasty and my favorite Costco product. It has a chewy texture on the inside and a crispy texture on the outside.

Costco has a wide selection of bagels in a variety of flavors Without a doubt, these bagels are the best breakfast option. They go well with your favorite sauces and fresh juices.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all of the bagels at Costco are vegan. Some bagels have honey, eggs, cheese, meat, and fish fillings because they have additional flavors, fillings, additives, and animal-derived elements. However, regular bagels are vegan. 

Costco Bakery Item: Chicken pot pie

Costco Chicken pot pie

Costco chicken pot pie is a delicious bakery item that is perfect comfort food. It is very easy to cook. Moreover, the bottom crust contains a mixture of sauces, onions, potatoes, vegetables, and chicken.

The outer layer is crispy, golden brown, and flaky. While it tastes amazing when mixed with the filling. However, the gravy is a little bit salty but tastes good.

Similarly, the seasoning is also perfect. The heating method is very simple. You just have to put the Costco chicken pot pie in the oven and then bake it at F for 50 to 55 minutes. 

Costco Fresh-baked Pumpkin Pie

Costco bakery items

Pumpkin pie is such a great bakery item at Costco that they sell more than five millions pumpkins pie each year.

Therefore, Costco bakery has to prepare them on special orders because they sell out quickly when they come to the bakery section.

Though several grocery stores have pumpkin pie I assured you once you have tasted this product from Costco, you will surely forget other brands.

However, the crust is amazing while the texture is wonderful and the level of the butter is very balancing. 

Costco Bakery Davids cookies 9 rainbow cake:

Costco Davids cookies 9 rainbow cake

The appearance of the rainbow cake is very attractandhile it contains five different colored layers. However, the outer layer is completely white while the inside of the cake is very colorful and appealing.

Bright red, deep orange, deep yellow, emerald green, and bold violet are the five layers. There will be a white layer of cream between each layer of the cake to prevent the colors from mixing.

Furthermore, the texture is very smooth and delectable. You can serve it in front of guests or at a children’s party. 

Read more about Costco Cakes,

Costco Bakery Carrot Walnut Cake

 Costco Carrot Walnut Cake

Costco carrot walnut cake is such a special dessert that is not present at all local warehouses. Therefore, grab this bakery item whenever you will see it.

The size of the cake is four pounds and hence you can share it with your family members. It offers a delicious carrot taste along with chunks of walnuts and other dry fruits.

Moreover, you will taste the beautiful texture of the carrot cake along with the little chunks of walnuts.

The cake contains a great frosting of cream and cheese. While the little chunks of the carrot had added to the frosting give it a final touch.

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Costco Lattice Apple Pie

Lattice Apple Pie

CostcoLattice apple pie tastes like a special dessert. It is easily accessible in any store. The golden crust in the lattice design looks sweet and tastes delicious.

However, apple slices have the best flavor, which is enhanced by sugar and cinnamon. When you bite into it, it will be crisp. It must be heated before serving with a scoop of ice cream.

It is made with organic apples at Costco. The vegan-friendliness of Costco’s lattice apple pie is a pleasant surprise. 

Costco Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves

 Butter Cinnamon Sugar Loaves at costco

Butter cinnamon sugar loaves are more flavorful at Costco. Three sugar loaves are included in each pack. If you take a bite, you must eat more of it.

To make your bread taste incredible you can’t understand the power of butter. The sugar and cinnamon mixture is the most important component of this loaf.

however, a baked loaf is topped with butter before the sugar and cinnamon. This dessert has just the right amount of sweetness. You can also freeze it to eat later. You can also serve it to your family and friends. 

Does Costco Bakery make custom cakes?

Yes, Costco makes custom cakes. They offer a great collection of beautiful cakes at affordable prices. Don’t overwork yourself if you’re planning a wedding and wondering where to order a wedding cake.

Costco is the best option because it can precisely meet your needs. Furthermore, you can get a wedding cake at a very low cost at Costco.

Custom cakes are available at Costco. Graduation cakes, retirement cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, and many more are available. 

If we want to be more frugal, Costco sells 12-inch cakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors for a very reasonable price. The best part is that Costco serves as a one-stop-shop for all wedding-related needs.

Candles, flowers, and ribbons are all available. Furthermore, Costco bakery offers a diverse range of fillings. You can customize the filling and toppings to your liking.

They have fantastic attractive cake designs. As a result, you can choose the decorating designs, including the colors.

