Catalina Crunch Costco Price, Ingredients & Reviews

Costco food court comprises a lot of delicious products which you never neglect. While each product holds a unique taste at an affordable price. If you are diet-conscious, then Costco has that kind of product too. However, Catalina crunch Costco is a Keto Friendly cereal that is best to fulfill your appetite. 

catalina crunch costco  price

Costco Catalina Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Keto Friendly Cereal has a sweet cinnamon flavor and a loud crunch, making it sweetly satisfying and ideal for breakfast.

In this article, you will get a complete review of Catalina crunch cereal Costco. So combine to read till the end to get proper facts. 

How does Catalina crunch Costco taste? 

When you opened the bag, you could smell the cinnamon on the cereal right away. It smelled and looked exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. When I first tasted the cereal, it tasted exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but just a few moments later, I noticed a strong aftertaste of stevia.

catalina crunch 20 oz costco

To be honest, I enjoyed the taste of the cereal; it was also very crunchy, which I appreciated; however, I dislike the aftertaste of the artificial sweetener.

Before purchasing this Keto Cereal, I should have read the ingredients. However, I would have passed if I had realized it contained stevia.

Just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you will. I was enjoying it until I tasted the stevia aftertaste.

I know that many people love and use stevia, and I have tried it a few times in the past, but I just don’t like the taste. Instead of using artificial sweeteners, I try not to eat foods high in sugar.

Catalina Crunch Costco Price 

The price of cereals, oatmeal, and oats lies between $1 to $25 and $25 to $50. Costco sells the 20 oz bag of Keto Friendly Catalina crunch. However, the price of Catalina crunch 20 oz Costco is $9.99. 

As you know very well, Costco has multiple locations; therefore, the prices may vary depending on the location. 

Specifications of Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal Costco 

Catalina crunch Costco comes in a resealable bag that helps to keep the cereal fresh and crunch.

Because the size of the cereal is 20 oz which can’t be used at once; therefore, you can keep the rest of the cereal in the same package instead of storing it in a jar.

catalina crunch costco review

Moreover, the Catalina crunch snack mix Costco comprises the following specifications. 

  • Keto-friendly cinnamon toast cereal
  • Gluten-free
  • Grain-free 
  • non-GMO 
  • Plant-based vegan 100% 
  • Paleo-friendly 
  • Soy-free 
  • Sugar and alcohol-free 

So, these are the wonderful specification of Catalina crunch keto cereal Costco that makes it ideal. When you open the bag, you will notice the strong smell of cinnamon.

Having Catalina Crunch Cinnamon Toast Keto Cereal for breakfast is a quick on-the-go snack, or stash it in your desk drawer for whenever you need a sweet snack. 

Moreover, you can carry this snack if you are going for an outing. Because it is the perfect Catalina crunch keto cereal Costco which you can eat during traveling. 

Catalina Crunch Costco Ingredients

Catalina Snacks is the company that manufactures the Keto Cereal at Costco. “Snacking shouldn’t come with a sugar rush,” the bag says.

It also discusses how the company was founded by a diabetic who wanted to create delicious sugar-free snacks. 

Costco Catalina Crunch Cereal is made entirely of plant-based ingredients. This cereal is ideal for those following a Keto diet or who are vegan.

It is also free of gluten and grains. It contains plant-based proteins such as pea protein to keep you feeling full.

Moreover, the product contains monk fruit and stevia to sweeten the cereal while keeping it low in carbs. Let’s have a look at the Catalina crunch Costco ingredients. 

  • Catalina flour 
  • Tapioca flour 
  • High oleic sunflower oil 
  • Baking powder 
  • Natural flavors 
  • Sea salt
  • Calcium carbonate 
  • Stevia extract 
  • Monk fruit extract 

These are the wonderful lists of Catalina crunch cereal Costco while the products have processed in a facility that holds milk, tree nuts, and peanuts.

As per the label, use the cereal within 3 weeks of opening the bag. Keep the package away from the humidity and store it in a cool and dry place. 

Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal Costco Nutritional Facts: 

Catalina crunch 20 oz Costco contains a total of 16 servings while the serving size is ½ cup.

The cereal is thoroughly healthy for you as it is non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% plant-based.

However, it is ideal for people on a diet as it is keto-friendly. Let’s discover how many calories are present in one serving. 

  • Calories 110
  • Protein 11 g
  • Carbs 14 g 
  • Total fat 5 g
  • Sugar 0 g 
  • Dietary fibers 9 g
  • Sodium 110 mg 
  • Cholesterol 0 mg 
catalina crunch costco ingredients

Catalina Crunch Snack mix Costco

Catalina Crunch, the fastest-growing keto snack brand, has announced the expansion of its line of Keto-Friendly Sandwich Cookies to include fan favorites Vanilla Creme and Chocolate Vanilla, which are now available in Grab & Go packages. 

Each sleeve contains four Keto-Friendly Sandwich Cookies, totaling two servings, for convenient snacking on the go.

Catalina Crunch Keto-Friendly Sandwich Cookies, created with a mission to deliver tasty treats that don’t sacrifice health, bridge the gap to a satisfying sweet treat that is plant-based, low-sugar, low-carb, and deliciously delightful. 

However, there are two amazing flavors of Catalina crunch cookies Costco which you can easily get in the store and on the website.

  • Vanilla: Vanilla Creme combines crunchy vanilla cookies with a creamy vanilla filling to create a delectable classic flavor that will have you craving more.
  • Chocolate vanilla: The original, is made with one of the finest Dutch cocoa powders and a vanilla creme filling to deliver a signature cookie and cream flavor.

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Costco Catalina Crunch Review: 

Catalina crunch Costco is the best product and you can also get the Catalina cookies. The taste is super amazing while the nutritional facts are just beyond.

Moreover, the crunchy cereal is keto-friendly and sugar-free which can help you to follow your diet. It is best for weight loose.

So, if you are on diet, then use this Costco crunch cereal and snacks. It contains less sugar, is Keto-friendly, is entirely plant-based, and is ideal for diabetics and vegans.

However, if you’re like me and aren’t used to stevia and artificial sweeteners, I wouldn’t recommend it.

FAQs Regarding Costco Catalina Crunch

Did Costco stop selling Catalina Crunch?

No, Costco does not seem to have stopped selling Catalina Crunch as of today, July 2023. You can check their website or app to see if they have it in stock at your local store.

Is Catalina Crunch highly processed?

Catalina Crunch is considered to be a highly processed food. This is because it contains a number of ingredients that are not found in whole foods, such as artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Is Catalina Crunch cereal healthy?

No, Catalina Crunch cereal is not considered to be healthy. It is high in processed ingredients and added sugar, which can contribute to weight gain and other health problems.

Where is Catalina Crunch made?

Catalina Crunch cereal is made in Lebanon, Indiana.

Why is Catalina Crunch so expensive?

Catalina Crunch is expensive because it uses high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. These ingredients are more expensive than the ingredients used in most other cereals.

Final Thoughts!

Catalina Crunch at Costco offers a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy their delicious and nutritious low-carb, grain-free cereals.

With a wide range of flavors and textures, Catalina Crunch is perfect for those following a keto or paleo lifestyle. So, visit your nearest Costco store and treat yourself to the delightful and guilt-free crunch of Catalina Crunch.

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