Body Armor Costco & Body Armor Lyte Costco – Difference & Reviews 

Costco food court has wonderful, delicious, and valuable things which you can get at a reasonable price like body Armor Costco.

While the quality of each product is super amazing and you can buy everything with proper satisfaction because Costco prioritizes its customer’s health first. However, today I’m going to review body armor Costco which is the best sports drink. 

body armor drink costco

Does Costco carry body armor drinks? You can get the 20-pack of Costco body armor Lyte which comprises twice the amount of electrolytes.

Moreover, it is the best supplement to keep you hydrated and packed with vitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants. 

Body armor drink Costco comes in various flavors each is super nutritious, hydrated, and holds a refreshing taste. Let’s dig in deep to get more about the body armor drink Costco. 

Does Costco sell body armor? 

Yes, Costco sells body armor Lyte and body armor which you can get in the beverage aisle near sparkling water.

However, this delicious Costco water comes from a blend of coconut water and a combination of proprietary blends that work together. These drinks are best for hydration, prevention, and protection. 

When you are going through heavy sports then the amount of your body’s electrolytes decreases. In this case, body armor is best to boost your energy level and strengthen your muscles.

costco body armor

Body armor Lyte drink at Costco comes in three flavors: 

  1. Peach mango 
  2. Strawberry Lemonade 
  3. Blueberry pomegranate 

On the other hand, the 20-pack of original Costco body armor comes in the following flavor:

  1. Strawberry banana 
  2. Fruit punch 
  3. Orange mango 

The two different versions of Costco water drinks have big differences in taste as well as calories. While each bottle weighs 16 ounces but people choose the type of drinks as per their preferences. 

Body armor and body armor Lyte are the best sports hydration drinks just like the Powerade and Gatorade.

The drink is officially described by BodyArmor as a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration. 

Whereas, the drink is made with coconut water and packed with electrolytes and vitamins. Moreover, it is high in potassium and low in Sodium. The purpose of the drink is to rehydrate you and keep your performance best. 

Body Armor Costco Price: 

Costco has several locations across the state; therefore there is little difference in the prices. You can get the 20-pack of Costco body armor Lyte of 16 ounces.

The price of Costco body armor Lyte is about $18.99, but it is not a fixed price for every location. During the sale, you can get the Costco body armor Lyte for $14.99. 

You can check out the original price by visiting the local Costco warehouse. However, body armor is different from body armor Lyte but both can be found in Costco’s beverage area. Both have little difference in prices and taste.

Furthermore, the price of each body armor Costco water drink is $0.94 while on sale you can get the bottle for just $0.75. 

I think the price is very affordable while grabbing them on sale would be a plus for you. So never miss the chance to get the body armor drink Costco Canada on sale. 

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What is the difference between Costco body armor and body armor Lyte? 

The main difference between the two drinks are ingredients, calories, and taste. Body armor Lyte is the low-calorie version of the drink that has all of the same great features as the regular version except for the calories and sugar.

does costco carry body armor drinks

When I drink the Costco body armor Lyte, I just like it because the taste is very different from other sports drinks. Because the coconut water gives a very refreshing taste while each flavor is super amazing. 

Costco body armor Lyte taste test: 

The taste of each flavor of Costco body armor Lyte is super amazing and unique. While each flavor is different from the other. 

Peach mango: 

The Peach completely dominates this flavor. I can taste another flavor in there, but I wouldn’t mind if you just called it a peach drink. This drink, like the others, is good enough to be a juice and tastes similar to peach tea. 

Strawberry lemonade

The Strawberry Lemonade flavor was also tasty. The drink contains a strawberry and a hint of sour lemon. It gives a very refreshing taste because of the lemon. 

Blueberry pomegranate: 

Blueberry Pomegranate is ideal for berry fans. I usually prefer lemonade or berry-flavored sports drinks, and this one was delicious. Moreover, the drink has a moderately sweet flavor with a strong berry flavor presence. 

Nutritional facts: 

The one amazing thing about Costco’s body armor Lyte is that each flavor holds 20 calories. One complete package consists of 20 bottles of body armor and body armor Lyte. While each bottle comprises 16 ounces of drink. 

  • Calories 20
  • Total fat 0 g 
  • Carbohydrates 18 g 
  • Protein 0 g 
  • Sodium 40 mg 
  • Sugar 2 g 

A significant portion of the 18 g of carbs comes from erythritol, a sweetener. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that, while a carb, does not add as many calories to the drink as other carbs.

The sweetener is processed through the body in less than 24 hours and has no time to metabolize or convert to energy in your body. 

Costco Body Armor Lyte Review: 

Costco armor Lyte performs a great job in hydration. During sports, when you feel thirsty and become down, it does a great job in recharging you.

Because the Costco body armor Lyte contains electrolytes that energize you and keep you hydrated.

Each body armor lyte drink contains more than 820 mg of electrolytes. Whether it is not a pure armor drink but it does work and mobilizes in the best way. 

Moreover, it is not necessary that armor drinks are only specified for sportsmen. Even if you are doing any heavy exercise and feeling dehydrated.

Then you can drink the Costco body armor Lyte and can keep yourself hydrated and fresh. As far as I can tell, each flavor is super delicious and refreshing.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit the local Costco and Costco websites and get this wonderful pack of fully-hydrated Costco body armor. 

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