One disadvantage is that Costco frequently sells plain sheet cakes rather than multi-tiered cakes. However, the flavor is delicious, not overly sweet, and appealing. 

How much do bakery wrappers make at Costco?

Costco is the second-largest retail store in the world. However, every city has its local warehouse. Therefore, the salaries might be different in different cities and areas.

But the estimated total pay for a bakery wrapper is $25 per hour. Moreover, the estimated base salary is $16 per hour. Costco also offers additional pay to its bakery wrappers which are about $9 per hour.

I think it is a good salary that Costco offers to its customers. Moreover, every worker is pleased with their salary. 

What does a bakery wrapper do at Costco Bakery?

The bakery wrappers at Costco perform the following duties. 

  • Uncover the products from the baking containers. 
  • They wrapped the bakery products and stocks with the help of the wrapping machine and sometimes with their own hands. 
  • The Costco wrapper garnishes and sprays the baked products as per the instructions from the Costco production department. 
  • They displaced the products on a large wheeled metal rack. 
  • Bakery wrappers examined the whole bakery sales and ordered to restock if needed. 
  • Moreover, their duty includes maintaining the latest knowledge about bakery items. 
  • The bakery wrappers Costco keeps the sales area and wrapping area debris-free by following security and safety methods. 

Costco Thanksgiving Desserts 2023

Costco Thanksgiving desserts offer a wide variety of pies, cakes, and other sweets that are perfect for the holiday table.

Costco Pumpkin pie is always a popular choice, but Costco also offers apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. for something a little different, try the Costco pumpkin spice cake or the Costco pumpkin spice bundt cake.

If you’re looking for something to take to a potluck or holiday party, Costco also sells a variety of festive holiday platters that are sure to impress.

No matter what your dessert preferences are, Costco has something to tempt your taste buds this Thanksgiving.

Costco Thanksgiving Desserts List with Prices

The Costco store offers a wide variety of pies, cakes, and other sweets at reasonable prices. Following Costco Thanksgiving desserts are given below,

1. Costco Kirkland Signature Pumpkin Pie

Price: $5.99 for 3.63 pounds

2. Costco Kirkland Signature Cheesecake

Price: $14.99 for 4.5 pounds

3. Costco Mediterranean Baklava

Price: $9.89 for 2.2 pounds

4. Costco Caramel Tres Leches Bar Cake

Price: $14.99 for 2.75 pounds

5. Costco Tiramisù Individual Dessert Cups

Price: $9.59 for six

6. Costco Tiramisù Bar Cake

Price: $16.99 for 2.38 pounds

7. Costco Kirkland Signature Almond Biscotti

Price: $10.49 for 2.2 pounds

8. Costco Kirkland Signature Imported French Brie

Price: $8.50 for 1.32 pounds

9. Costco Kirkland Signature Gran Panettone

Price: $6.99 for 35.25 ounces

10. Costco Kirkland Signature Double Fudge Cupcakes

Price: $7.99 for 6 cupcakes

FAQs Regarding Costco Bakery

Can I order bakery items from Costco online?

1. Customers are asked to order cakes from their local Costco warehouse’s bakery, as online ordering is not an option.
2. An order form must be completed, and the bakery requires a two-day notice.
3. This is to ensure that customers get exactly what they want.

How much are a dozen cupcakes at Costco?

Enjoy the indulgence of a dozen delicious Costco cupcakes without breaking your budget – just $10.99!

Can you order cookies from Costco Bakery?

Costco makes it easy to get your cookie fix – order them right on the website with a few clicks of a button. Enjoy delicious, fresh-baked cookies delivered straight to you!

Are Costco bakery cookies good?

With Costco cookies, you are guaranteed quality and value – now that’s a sweet deal! The deliciousness of these treats has been officially recognized as the best grocery store cookies by Mashed.

And with generous amounts in every pack, it’s sure to satisfy your craving for something tasty.

Final verdict

So today I’ve mentioned the details about the Costco bakery. Moreover, some of Costco’s delicious bakery items are also discussed.

These bakery items at Costco have a great unique taste while they offer mouthwatering and appealing reflection.

However, the prices are very affordable and worthy. Costco bakery is a beautiful section where you can find all delicious baked items.

If you have visited Costco, and have never visited this section. Then sorry to say but you have not luxuriously seen Costco. I hope you will like this post. Thank you for your time. 

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